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LIZ PURCELL - Page 61 of 73 - freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Francisco State University

How much is it to hire an SEO Philippines writer?

The cost to hire ghostwriter ranges from dirt cheap to exorbitantly expensive. These days, you have writers in places such as India and the Philippines throwing out articles for a dollar a piece. This could appear appealing to internet business owners and webmasters who are attempting to save a couple of dollars but what about the old proverb that asserts you get what you pay for?

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A web content producer who doesn’t speak English as a first language will glaringly have some issues with grammar and will probably not understand the nuances of the language. If you need high quality web content services, your best shot is to go with a native English speaker.

The Cost to Hire Ghostwriter : How Much is Too Much?

The cost to hire a ghostwriter who is a local British spokesman is higher but in the final analysis it’s worth every extra cent. You will not have to devote hours revising badly written articles and you will get precisely what you requested. Isn’t the whole point of outsourcing to reduce your own workload so you can focus on other things?

Bidding sites are another popular option for webmasters that are searching for inexpensive content from SEO writers. Sadly , they are overrun by producers of low quality content. There are a few diamonds in the rough but typically talking, you will finish up with a web content producer who charges peanuts and delivers peanuts.

How about purchasing high quality content at a moderate price? The price to hire ghostwriter does not need to be exorbitant. Most webmasters and online business owners simply can’t afford to pay top dollar for SEO web content notwithstanding the fact that “content is king.”

It is surely feasible to hire a web content producer who charges cheap rates. Think $25 per article rather $1 per article or $50 per article. There are highly-qualified, college-educated writers who charge around that much. You should not pay upwards of $50 unless you are hiring a writer with highly specialised knowledge.

If you pay round the ballpark figure of $25 per article with refunds for bulk orders, it is possible to find an SEO article writer who will surpass your expectancies. It’s nice to be ready to build a long-term business relationship with a writer instead of head to a bidding site every time you want content to dangle a piece of beef in front of a pack of work-hungry wolves.

In conclusion, the quality of the content you order is the most significant factor to think about. The cost to hire ghostwriter who provides quality content doesn’t have to make you break bank however. Keep it in your means but do not be excessively frugal. By finding that safe middle ground, you’re bound to get a content writer who’s worth keeping.

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Source by Teddy Snyder

Ghost Writer (Raven Maxim) (Volume 1)

Ghost Writer (Raven Maxim) (Volume 1)

Jetzt kaufen

This book contains topics that are adult in nature. These adult themes/topics cover a gamut of subjects, including but not limited to: 1. Graphic depictions of sexual acts/sexual intimacy 2. Child abandonment 3. Mental illness and depression 4. Unnatural Death 5. ‘Lightweight’ chilling/ supernatural elements 6. Divorce 7. Periodic mentions of drug use 8. Homophobia 9. Racial tension/ethnic subjugation 10. Profanity Please be advised. About this book: This is the first book of a series (Raven Maxim); however, EACH BOOK IN THIS SERIES IS A STAND ALONE, FULL LENGTH NOVEL. What that means is there are no cliffhangers and no one book in this series is contingent upon another. All of the books take place in the same city: Maxim, New York. The reader may go in chronological order in reading each book released, skip about, or even read them in reverse. It is completely up to the reader. Some of the secondary characters will show up in other novels in the series, but such appearances will not impact comprehension and enjoyment of the series. All the books in the Raven Maxim series are classified as romance novels, and the subgenre varies from book to book. Thank you. Synopsis: Sloan Kenneth Steele, a popular NYC author, has recently uprooted himself from the stony, callous grip of Manhattan. Wishing for a fresh start after an ugly divorce, he relocates to the city of Maxim. He is still close enough to his adult children and grandson to feel at ease, but there are enough miles between them for him to relish his newfound privacy. Besides, Sloan believes that home is truly where the heart is. What the notorious sceptic fails to realize is that his new life would have its fair share of things that go bump in the night. Not one to easily scare, Sloan ignores the odd goings-on in his newly renovated property, and immerses himself deeper into his work. As time wars on, he gets to know the locals and the place he now calls home. Then, a chance encounter at a grocery store in the wee hours of the morning weaves a path straight into his heart… Emerald St. Claire is a divorcee with an army daughter. A bit of a hermit, she does enjoy the company of others from time to time, as long as it doesn’t infringe on her passion – fixing the beloved worn and broken. Emerald loves her ho-hum routine, taking comfort in the predictability of her life … until Sloan enters the scene. The two forge a fast friendship and romance, but as Emerald gets to know Sloan better, she realizes he is not what she expected. He is more than she ever anticipated – a tapestry of manliness, suaveness, and contagious humor. On his part, Sloan finds in Emerald what he always desired – someone he can depend on, a person unafraid to love and be authentic, regardless of who is watching, even if that ‘who’ is the ghost that dwells in Sloan’s remodelled historic home. The house has a troubled history, and so does Sloan. This begs the question: Who is haunting who? On their independent journeys to self-discovery, forgiveness, and love, they find surprises around each and every dark corner. Will Emerald be able to endure a love that is unexpectedly meshed with the paranormal, and will Sloan finally become a believer in not only ghosts, but the resilient spirit of the human heart, with its ability to heal? Read “Ghost Writer” by Tiana Laveen to find out!

