Samples of Grant Proposals for Single Moms, the Heroines

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A single mother is someone who has no one to share the responsibility with regard to raising her child or children. She is the only one who is obliged in providing material, emotional, financial, and physiological needs of her kids.

Most of single mothers have an unstable job or are unemployed. Either of the two has been the problem in meeting the needs and expenses for the home and children. Because of their fast-paced life, some single moms don’t have the time and money to finish their education. Most of them are just renting an apartment and doesn’t have their own house. They are having trouble in paying for other expenses, such as food, clothing, and many others.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 20 million children who are now living with only one parent, either mother or father. But in most cases, they are living with their mother. That is almost one-fourth of the children in America. Alarmed and concerned by this statistics, the government had offered various programs for single mothers. Funding assistance is also given to those who are in dire need of financial and educational support.

Is she eligible enough?

To qualify for U.S. government grants, a mother should be a resident of the U.S. for more than three years ahead of the application. If the applicant’s husband has legally abandoned her and the children for more than a year, then she can avail of the money. Furthermore, if her illegitimate husband’s identity is unknown, a single mother is entitled for financial aid. All she has to do is to submit all required legal documents, such as birth certificates of mother and child/children, legal divorce papers, loans, and other legal documents available and are required by the funding institution.

Here are some programs that a single mother can apply to, utilizing samples of grant proposals readily available online:

Housing Assistance

Providing a safe, secured, and comfortable shelter is one of the priorities of mothers. Owning one is also a dream of every single mom. Knowing the fact that most of single moms only rent an apartment or house is a proof that this is an added burden to them. Fortunately, there are many housing assistance programs exclusively offered to them by the government. These programs provide flexible and affordable housing loans and rentals for low or no-income single mothers. In this way, they can still own a house without worrying where to get a down payment.

Educational Assistance

How important is it to be educated and have a college diploma? Well, this is probably the most important qualification in securing the desired job. By receiving a funding assistance, single mothers may now have the chance to go back to school and continue their studies.

Samples of grant proposalsare really a big help in crafting a proposal for financial assistance and scholarship. These may cover housing, books, tuition, transportation and many expenses that are related to college schooling, all depend on the funding organization. These educational programs aim to put single mothers back on the right track to give them a chance to a better career and work opportunity.

With the help of samples of grant proposals for single mothers, they now have the chance to give their children financial support. Their worries may be relieved. Above all, they are now empowered. Start on a writing a good proposal for single moms today!

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Source by Erin Millano

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

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When a gifted ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) is hired to write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), he quickly finds himself trapped in a web of political and sexual intrigue. Lang is implicated in a scandal over his administration’s harsh tactics, and as the ghostwriter digs into the politician’s past, he discovers secrets that threaten to jeopardize international relations forever. Co-starring Olivia Williams and Kim Cattrall, it is a taut and shocking thriller from acclaimed director Roman Polanski (The Pianist).

DVD Features;
An Interview with Roman Polanski,
The Ghost Writer: Fiction or Reality?,
The Cast of The Ghost WriterCondition: New
Format: DVD
AC-3; Color; Dolby; DVD; NTSC; Subtitled; Widescreen

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Make Money as a Ghost Food Writer

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Like high pay? Have self-confidence? Know food; write well? Ghostwriting may be a career move for motivated writers who are willing to write for high pay but no credit or byline.

Simply put, a ghostwriter is someone who writes a book, speech, article or editorial that will be published under someone else’s name. Celebrity autobiographies are usually written by ghostwriters and established novelists have been known to supply the plot and outline to a ghostwriter who takes the book the rest of the way to publication.

People who need ghostwriters are those who have a recognizable name or business and either cannot write well enough for publication, or do not have the time to write for publication. In a ghostwriting foodie’s dream, a celebrity chef will give the idea, notes, outlines and rough drafts to the writer who will write, rewrite, research, interview and edit the manuscript heading to a publisher.

The celebrity chef’s name and photo will grace the book cover. Her recipes and tips, and the ability to get her book in bookstores everywhere as well as the cachet to get booked on Oprah will get the book published and marketed.

What’s in it for the ghost writer? Anywhere from $100 per finished page to a split of the royalties.

