Goal-Setting for Copywriters – SMART Goals

Most copywriters would not want to meet me at a party.

Here are just a few of the questions I’d hit you with:

What medium do you specialize in? Direct mail, brochures, websites, infomercials? Which fields? Do you bill hourly, by the job, or a percentage of direct response sales? Do you license your copy or sell it as work-for-hire? Do you seek out clients or do they come to you? Do you want to make a living from copywriting or just supplement your income? How much do you want to earn? By when? Are you making progress? How do you know? Is what you want to accomplish even possible?

Why am I grilling you with all these questions? Let me explain with an example.

Let’s say your goal is to get a new client. Okay, then walk into any restaurant and offer to rewrite all of their advertising copy for $1. On a bad day you might have to try half a dozen restaurants before someone says yes.

Goal achieved, right? Technically, yes. But that’s not really what you meant by getting a new client, is it?

Before you can ever hope to accomplish your copywriting goals, you must know in detail what those goals are in the first place.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Copywriters

The S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting technique is popular because of its simplicity and power. Clarify your goals according to the following criteria:






Let’s give it a try with the goal of “getting a new client.”

Specific: What kind of client? What type of business? What size business–corporation or Mom-and-Pop? What kind of work? How much work? At what rate?

Measurable: How will you track your progress? Number of leads you call? Number of proposals you submit?

Achievable: How big is this challenge for you? Have you ever done anything like it before? Has anyone else? Yes, there’s always someone who’s first, and you may be that person, but make sure you know that’s the kind of goal you’re setting before you get started.

Results-oriented: What results do you want? A one-time job or an ongoing relationship? Do you want a glowing testimonial from this new client? Referrals?

Time-bound: By what date do you want to sign the contract? By what date do you want to finish the job? By what date do you want to be paid?

Vague goal: Get a new client.

SMART Goal: Call at least 10 dentists every morning to schedule free consultations to review their advertising copy. Submit at least 5 proposals each week. Sign a contract with at least 1 new client and receive 50% of my estimate as a downpayment by 1 month from today.

It’s important to note that with any goal, the details will change as you progress. Goal setting is not about stubbornness. It’s about clarity. The more clarity you have from the very start, the more you can invite new opportunities into the process. Those opportunities can be measured against the original plan and explored (or not) as a conscious choice. And greater choice leads to a feeling of empowerment.

Copywriters who learn to use the SMART goal-setting strategy will get more clients and write better quality copy faster than their competition.

Copyright 2006 Curtis G. Schmitt

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The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

Jetzt kaufen

In this tantalizing tale of Victorian ghost stories and family secrets, timid, solitary librarian Gerard Freeman lives for just two things: his elusive pen pal Alice and a story he found hidden in his mother’s drawer years ago. Written by his great-grandmother Viola, it hints at his mother’s role in a sinister crime. As he discovers more of Viola’s chilling tales, he realizes that they might hold the key to finding Alice and unveiling his family’s mystery-or will they bring him the untimely death they seem to foretell?

Harwood’s astonishing, assured debut shows us just how dangerous family skeletons-and stories-can be.

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The Photo Journalism With Digital Camera

The people who take up photo journalism are those who look for news. In essence they are different breed of people who are inquisitive and are very alert and always look out for news under strange or unexpected situations. The most remarkable attribute of a good photo journalist’s is his or her anticipation of an event, which he/she posses a gut feeling or sense something dramatic will happen. This is apparent among the journalist photographers who are present at the scene or happening. The photo journalists posses eye for detail capturing the very interesting action news. The photo journalist use the photo images effectively to depict the actual news or the story of any particular news event. In other words, photo journalism has become an exciting profession for people who look for challenge and excitement.

The photo journalist has the eye for a captivating news photo. It is the intuitive, alert mind and sharp eye that gives the photo journalist the edge in choosing the visual image that will tell the news most effectively. In photo journalism taking photos at the right moment is vital.

1.Use Appropriate Camera Equipment

If you want to become the photo journalist, you should not only have the eye for deatail and also should be bold enough to get in to the middle of the action irrespective of the camera equipment you possess.

2. The Compact Digital Camera

If you are a new to photo journalism, depending on the circumstances, initially the compact camera may be adequate instead of a Digital SLR. The advantage of compact camera is it can be concealed and conveniently used if in a sensitive or an undercover situation where the photographers personal safety is at a risk. However, there are limitations on using digicam for photojournalism. For example, the lens and zooming capability will not help the photographer to take photos at distance from the subject. In other words, you need to go closer to the subject if you need any clear pictures.