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7 Guidelines For Your Award Acceptance Speech

Award acceptance speeches surround us. We watch the Academy Awards, Golden Globe, Heisman Trophy, Miss America, and Tony Awards. On a smaller scale, we see and hear our local colleagues honored as Rotarian of the year, philanthropist of the year, or employee of the year. While we are not likely to qualify for the nationally known trophies, we might eventually move into the spotlight as top salesperson of our district, hospital volunteer who gave the most hours of service, outstanding rookie on the team, or-for a very select few-valedictorian. What guidelines should we follow, to express our gratitude gracefully and sprinkle our humility with an appropriate measure of pride?

ONE: Prepare your remarks yourself

Maybe you will face significant occasions when you should engage a speech coach or ghost writer, but this is not one of them. For an acceptance speech, the thoughts and words should be yours entirely. Consider your presentation a dignified conversation with your audience, not a structured, stilted speech. Who else could explore your feelings well enough now to express them to your satisfaction? Work alone as you gather your thoughts and shape your brief key word outline.

TWO: Never take the “I don’t deserve this” approach

For one thing, that declaration became trite decades ago. For another, most listeners will doubt you on this point anyway. Then again, saying you’re not worthy of the award accuses the selection committee of making a mistake. Also, you will anger other finalists who will muse silently, “Well if she isn’t worthy, I sure wish they had called my name.”

THREE: Remember to thank your presenter as well as the group

Caught up in the excitement of the event, too many recipients fail to thank the person who hands them the plaque or trophy. Your credibility will rise markedly when you say sincerely, “Ellen, having you hand me this award makes this tribute much more special, because of the many projects we have worked together on during the last few years.”

FOUR: Within limits, thank those who helped you qualify

The audience expects you to name two or three mentors, coaches, family members, and teammates who carried the work load with you. Yet you will want to avoid calling the names of what Hollywood once termed “a cast of thousands.” Think about the worst Academy Award acceptance speeches, and you’ll get the point. For a positive example: note that Robert De Niro, in receiving an Oscar, thanked “my mother and father for having me, and my grandmother and grandfather for having them.”

FIVE: Mention two or three previous winners

Paying tribute to prior members indicates you are grateful for being in their company as an honoree. “As I stand here, I remember-as I am sure you do-how Nelda Fleming embraced this trophy tightly last year and shed a few tears of joy. And the year before that, we can still visualize Marvin Pennington calling his entire family to the stage to embrace him as the photographer took pictures for our newsletter.”