Ghostwriters need to keep their connection with their work confidential, and have a willingness to work around the client’s travel and work schedules. As in every writing assignment food writers win, strong writing and editing skills are essential. Most ghostwritten books are promoted as written by the client, so a strong ego able to withstand reading the praise of the client’s writing is also a must.

When looking for ghost food writing work, be cautious with the auction sites. Neophytes bid low for jobs; you don’t want to bid a book that nets you only $1 a page. Instead, visit sites that list jobs –,, – or find an editorial firm that does ghost writing and see if they are hiring out any work.

Break into ghost food writing by contacting trade magazines with your writing samples. Dazzle them with your writing and the editors are likely to match you with an executive chef or restaurateur who can’t write but will bring prestige to the magazine.

Food writers can turn their culinary knowledge into ghost writing by looking for jobs ghostwriting cookbooks for famous chefs, penning speeches for food executives, writing trade articles for food research scientists, blogging for a local culinary artist, and creating “autobiographies” for owners of food manufacturing firms and Food Network hosts. Keep working behind the scenes and you can build up a lucrative career as a ghost food writer.

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Concrete Radius Cutting

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Concrete radius cutting for decorative purposes is an option that is available to homeowners, and when done properly, can transform a backyard into a more inviting space. Special care in regards to planing and layout can turn dull uninviting backyard, into your own backyard paradise.

Quite often, I am contacted by homeowners who feel their backyard has too much concrete, and would like to have some portion removed for the creation of additional planter space. Usually, they have some rectangle configuration in mind, and after discussing with them what they would like to achieve, I will mention that they’re not limited to straight line concrete cutting, and that we can do concrete radius cutting configuration as well.

Most often they are taken back that concrete radius cutting is even an option, and that we can come up an unlimited amount of different configurations. Concrete radius cutting done properly, can really dress up, soften, and give a backyard a much more natural inviting space.

We start this process first, by stating with the layout. We take a hose, lay it on the concrete and shape it into the desired configuration. After we get the shape and look were after, we then take a pencil and scribe out the radius we just created with the hose. After the pencil mark is scribed out, we take clear lacquer and spray it over the pencil line to keep it from washing away when we do the concrete radius cutting.

Next, I’ll take a handheld demo saw and start making very shallow cuts following the radius pencil line that was just put down. The key is to make very shallow passes, around 3/4 or less per pass. Whatever concrete radius cuts that are to drastic, we’ll leave for the next step. Anything that is not able to be cut with the demo saw, I use a small electric hand grinder with a 4” concrete blade. This small blade allows you more flexibility for the extreme curve cuts. I finish any cuts that can’t be made with the demo saw, with this 4” electric hand grinder. Keep in mind, that you will only be able to cut a max depth of 1 1/2 inches. After all the concrete radius cutting is done, I will take out the big flat saw machine, (walk behind machine) and start cutting one or two inches away from all the radius cuts, cutting down all the way through the concrete slab in a straight line fashion. By cutting behind the radius cuts all the way through the slab, relieves pressure and allows for the demolition of the concrete to begin. Cutting through the slab is probable the most important step, because, it allows for total separation between the slab that is coming out and the concrete that is staying.

Air jack hammers are used for demolition of the concrete slab. We’ll start breaking out the slab with the large air jack hammers; usually, starting towards the center, and continuing to work outwards towards the finished radius cuts. As we get close to the concrete radius cuts, we’ll switch over to the smaller handheld chipping hammers. This is where we take our time, and slowly chip away the remainder; keeping in mind that these cuts are most likely not cut all the way through. So a little extra time here is critical, as to not chip or break the finished edge.

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Source by John J Scarano

Ghostwriter: Season 1

Ghostwriter: Season 1

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He is a ghost, and he writes to us . . . Ghostwriter!

Jamal is just an ordinary kid in Brooklyn, playing on his computer, when he begins receiving strange and mysterious messages. Who or what is trying to communicate with him by manipulating letters and words? It must be a Ghostwriter! Luckily, Jamal is not alone. Lenni, Alex, Gabby, Tina and Rob can also see Ghostwriters messages! The teens team up to solve a rash of mysteries plaguing their neighborhood. What is a Thabto? Who burned down Mr. Brinkers store? Why is everyone at the community garden getting sick? Following the clues and solving these mysteries puts them closer to helping Ghostwriter figure out who he is.