Similarly, the response time of compact digital camera is very slow, as a result volatile or quick action situations where the journalist have to move fast, the digicam may not be able to capture the seen owing to slow response. The main reason is the zoom and sensors which are electronically operated takes a few seconds to get activated . In essence, the main disadvantage of compact digital camera is its slowness in capturing images. When compared to the DSLR cameras which has the auto and manual operations, most photo journalists would agree that digicam is very slow.

3.Digital SLR Camera

If you use DSLR instead digicam, you are able to capture exact moment, by pressing the shutter release button. In other words, DSLR can be zoomed very fast manually, and you can see the actual seen through the view finder rather than the LCD. Hence, you can at once capture the moment by pressing the shutter release button using hand and eye coordination.

Having look at the advantages and the disadvantages of compact digital camera and the DSLR, one should realize that photo journalism not only selecting the right equipment. At the same time using the correct judgement to choose the right equipment at the correct time.

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Writing Is Engaging – Release Your Verbiage of Self-Expression-Know Your Goals – Write in Fervor!

Writing is engaging and exciting!** So many times, people have a need to write; whether to inform, entertain or to share their knowledge and experience. Release your self-expression by writing about what inspires you. Formulate goals that you wish to achieve from your writing. Writing is a compilation of highlighted passages, illuminating readers by providing engaging content. Find your niche for writing and just flow with the energy, release the verbiage into sentences and paragraphs that unfold as you type and disclose your written text.

** Readers have a desire to understand or engage other perceptions about either current events, things they wish to research, or whatever the reason for their mission. Make your writing content exciting for your readers, begin by pleasing yourself, you want to read great, engaging content, so just write it!

**Write like a fiend, about whatever captivates your interest or attention, have specific, terrific goals in mind and enjoy yourself throughout the process!

*One of the best nuances in writing is understanding how to process your creativity onto a computer or from pen to paper. You can transfer your mental conversation into tangible, understandable text if you take time away during the process: step away from your writing and upon your return, reread your passages, back to yourself, as if you were the audience and not the author.

Simplify your verbiage, using clear terminology, and easily flowing sentences works best! *Writing is caring about your readers’ interest, giving people clear, easy to read content, and believe it or not, using explicit, direct and simple terminology. Let’s face facts, not a lot of people have hours and hours to read, or reread a paragraph, or will take the time to reread pages that were not written clearly in the first place.

*Care about the effects of what your written passages releases or reveals to your audience, it’s important! Whether your target audience is young professionals, stay-at-home-moms, or retired folks, show common sense and sensibility for your audience. Not everyone is social media savvy or wants to be social media savvy, and there’s nothing wrong with that…

*Also, always aim to write with specific goals in mind. Goals as simple as flexing your creative muscle, releasing the fruits of your labor to your audience. Or, write articles bringing issues to light that have are remarkable, maybe you want to impact a cause or shed light on an issue revealing or simplify a complicated dynamic, or highlight an issue that impacts your life-style, gas prices, diet, cooking,shopping, education or social engagements.

*Sometimes writing is a simple way to give encouragement, helping another soul gain a few moments of clarity, maybe by writing about something that you read- something profound that you feel the need to share, or an event that you have discovered. Use your platform wisely and your readers will be more likely to follow you, offer solutions to everyday life situations, or educate with facts, if your platform is a form of service,use your ability to market wisely. Aspire to write with humility and compassion- understand your fellow man. Everyone is on a fast-track and wants to decompress, so write something that is worthy of your readers precious time; keep in mind, readers are placing their attention on your written expression, passages, offer them something special, worthy of the time that they spent reading your poetry, recipes or manuscripts.

*** My wish is that readers will enjoy reading, tangible books like they did when they were kids! Getting excited about a newly written book! Reading the summary, and all of the pages from cover to cover, discovering the highlights of the authors’ biography, and of course, learning what inspires the author to write! I encourage you to write from your heart, write daily, journal, and write like a fiend when nobody is watching- I DO, and it’s a great form of peaceful release… Namaste.

**I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

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The Ghost Writer introduces Nathan Zuckerman in the 1950s, a budding writer infatuated with the Great Books, discovering the contradictory claims of literature and experience while an overnight guest in the secluded New England farmhouse of his idol, E. I. Lonoff.

At Lonoff’s, Zuckerman meets Amy Bellette, a haunting young woman of indeterminate foreign background who turns out to be a former student of Lonoff’s and who may also have been his mistress. Zuckerman, with his active, youthful imagination, wonders if she could be the paradigmatic victim of Nazi persecution. If she were, it might change his life.

The first volume of the trilogy and epilogue Zuckerman Bound, The Ghost Writer is about the tensions between literature and life, artistic truthfulness and conventional decency—and about those implacable practitioners who live with the consequences of sacrificing one for the other.Used Book in Good Condition

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How Can We Achieve Unity, Coherence and Sentence Emphases in Technical Writing

 It is essential to develop the ability to write effective paragraphs.Paragraph writing is a significant production skill, integrating both composing and organizing skills. In order to write an effective paragraph, a careful writing plan should be adapted to ensure proper length, unity, coherence, logical development and organization of ideas.