SIX: Be surprisingly brief

As I just hinted, a short acceptance speech will make you both likeable and memorable. Probably you will break the norm, because the majority of honorees tend to stretch the ceremony to its maximum time span. And consider that many award citations come at the end of a long evening. Mentally, people are reaching for their car keys by this time. So setting a 3-5 minute limit for your speech will generate acclaim and appreciation.

SEVEN: Tell a story about your experience with the group

Audiences welcome good stories any time, and they absolutely embrace stories that convey a “you are there” sensation. So describe a pivotal incident related to your involvement with the organization. To illustrate: “It seems like yesterday that our CEO, Trudy Miller, shared lunch with me at the end of a morning of interviews I had with her staff. She painted a vision of where this company was headed. She gave me the greatest professional compliment of my life when she said that I could play a pivotal role in helping her team reach those targets. I wouldn’t have dreamed that lunch conversation would one day lead to this award-but I am thrilled that it did.”

Keep this list of recommendations handy. You never know when a ranking official will notify you that you are going to be center stage at an awards dinner. Following these seven guidelines, your speech will become as award-worthy as your career.

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Source by Bill Lampton, Ph.D.



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By the New York Times bestselling author of The Bone Clocks and Cloud Atlas

A gallery attendant at the Hermitage. A young jazz buff in Tokyo. A crooked British lawyer in Hong Kong. A disc jockey in Manhattan. A physicist in Ireland. An elderly woman running a tea shack in rural China. A cult-controlled terrorist in Okinawa. A musician in London. A transmigrating spirit in Mongolia. What is the common thread of coincidence or destiny that connects the lives of these nine souls in nine far-flung countries, stretching across the globe from east to west? What pattern do their linked fates form through time and space?

A writer of pyrotechnic virtuosity and profound compassion, a mind to which nothing human is alien, David Mitchell spins genres, cultures, and ideas like gossamer threads around and through these nine linked stories. Many forces bind these lives, but at root all involve the same universal longing for connection and transcendence, an axis of commonality that leads in two directions—to creation and to destruction. In the end, as lives converge with a fearful symmetry, Ghostwritten comes full circle, to a point at which a familiar idea—that whether the planet is vast or small is merely a matter of perspective—strikes home with the force of a new revelation. It marks the debut of a writer of astonishing gifts.

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Walking by Faith: The Story of Andrew DeVries

Athletics had always been the most important thing in my life. In fact, at age fifty-five, standing six-foot-six, I had just tried out for the Michigan Senior Men’s Olympic Volleyball team, and there was a good chance I was going to make it.

Then tragedy struck. In a motorcycle accident, I shattered my left leg. Doctors prescribed amputation. Prior to surgery, as I lay in the hospital bed discussing with family and friends what life would be like without a leg, a young physician’s assistant named Sarah Scholl said, “Andy, what kind of golf balls do you play?”

That was an idiotic question, but I told her, “Titleist Pro V1.” The next morning, a 12-pack of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls was by my bed. Sarah’s gift gave me a glimmer of hope.

When I awoke after the operation, I was surprised to look down and see two legs and ten toes. Fortunately, the doctors had decided that my leg had enough circulation to try to save it. But months of rehabilitation lay ahead. In a subsequent operation, I almost died on the table.

When it was time to move to a rehabilitation hospital, Sarah wheeled me to the ambulance. “I have a favor to ask of you,” she said. “My father died some time ago. When I get married, I want you to walk me down the aisle.”

“Sarah, it’s doubtful I’ll ever be walking anywhere. Besides, you don’t even have a boyfriend.”

“Someday I will,” she said.

Hope and love

At the rehabilitation hospital, where I had pretty much reconciled to living the rest of my life in a wheelchair, I got a call from John Wilder, my volleyball coach. “Congratulations, Andy, you made the team! You’re playing in the Senior Olympics.”