Developed by the Childrens Television Workshop, the creative force behind Sesame Street, Ghostwriter aired on PBS between October 1992 and February 1995. Created to improve literacy and writing skills, the shows intelligent blend of thrilling adventure and friendship captured the imagination of a generation of readers. !

Bonus Features

*Ghostwriter CasebookFactory sealed DVD

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Do You Need To Hire A Ghostwriter To Write Your Book?

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When a person with little or no writing experience decides they want to write a book, their first instinct is often to find someone with writing skills to do it for them. It sounds easy enough, right? You can’t write, so you just get someone who can. However, a lot more goes into finding and working with a ghostwriter than most people think. It’s not just a matter of finding a writer who needs something to do.

So if you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter to write your book, here are the basics of what you need to know.

A Ghostwriter Can Make Your Book a Reality
For some, the only way to really get their book done, and done well, is to hire someone to do it. They either don’t have the time, they don’t have the talent and skills, or for whatever reason, they just can’t do it on their own. In this case, hiring someone to do the actual writing for you is a great solution.

If you’ve tried writing your book on your own and either got stuck or were unhappy with it, a ghostwriter can help. And sometimes you need an objective professional to help you see what your book is really about. For example, some of my ghostwriting clients have felt they had an important story inside them, but they weren’t sure how to get it out in a way that would also entertain and educate others. I was able to help them see connections, get to the heart of what they wanted to say, and put everything together in a more meaningful way than they could do on their own.

Ghostwriters Don’t Work for Free
The biggest hurdle to working with a ghostwriter is the cost involved. Most people think getting a ghostwriter sounds like the perfect solution, until they see the price tag and think that maybe their book isn’t worth it. Ghostwriting services aren’t cheap-depending on the project, anywhere from $10,000 for a beginner to $30,000 (or much more) for someone with experience.

Why does it cost so much? Because writing a book is a huge job that takes months of research, writing, and revising. And professional writers need to make a living. One alternative to paying for ghostwriting yourself would be finding a publishing company willing to pay the bill, which is how many books are ghostwritten. But unless you have a publishing contract, most ghostwriters won’t be willing to work on your book in exchange for a cut of future profits.

Is Hiring a Ghostwriter Right for You?
Even though I’m a ghostwriter, I’m going to say no; in most cases hiring a ghostwriter is probably not for you. I’ve talked to hundreds of people over the years about this, and for 99 percent of them, it just didn’t make sense. Why? Well, first, most don’t believe they can afford it-or perhaps realize that paying for it means it’s not such an easy solution after all. And second, most people, I think, are better served writing their own book themselves.

Writing a book is a process of discovery and discipline that yields great rewards. I like to tell people that if they have even the slightest inkling to write it themselves, they should definitely do it. If they need help with the process, they can work with a coach or editor. And if they need help improving their writing skills, they can take a class. But writing is a craft that will serve you well; not only for your first book, but for all the books you can write after that. So go ahead, get writing!

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Source by Melinda Copp

How to Earn Money By the Internet – Effective Ways You Can Earn a Living Through Online Businesses

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Nowadays, the Internet has made it possible to transact businesses with great convenience, and the greatest online search is on ‘how to make money by the internet.’ When you search online for such ideas, you would find out that there are several scams being propagated today. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to fall victim of scams, you must discover what works and what does not work. Here, you would see 6 of the most effective ways to earn a living from online opportunities.

Basic Requirements

Before stating some ideas on how to earn money by the internet, it is worth noting that there are certain requirements you must meet in order to succeed like the so-called gurus.

  • Personal Ability: you must identify your best area of skills. Typically, you will be paid for what you can do.
  • Learning: you must be ready to learn how Internet systems work.
  • Tenacity: earning money online does not usually come easily. You must have the drive to succeed. If you are looking for a way to make a million dollars overnight, you will get frustrated.

Benefits of Online Opportunities

Now, why should you even discover how to earn money by the internet? The simple reasons have to do with its benefits which include the following:

  • You can work at your own pace and convenience. Online businesses are not like the traditional ‘eight-to-five’ jobs.
  • Since it’s part-time in nature, it gives you enough time to spend on other personal and family affairs.
  • You don’t need an office space or formal wear. Your bedroom is enough for you.

Generally, you can enjoy a great measure of flexibility, freedom and financial independence that Internet opportunities offer.