 There are four significant devices which may help to attain coherence, namely:

a) Pronouns

b)  Repetition

c)  Synonyms

d)  Connectives

a) Pronouns: A pronoun is used as a substitute for a noun which is its antecedent. This help in maintaining continuity of thought. For example: ‘he’, ‘they’, ‘she’, ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘and’, ‘it’ are all pronouns.

b) Repetition: Repetition of certain words also gives coherence to a graph. While using repetition the writer must be very careful because too much repetition may lead to monotony.

c) Synonyms: Synonyms are used in place of certain words, already used and have similar meaning. This includes variety and thus helps the writer to avoid monotony.

d) Connectives: The use of connective is another device which lends coherence to paragraph. These connectives, which occur at the beginning of a sentence, link it to the sentence that comes before. The connectives such as and, but, or, therefore, as a result and in short may be used.

In order to obtain unity of a paragraph the entire paragraph may be developed in certain ways. These are:

1. Inductive order

2. Deductive order

3. Question to answer order

4. Time order

5. Exposition

6. Comparison and contrast

7. Space order

Sentence emphasis refers to idiomatic stress in writing: It is essential to know how to place important words in the emphatic positions in a sentence in order to make your sentence effective. Some of the techniques of sentence emphasis include:

1) Placing the theme correctly

2) Using parallel construction

3) Using correct subordination

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Samples of Grant Proposals for Single Moms, the Heroines

A single mother is someone who has no one to share the responsibility with regard to raising her child or children. She is the only one who is obliged in providing material, emotional, financial, and physiological needs of her kids.

Most of single mothers have an unstable job or are unemployed. Either of the two has been the problem in meeting the needs and expenses for the home and children. Because of their fast-paced life, some single moms don’t have the time and money to finish their education. Most of them are just renting an apartment and doesn’t have their own house. They are having trouble in paying for other expenses, such as food, clothing, and many others.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 20 million children who are now living with only one parent, either mother or father. But in most cases, they are living with their mother. That is almost one-fourth of the children in America. Alarmed and concerned by this statistics, the government had offered various programs for single mothers. Funding assistance is also given to those who are in dire need of financial and educational support.

Is she eligible enough?

To qualify for U.S. government grants, a mother should be a resident of the U.S. for more than three years ahead of the application. If the applicant’s husband has legally abandoned her and the children for more than a year, then she can avail of the money. Furthermore, if her illegitimate husband’s identity is unknown, a single mother is entitled for financial aid. All she has to do is to submit all required legal documents, such as birth certificates of mother and child/children, legal divorce papers, loans, and other legal documents available and are required by the funding institution.

Here are some programs that a single mother can apply to, utilizing samples of grant proposals readily available online:

Housing Assistance

Providing a safe, secured, and comfortable shelter is one of the priorities of mothers. Owning one is also a dream of every single mom. Knowing the fact that most of single moms only rent an apartment or house is a proof that this is an added burden to them. Fortunately, there are many housing assistance programs exclusively offered to them by the government. These programs provide flexible and affordable housing loans and rentals for low or no-income single mothers. In this way, they can still own a house without worrying where to get a down payment.

Educational Assistance

How important is it to be educated and have a college diploma? Well, this is probably the most important qualification in securing the desired job. By receiving a funding assistance, single mothers may now have the chance to go back to school and continue their studies.

Samples of grant proposalsare really a big help in crafting a proposal for financial assistance and scholarship. These may cover housing, books, tuition, transportation and many expenses that are related to college schooling, all depend on the funding organization. These educational programs aim to put single mothers back on the right track to give them a chance to a better career and work opportunity.

With the help of samples of grant proposals for single mothers, they now have the chance to give their children financial support. Their worries may be relieved. Above all, they are now empowered. Start on a writing a good proposal for single moms today!

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The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

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When a gifted ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) is hired to write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), he quickly finds himself trapped in a web of political and sexual intrigue. Lang is implicated in a scandal over his administration’s harsh tactics, and as the ghostwriter digs into the politician’s past, he discovers secrets that threaten to jeopardize international relations forever. Co-starring Olivia Williams and Kim Cattrall, it is a taut and shocking thriller from acclaimed director Roman Polanski (The Pianist).

DVD Features;
An Interview with Roman Polanski,
The Ghost Writer: Fiction or Reality?,
The Cast of The Ghost WriterCondition: New
Format: DVD
AC-3; Color; Dolby; DVD; NTSC; Subtitled; Widescreen

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Make Money as a Ghost Food Writer

Like high pay? Have self-confidence? Know food; write well? Ghostwriting may be a career move for motivated writers who are willing to write for high pay but no credit or byline.