I told him about my accident and waited for him to say he’d miss having me on the team. But Wilder shocked me: “You get better. I’ll play you if you can just stand up.”

His words ignited a spark. I went at rehabilitation with a vengeance. Seven months later I was able to show up for the Senior Olympics. Although I could barely stand, John kept his word: he put me in the game.

When it came my turn to serve, I looked at my wife, Kay, sitting in the stands. She usually shunned my athletic events. I couldn’t blame her; I had always put sports before her in my life. But today Kay was not only present, she was beaming. As I gazed at her radiant smile, I lost it, right there on the court. Suddenly I understood why God had allowed this accident. He cared that much about our marriage.

I collected myself enough to serve. We won that game and the next. As the competition intensified, the coach had to take me out, but our team went on to win the gold medal.

Life from death

Back home, my health continued to improve. Then, suddenly, my liver shut down. In a major surgery, doctors bypassed it with a shunt. That saved my life, but unfiltered blood reaching my brain caused my hands to shake so violently I had to sit on them. I applied for a liver transplant and waited.

A year went by, then two. No call from the transplant hospital. How does one pray for a transplant? For me to live, someone else had to die. What makes me better than someone else’s husband, or someone else’s father?

One day it occurred to me that this wasn’t the first time someone needed to die so I could live. Jesus had done that for me. If God loved me that much, I could trust him with my future.

In what seemed to be a divinely inspired conversation, Kay and I learned that Indiana had twice as many registered organ donors as Michigan. So we rented an apartment in Indianapolis and applied for a transplant. Within two months we received a call: a man had died in an accident; I was one of ten transplant candidates who would benefit.

Through the valley

The speed of my recuperation amazed the doctors. For the first time in five years I subscribed to a magazine in my own name. But I pushed rehabilitation too hard. While doing sit-ups, I ripped the incision in my abdominal muscles. During emergency surgery, doctors put mesh inside my abdomen and sewed the muscles in place. A tube was inserted up through my nose and down into my stomach to pump out fluids.

After surgery, I had to sit in bed in one position without moving and without food. Time passed so slowly that the second hand on the clock seemed to stand still. A day dragged by…two days…three days…how much longer would this agony last? I had never felt so hopeless and miserable.

Around 4:00 a.m. of the fourth night-the longest night of my life-I cried out to God: “Lord, take me! I can’t do this any longer.” Kay was by my side, where she had faithfully been ever since my accident. She murmured, “Nor can I.” At that point Kay and I completely gave up. We were at the absolute bottom of the valley-the blackest hole we could imagine.

Fifteen minutes later, our surgeon unexpectedly entered the room and said, “I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling something had changed.” He looked over my vitals. “We can take the tube out.” By the end of that day I was walking. One month later, I went back to work full time.

Jumping and walking for joy

My left leg had no nerves, so I figured my volleyball days were over. But my exercise therapist had an idea. She strapped my knees and ankles together so I could jump rope. I worked up to two jumps…then six…then twenty! I was so excited I phoned an old volleyball teammate: “Hey, Tim, I can jump!”

“That’s great! We’ve got a volleyball tournament in Milwaukee in two weeks. Come and play?” That seemed far-fetched, but two weeks later, at the last minute, I decided to go. When I showed up, my old teammates stood and cheered. It was an emotional scene.

The first five games were tough, but in the sixth game I got a perfect set and a legitimate kill. A few minutes later I blocked for game point. That taught me an important lesson: Don’t waste time wishing you could do the impossible. Just do your best and sometimes the impossible happens.

After the game, I thanked my old coach, John Wilder, for inspiring me in the beginning. “You’re the one who deserves the credit,” John said. “You never gave up.”

“Actually, John, I did give up, but God never gave up on me.”

In 2009, seven years after my accident, I received an e-mail from Sarah Scholl: “I have a boyfriend-will you come?”

What a joy it was walking-not wheelchairing, but walking-Sarah down the aisle.