6 Money-Making Ideas

The following are some suggestions on how to earn money by the internet, and they have proven to be great options for adventurous people:

Data Entry Jobs: since it is cost-effective to outsource jobs to skilled Internet users, rather than having in-house employees, many companies prefer to go online in order to hire individuals who can use spreadsheets and who can do some typing tasks. Therefore, people who can use applications like MS Access, Excel or any other database systems are open to several online data entry jobs. You need a good level of typing speed to do such jobs.

Paid Writing Jobs: Can you write essays, articles, reports and e-books? If yes, you can be easily hired as a ghost-writer or as a paid blogger. Being a writer is more than just writing about a given topic; you must be able to present it in a way that is coherent and free from errors. The more you are able to demonstrate your expertise and credibility, the more you will get writing assignments from clients. In order to have an excellent rating or reputation, the 3 basic values you must uphold are: a high-quality writing style, good grammatical expressions, and prompt delivery of assigned jobs.

Translation: there are many people who want translators for their online prospects. So, if you are very fluent in popular languages such as Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German, you can find jobs online.

Transcription: this is a job that involves writing an audio or a video message/interview in black and white. You will only have to watch or listen to the recorded interview and then write out everything word for word.

E-commerce: the practice of buying and selling cannot be underestimated as a major factor on the Internet. You can sign up with companies that need virtual assistants who can serve as promoters for their products and services. You only have to post ads or send emails on their offers. The job could either be on a full-time or a part-time basis.

Blogging: blogs are very popular today; they are even simple to manage. As a blogger, you can earn some earning from your blog through third-party ads and affiliate offers. If you can’t afford a WordPress blog, join a free blog network to share your ideas and make money.

Indeed, there are several ways by which you can earn money by the internet; the foregoing suggestions are some of the major ideas that are good and worthwhile. Depending on your skills and financial goals, find the one that you like, but ensure that you are self-motivated. The only thing that can stop you from making money today is to stay back and do nothing with your time and skills. Go, start a money-making idea today now that you know how to earn money by net effectively!

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Source by Thomas Freers

Simple Rules For Personal Health and Hygiene

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Have you been following a plan for your own personal hygiene, or do you get up in the morning, take a bath, brush and blow dry your hair, use the bathroom through the day, and go to bed at night? If you only do the latter, you need to put more planning and preparation into your personal care and grooming.

Cleanliness is seen nowadays as next to Godliness, and neglect of your own personal hygiene may cause health and social problems of which you are not even aware. Bad breath, for example, is a common problem–the perpetrator is often accused of it, but he or she may not be attending to it. Problems such as dandruff are forgivable, but good looks are usually the result of great care and attention paid to personal grooming. You should put some time and effort into it if you want to feel and look your best every day.

All external parts of the body need time and attention. Below is a partial list of the body parts which you should be taking care of with your grooming plan. Here are some tips as to how to attend to your most common and ordinary daily grooming needs.


First of all, keep your hair at a length and style which you can properly maintain in a cleanly manner at all times. Wash your crowning glory at least twice per week, using a mild shampoo devoid of borax or alkalis. It is not a good idea to use soap, as it can leave a fine film of stickiness in your hair. Shampoo is meant to wash totally out of your hair. Be sure and carefully towel dry your hair after you wash it, and be cautious with the blow dryer. You don’t want your hair to become too dry and brittle. Especially if you have long or thick hair, brush it three to four times per day, using a soft bristled brush or wide toothed comb. Be sure to wash your hair grooming tools every time you wash your hair. And oil your scalp with grooming oil once per week, preferably one hour before you wash it. A hot oil treatment is fine–if you know exactly what you are doing.

Hair coloring or dye is not recommended, as no current dyes have been found to be completely safe for long term use. They contain chemicals which can seep into your scalp and even cause premature hair loss. So we recommend not using hair dye if possible. Also, try not to wear a hat for a very long period of time. Wearing hats has also been shown to cause premature hair loss. Redheads need to be particularly concerned, as they are subject to early hair loss.