Simply put, a ghostwriter is someone who writes a book, speech, article or editorial that will be published under someone else’s name. Celebrity autobiographies are usually written by ghostwriters and established novelists have been known to supply the plot and outline to a ghostwriter who takes the book the rest of the way to publication.

People who need ghostwriters are those who have a recognizable name or business and either cannot write well enough for publication, or do not have the time to write for publication. In a ghostwriting foodie’s dream, a celebrity chef will give the idea, notes, outlines and rough drafts to the writer who will write, rewrite, research, interview and edit the manuscript heading to a publisher.

The celebrity chef’s name and photo will grace the book cover. Her recipes and tips, and the ability to get her book in bookstores everywhere as well as the cachet to get booked on Oprah will get the book published and marketed.

What’s in it for the ghost writer? Anywhere from $100 per finished page to a split of the royalties.

Ghostwriters need to keep their connection with their work confidential, and have a willingness to work around the client’s travel and work schedules. As in every writing assignment food writers win, strong writing and editing skills are essential. Most ghostwritten books are promoted as written by the client, so a strong ego able to withstand reading the praise of the client’s writing is also a must.

When looking for ghost food writing work, be cautious with the auction sites. Neophytes bid low for jobs; you don’t want to bid a book that nets you only $1 a page. Instead, visit sites that list jobs – writersweekly.com, writing-world.com, craigslist.com – or find an editorial firm that does ghost writing and see if they are hiring out any work.

Break into ghost food writing by contacting trade magazines with your writing samples. Dazzle them with your writing and the editors are likely to match you with an executive chef or restaurateur who can’t write but will bring prestige to the magazine.

Food writers can turn their culinary knowledge into ghost writing by looking for jobs ghostwriting cookbooks for famous chefs, penning speeches for food executives, writing trade articles for food research scientists, blogging for a local culinary artist, and creating “autobiographies” for owners of food manufacturing firms and Food Network hosts. Keep working behind the scenes and you can build up a lucrative career as a ghost food writer.

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Concrete Radius Cutting

Concrete radius cutting for decorative purposes is an option that is available to homeowners, and when done properly, can transform a backyard into a more inviting space. Special care in regards to planing and layout can turn dull uninviting backyard, into your own backyard paradise.

Quite often, I am contacted by homeowners who feel their backyard has too much concrete, and would like to have some portion removed for the creation of additional planter space. Usually, they have some rectangle configuration in mind, and after discussing with them what they would like to achieve, I will mention that they’re not limited to straight line concrete cutting, and that we can do concrete radius cutting configuration as well.

Most often they are taken back that concrete radius cutting is even an option, and that we can come up an unlimited amount of different configurations. Concrete radius cutting done properly, can really dress up, soften, and give a backyard a much more natural inviting space.

We start this process first, by stating with the layout. We take a hose, lay it on the concrete and shape it into the desired configuration. After we get the shape and look were after, we then take a pencil and scribe out the radius we just created with the hose. After the pencil mark is scribed out, we take clear lacquer and spray it over the pencil line to keep it from washing away when we do the concrete radius cutting.

Next, I’ll take a handheld demo saw and start making very shallow cuts following the radius pencil line that was just put down. The key is to make very shallow passes, around 3/4 or less per pass. Whatever concrete radius cuts that are to drastic, we’ll leave for the next step. Anything that is not able to be cut with the demo saw, I use a small electric hand grinder with a 4” concrete blade. This small blade allows you more flexibility for the extreme curve cuts. I finish any cuts that can’t be made with the demo saw, with this 4” electric hand grinder. Keep in mind, that you will only be able to cut a max depth of 1 1/2 inches. After all the concrete radius cutting is done, I will take out the big flat saw machine, (walk behind machine) and start cutting one or two inches away from all the radius cuts, cutting down all the way through the concrete slab in a straight line fashion. By cutting behind the radius cuts all the way through the slab, relieves pressure and allows for the demolition of the concrete to begin. Cutting through the slab is probable the most important step, because, it allows for total separation between the slab that is coming out and the concrete that is staying.

Air jack hammers are used for demolition of the concrete slab. We’ll start breaking out the slab with the large air jack hammers; usually, starting towards the center, and continuing to work outwards towards the finished radius cuts. As we get close to the concrete radius cuts, we’ll switch over to the smaller handheld chipping hammers. This is where we take our time, and slowly chip away the remainder; keeping in mind that these cuts are most likely not cut all the way through. So a little extra time here is critical, as to not chip or break the finished edge.

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Source by John J Scarano

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