Andy DeVries is a director of development at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A complete journal of his journey is posted on caringbridge.org under the name “andydevries.”

His website has had more than 25,000 hits.

2011 Andy DeVries

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Source by Michael J. Dowling

Online Writing Groups and Forums: a New Writer’s Best Friend

Being a veteran author I get a lot of mail from readers and writers of all backgrounds. I receive a lot of mail from aspiring writers especially. I recently received many emails asking the same question: “I need help with my manuscript. Where do I get it? Can you help me?”

I explain to newbies all the time that published writers are not able to critique others’ work due to legal conditions as well as most of us barely have the time to finish our own work, let alone critique someone else’s. Yet, I hate leaving aspiring writers in the cold so I wanted to create this article for those just starting out who do not know how important online writing groups can be for new writers seeking publication and looking to better their craft.

Below are reasons why aspiring writers should not ignore online groups. I suggest that a writer become a regular on at least three writing groups of their choice. These are the benefits:

Writing Groups Can Lead to Publication

Writers’ groups are the home to many newbies as well as published authors, publishers, agents, editors and publicists. These are all people that all aspiring writers should get to know. Being in a writer’s group puts your name “out there” and you are getting familiar with important people in the industry. This could lead to publication in the long run. You never know whom you meet in a group and how they can affect your career. Although agents and editors do not look to the net specifically for finding new talent, they do offer their expertise through many groups and this is priceless to any new writer. A foot in the door could make the day of any aspiring writer because no matter how talented you maybe when it comes down to it, it’s about whom you know in the end.

Can’t Afford A Freelance Editor, Join a Writer’s Group

Joining a writer’s and critique group is wonderful if you know your manuscript needs editing and you can’t afford to pay a freelance editor. Most writing groups allow you to post chapters online for editorial advice. Some boards even allow you to upload an entire manuscript for these purposes. You can get feedback from published authors and agents themselves without paying an editor. Some new authors are frightened about people stealing their work. You shouldn’t be. This is an attitude that stops most writers from getting much needed help. I wouldn’t suggest you post your work on just any site. There are many respectful writing sites, which require users to log in or register before posting. If you are truly afraid of someone walking away with your work then these sites are your best bet. Also, Yahoo writing groups are good if you’re paranoid about your work being stolen because most of these are private groups.

Query Letter Advice

If there is one thing that all writers need advice on then it’s query letters. It’s funny that writing a query letter can scare even the best of us just starting out. Writers no longer need to be afraid. Writing groups were constructed for this very purpose. This is the perfect place for you to post your query and get free, line by line advice. It’s is absolutely true that a few critiques from a writing group can get you a contract with an agent. It happens everyday.

Friends and Colleagues

The hardest thing for a writer to accept is how solitary the writing world can be. It can seem even worse for a new writer who just doesn’t know where to go to meet someone like them. Writing groups do not only put you in contact with experts in the industry, but you can meet other new writers as well. This will build up your confidence. It makes it much easier when we see someone on our level, striving to do exactly the same thing we are. Writing groups can build wonderful friendships as well as enhance your career. You can never have too many friends in this business.

You Can Choose to Participate or Not

Maybe you’re the shy type. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with forums and would rather not post on any. Lurking a writer’s board can enhance your career just as much as participating in one. The great thing about these boards is that most of them are public with the exception of some Yahoo Groups. You can troll and lurk all you like and if this is better for you, you’ll be able to pick up all the information comfortably. You can also email other writers in private if you prefer.

I don’t believe that new writers understand how serious writer’s groups are. They are not only a place to socialize but they do help writers with their goals each day. It has been proven that since the popularity of Internet interaction has soared, writing groups are responsible for guiding more than 50% of new authors on the right path. This includes educating them on contracts, finding agents, and searching publishers and the craft of writing. Every new author should make writing groups an important part of their career. This is a wonderful educational tool that you cannot refuse to ignore.