A good bath once or twice per day is essential for cleanliness and good grooming. You should always bathe after any strenuous physical activity. Mild soaps are best, and you don’t need to use a germicidal or antiseptic soap unless you have a medical or “smelliness” problem. Bath brushes, bath sponges, and mildly abrasive scrubbers are recommended. You must also pay special attention to your genitals and anal area, as lack of care paid to these can lead to serious infections–as well as an inadequate sex life. Rinse yourself thoroughly after washing, and be sure to use a dry and clean towel to properly dry yourself. Don’t ever share towels, try not to share bathing equipment, and wash all of your equipment after each bath. Putting a teaspoonful of bleach in one gallon of warm water, rinse your bathing equipment in the water, and then under warm running water. And always change into completely clean underwear after each bath.

It’s good to use a fine organic moisturizing oil or cream every day, especially as you get older. Put it on at night to avoid that sticky feeling, and so as to not attract dust and filmy dirt throughout the day.


Brush your teeth two to three times every day, or after meals or snacks as needed. It’s important especially to brush right before bedtime. Pay attention to getting rid of the food particles stuck between your teeth. Flossing is highly recommended over toothpicks for this. You only need about a pea sized dab of toothpaste on your toothbrush. When brushing, brush down on the upper teeth and brush up on the lower teeth, using a circular motion. Also, brush the inner as well as the outer surface of your teeth, and before you brush each time, carefully brush your tongue.

Your toothbrush should never be shared with anyone. It should have resilient bristles, and it should be well rinsed and left somewhere completely sanitary to dry after each usage. Try to use organic toothpaste, one that’s completely safe and free of harsh abrasives or strong antiseptics. Baking soda has been found to be a very effective substitute for toothpaste, if you don’t mind its strong flavor.


You should always be washing your hands. There’s no such thing as too often. Use a good hand cream if they become dry. Pay attention to your fingernails when you wash your hands. A good nail brush placed near your bathroom sink is a sound investment. Use soap every time you wash, and always wash before and after meals–and after you go to the bathroom. Many infections such as E. coli are caused every day by people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. You should also keep washing your hands while preparing meals.


Your fingernails completely replace themselves every five to six months. You need to keep them well trimmed, and preferably buffed and polished too. Men can buff their nails and use a nail shining tool instead of polish to give their nails a healthy glow. Women may of course polish their nails with beautiful colors, which can hide the discoloration that comes with age. Clip your nails to the length you want them, but don’t ever trim too close to the skin. If your nails chip easily, consider adding more protein to your diet, as finger and toenails are all made of protein. Eating gelatin can work for this.

Very brittle, highly yellow or discolored nails can be a sign of a serious health problem. Please see your doctor immediately if you have this. Also, do not always keep your nails painted with polish. This can lead to stripping of the natural keratin of the nails. Also, either go out or give yourself a home manicure and a pedicure once every couple of weeks. Be sure and buy a very good manicure kit for this purpose.


Many people take no care whatsoever of their own feet, usually to their detriment. Always keep your toenails clipped, shaping the nails but not cutting too close to the skin. Always give your feet a good scrubbing with a pumice stone or mildly abrasive brush when taking a bath, and before you put on your socks, dry carefully between your toes. Try wearing a clean pair of cotton socks every day; this will pamper your feet and keep them dry and not smelly. Powder your feet after you take a bath. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day, and alternate wearing your shoe pairs. And make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Comfort and safety should come before stylishness. High heels can lead to the shortening of important calf muscles.


Your underarms don’t emit an odor until you hit your preteens. That’s when your apocrine glands, which are located under your arms and around your genitals, begin to function, producing a milky, oily type of perspiration. Bacteria then thrive in this sweat, causing the familiar underarm odor.

To control strong odor, you can wash daily with an antibacterial soap such as Lever 2000. You should always wear clean clothes that are free of staining and sweat. Use a deodorant that is also an antiperspirant, which will dry up moisture in the armpits. Cut back on your caffeine intake-it puts your apocrine glands into overdrive. After a bath, dust yourself liberally with a fine talcum powder. Always drink plenty of water, both to flush your system of toxins and to regulate your bowels. This alone may end some problems you may have with “smelliness.”


Getting a “healthy tan” is not considered to be healthy anymore. Now doctors are telling us that you shouldn’t mind your pale skin. Skin cancer, which is often deadly, is not a fair trade for good looks. When sunning, protect your fair skin with an at least SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. Keep your skin oiled and moisturized during the summer, and don’t bother with the “bronze look.”


Around puberty, your hair follicles respond to hormones raging in your body. You can end up with hair around your belly button, on your back, near your breasts and for both women and men, on your upper lip. If it’s especially coarse, show your doctor, as you may have a treatable hormonal imbalance. Some such “peach fuzz” is normal for girls, and if it seems unsightly to you, you can try bleaching or removing it. Nair is known to be a gentle permanent hair remover.

I hope you found these simple rules to be helpful to you. If you follow your own careful grooming and personal care plan, you will feel better, look more attractive, and probably live a longer, happier and more fulfilling life.

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Source by Karen S Cole

Professional Writer’s Website – What Should be Included?

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Writers have a powerful tool to help them tell the world about their craft, and to convince editors and prospective clients of their professionalism. By having their own websites, writers are able to really showcase their skills.

Many website owners struggle to keep the content on their websites fresh and interesting – they are more focused on making money and creating new products. So they instead turn to writers who will provide them with quality and topical content.

By simple virtue of the fact that they are internet-focused, they will use the internet as their first choice in searching for providers i.e. who know enough about the internet and its power to have a website of their own.

Your writer’s website will identify who you are – and it is no place for modesty. Detailing your successes, your writing specialties, your genre or style of writing, and some point of difference that will make visitors want to contact you.

Here are some “essentials” to include in your website:

-    Personality

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show on your website. Your writing will usually do this for you, but sharing a little bit of your personality will (hopefully) keep the visitor interested enough to continue reading.

-    About you

Where this section appears will depend on what you have decided is the focus of your site. This could be your latest project, if you are promoting a saleable product, or it could be your writing services.

It may be a secondary “About Me” page, or you may decide it is best as the Home Page.

It really doesn’t matter as long as it is there somewhere – visitors will want to ‘connect’ with you. Including a photo of yourself will only help your cause, it will make you ‘real’. If you can add a little humor – great!

-    Contact Details

You must tell readers how they can contact you, and a dedicated Contacts page is the ideal way to do so.

I wouldn’t recommend putting your phone number on the world wide web, and even putting your email address is best avoided. You can use a form builder to add a form to fill in for queries, with a “send” button. In this way your email address is protected from being grabbed by spammers (who will send you hundreds of spam emails until you change your address).

If you have a PO Box, then include this as well.

-    Media Page

If you are marketing a product, e.g. a hard copy book or e-book, a media page that contains a short biography and press release about the book, and contact email, will make it easy for the media to find this vital information, enabling them to spread the word about you and your product.

-    Writing Samples

Include sample chapters, a table of contents or excerpts of your articles. An editor or future employer will look for these before making contact with you. There are different ways to display these on your website: as text on your site, as downloadable PDF or Microsoft Word files, as links to online articles or even as password-protected documents so only the people you choose get a peek. Avoid having too many links to outside sites, as the links may change – and it takes the reader away from YOUR site!

-    Testimonials

Word of mouth is still the best recommendation for just about any product or service. Testimonials can give you more credibility than you could otherwise provide on your website. That’s because other people can say things about you or your product, that would seem boastful if you said them about yourself.

In order to obtain testimonials, it is usually necessary to provide free copies of the product, and ask for a review. Find some forums that focus on the topic you have in mind, and become an active member. Before long the key members of the forum will be obvious, and you can ask them to review your product. Such testimonials can then be added to your website.

-    Shopping Cart

If you’re selling a product from your website, be sure to have a way people can snap it up right then and there, whether it’s through a form on your site or a link to your book’s page on

The best thing is that with the website building software available nowadays, there are some stand-outs as far as user-friendliness goes. Even novices find the new generation website building software easy to master, and the ready-to-use templates that are included for free make it a very attractive product for writers. It allows you to concentrate on the writing rather than the technology!

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Source by Kerry Finch

How to Write an Informative Article

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1) What to write? What is new?

The term “new” is seemingly easy to define. This is all happening again around us: current events, issues of time, new projects or initiatives. But a newspaper does not publish only the news of the day. It also publishes further analysis, opinions and articles of human interest.

Recognize what will be good news may be more difficult.

The journalist must choose between the flow of information and events that reach him from his community and throughout the world. His usual criteria are: size, ability to move, timeliness and interest. Note that these factors are not necessarily all present simultaneously in each article!

2) “Hard news” or “soft news”? Articles or reports of substance?