There are many writing groups on the net. Below are two of the most popular and two that I know for a fact have helped writers become published and successfully find agents.


Writers.Net- this is one of the most popular and respected writing boards ever invented. WN is different from many boards because it actually puts you in contact with industry professionals. WN is the only board that I’ve witnessed where agents and editors post frequently. A new writer can meet published authors and actually post questions to reputable agents and publishers of all magnitudes. WN is also one of few boards that is the home to famous writers who post in the group anonymously. Believe me, it’s true. On WN you never know whom you are speaking to so keep that in mind. You could meet the person who furthers your career. Also, WN is very good at giving in-depth critiques in the Writing Craft section.

This is definitely a board you should consider joining. But be warned this board is not for sissies. You must have a very thick skin. WN offers a no-holds-barred attitude with instruction and advice. Most of their members are veteran authors with years of experience. If you are seeking genuine expertise, this is the place. WN has helped many writers become published authors. WN is not the best group for socializing and making friends. They seem to have a very high turnover rate and most newbies never return, proving that many can’t take the straightforward, yet valuable criticism of the group. So, if you’d prefer a more laid back group then I suggest you try the group below.


Absolute Write- this board offers wonderful interaction for all types of writers. They provide critiques and they showcase interviews with well-known agents and publishers to give writers in-home advice. They are also a great board for warning new authors about scams such as shady self-publishing and POD companies you should avoid. They also help writers decide what type of publishing method is best for them. AW presents a more family-like atmosphere than WN but they do not lack anything in professionalism. The atmosphere is very friendly and unlike WN they do have active moderators. They do not accept flaming and will ban a disruptive member in a minute. This is another group you should definitely join if you’re new to the game. I admire AW because they are very outspoken when it comes to presenting news to authors about shady companies. For example, if you’re a Publish America or Tate Publishing author, you may not find AW or WN as your favorite places, LOL. Both groups are completely against any company that seems to take advantages of new authors and they are not afraid to let it be known.

Aspiring writers can’t afford to ignore these outlets. There are millions of online groups for new writers to receive help but you must take advantage of it. I consider it lazy when such free and valuable advice is at one’s fingertips and they do not use it. I suggest you do a search today and join a writing group of your choice. You will not regret. The worse that can happen is you become published or land an agent. Can you afford not to take the chance?

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Source by Stacy-Deanne

News Writing – How To Write A Sports Report In 4 Steps

News writing style is just as important for sports reporting as it is for general news, business stories or any other journalistic work.

The advantage of sports writing is that you are allowed a little it more leeway in your choice of words. In crime or business writing, you are restricted in your use of adjectives and adverbs and are encouraged to focus more on nouns and verbs.

Sports writing, however, allows you to go to town in describing plays, the atmosphere, fans and other colorful aspects of a sporting event.

For this article, we will go through, step by step, how to write a straightforward sports report using quotes.

Ideally, any sports story would have quotes from the winners and losers. Indeed, many sports articles are written around what athletes say rather than what they have achieved on the field of play.

However, you also have sports articles written without quotes. When rookies learn how to write like a journalist, especially in sport, they are likely to come across the structure that we will show you here.

We will adapt the NBA game between Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers on April 1 as our example article.

1. Intro – the most important news aspect of a sports game is the score. Who won? How did they win and what effect did the victory have? Also important is whether we are writing from a Boston perspective or Cleveland. In this case, we will go with Cleveland.

“Cleveland Cavaliers lost 98-96 to the Boston Celtics after Delonte West’s sank two free throws in the final seconds, dropping three and a half games behind the Pistons for the best record in the Eastern Conference.”

2. More info – The above is enough for those who have a passing interest in the sport. However, NBA fans would want more information and you could give it to them in one or two paragraphs.

“The Cavaliers were without star player LeBron James, suffering from a knee injury, while the Celtics were minus Paul Pierce. Gerald Green led the way for Celtics with 25 points while Kendrick Perkins had 12 points and nine rebounds.

The Cavaliers, for whom Larry Hughes scored 24 with Sasha Pavlovic scoring 17, have already qualified for the play-offs while Boston are out of the running.”

3. Quote – This is where you can provide a quote from the coach or a key player from both teams. You can precede each saying with a lead-in paragraph or go straight into the quote.

“Celtic forward Al Jefferson, said: ‘They were missing their best player and we were missing our best play. We just stuck in there.’

Cavs coach Mike Brown said James’ absence was a key factor in their loss.

‘We miss LeBron. We miss LeBron every time he doesn’t play. He’s our guy,’ said Brown.”

4. The rest – Once you got the main information and key quotes out of the way, you can go on to describe the game. Even better would be to describe just one or two plays and include more quotes.

The thinking behind sports articles is that people would have watched the game on TV anyway and would not want boring game description. Therefore, quotes from the people who matter, such as athletes and coaches, would offer better reading value.

There are many types of sports news writing that is offered around the world everyday. We have merely showed you its simplest form. Certainly, it is a rewarding form of news writing for journalists who love their sport. And the structure they use allow them to adapt their skills to any type of journalism writing.

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Source by Nazvi Careem

Watch The Ghost Writer Online

So many people are looking to Watch The Ghost Writer Online. Packed with great special effects, this Movie brings the viewers closer in to the reality of the The Ghost Writer doomsday predicitons. In spite of a DVD collection released not so long time back, there is a huge number of people who would prefer to Watch The Ghost Writer Online free.

There might be several reasons for that – the price of the DVD collection may be too high for some fans, or Watching Movies Online is simply more convenient for those who spend most of the time working on a computer. Your first option to try out would be direct video streaming websites, as many of them show Movies for free. Of course, a lot depends on the personal perception, but users of these websites often complain about the low quality of the picture and sound, enforced ad viewing, lots of pop-ups, slow buffering speeds and incomplete Movies. However, I’m writing this article to tell you that I found a totally hassle-free website to Watch The Ghost Writer Online for free.

While the word “free” works magic for many, you might feel you just do not want to compromise on the quality and ready to pay if this is the only way to enhance your viewing experience. Reasonably priced options that allow you to Watch The Ghost Writer Online are there, and you only need to know what and where to look for. If you go to this site, you can begin to atch The Ghost Writer megavideo Online free of charge in great quality within a couple of minutes. Do not waste you time and money. If you want to Watch The Ghost Writer Online or Download The Ghost Writer Full Movie.

Watch The Ghost Writer Full Movie


When a successful British ghostwriter, The Ghost, agrees to complete the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang, his agent assures him it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But the project seems doomed from the start-not least because his predecessor on the project, Lang’s long-term aide, died in an unfortunate accident.

The Ghost flies out to work on the project, in the middle of winter, to an oceanfront house on an island off the U.S. Eastern seaboard. But the day after he arrives, a former British cabinet minister accuses Lang of authorizing the illegal seizure of suspected terrorists and handing them over for torture by the CIA-a war crime. The controversy brings reporters and protesters swarming to the island mansion where Lang is staying with his wife, Ruth, and his personal assistant (and mistress), Amelia. As The Ghost works, he begins to uncover clues suggesting his predecessor may have stumbled on a dark secret linking Lang to the CIA-and that somehow this information is hidden in the manuscript he left behind. Was Lang in the service of the American intelligence agency while he was prime minister? And was The Ghost’s predecessor murdered because of the appalling truth he uncovered?

Resonating with topical themes, this atmospheric and suspenseful political thriller is a story of deceit and betrayal on every level- sexual, political and literary. In a world in which nothing, and no one, is as it seems, The Ghost quickly discovers that the past can be deadly-and that history is decided by whoever stays alive to write it.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Robert Smith F

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