Sections of “hard news” (roughly 600 words) are the record of events or incidents lately. They constitute the bulk of the new one from a regular day.

The beginning (first paragraph) summarizes the facts. What happened? Where? When? Who / By whom? Why? This summary should be very short. The rest of the text is there to give details.

Writing must be clear and concise. Above all, it should give readers the information they need. If the federal government yesterday announced a new program of major importance for young people is a good news story for today.

Sections of “soft news” (roughly 600 words) are common characteristic of not being connected to the news immediately. They may be portraits of individuals, profiles of organizations or programs. The primer here may be more literary.

The depth stories (roughly 1500 words) take step back to the new one. They explore a question. Even if they are more distant from the immediate present, they are as important journalism. They can be a good way to explore issues too complex for the telegraphic style of a new topical. Example: a report on homeless youth. A longer text will reflect the complexity of their individual stories.

The depth stories are at the heart of journalism. A good story to give life back to your community, their struggles, their victories and their defeats. A background report chooses an angle (eg black youth back to church) and explored by interviewing the people involved and drawing conclusions from their statements. The author addresses the question of the important time and tells the reader through the comments of people involved.

Recommendation: Do not forget to “balance” your text. Present different views of people on an issue and let the reader choose who to believe. Your personal opinion should not appear. These are quotes from people interviewed who build the report. You are the narrator.

The editorial: An editorial expresses an opinion. The editorial page of a newspaper allows authors to express their own views. All editorials are personal, but they must be of interest to the reader.

3) How to structure your text

News articles ( “hard news” or “soft news”) and depth stories all have the same basic structure: an introduction, then the body text.


The first or first two paragraphs are among the essential elements of a new text. Journalists call it the beginning (or “lead”). Its function is to summarize the content when it comes to news stories, to hook the reader, when it comes to general news.

In the “hard news”, summarizes the primer that follows and answer the best 5 questions traditional journalism (who, what, where, when and why). (Example: “Young homeless expressed on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal, Wednesday afternoon, claiming the mayor emergency housing during the winter.” Can you identify the 5 basic questions in this primer?)

In the “soft news”, the theme is presented in a less direct and more literary. The author tries to catch the reader’s attention as would a novelist. (Example: “There are four years, Simon was sleeping in the streets or under bridges?” Once the reader hooked, the journalist respond to 5 questions in the text, but not necessarily at the very beginning.)

Body text

It incorporates the views of those interviewed, some facts and your own narration that structures the text. Beware though, you have no right to “editorialisation, that is to say to express your own views in any way whatsoever in this type of article.


The role of a journalist is to discover and report the different views of people involved in a given situation. Their comments should represent the bulk of the text. The narrative helps to weave it all into a coherent whole. Recommendation: Do not treating one topic per article. There may be a variety of details, but all must be related to the original idea. (Example: if you want to deal with relationships of young blacks with the police, you SHOULD NOT get lost in the biography of a young in particular.)

As journalists, you are the eyes and ears of the reader. The visual details are important to give life to the text (for this, the interviews in person are always preferable to telephone interviews). You must also “feel” about you, that is to say, develop an understanding of the emotional context of the issue involved and the views expressed by those involved.

Agree? Here are two examples that summarize each case essentially to cover.

Young people come together to form an organization. You must say why they do it and what changes they are trying to promote in society. You must also specify who they are and what strategies they plan to use.

An artist is exhibited for the first time. Why? That thinks it’s art? His creative process is it rational or emotional? What works like his?

4) Some other tips

How to find ideas:

* Keep your ears and eyes open, listen to what your friends are talking about.

* Read everything that comes to hand, find ideas in other newspapers and magazines.

* Discover the views of young people in a matter of time.

* Work on a subject that interests you and you would like to learn more.

* Talk to people involved in a particular area to see what they attach importance.

How to search for information

* Find up articles on the subject.

* Tell your friends and associates.

* Contact associations and organizations specialized in the field or interested in the issue.

* Get a list of people to interview, cover both sides of the story by interviewing people who have different viewpoints on the issue.

* Find government statistics and study of old reports and press releases on the subject.

Do’s and Don’ts in an Interview

* Always be polite.

* Explain the basic rules of interviewing people who know how the media. In other words, tell them that everything they say can and will be published. What if they want one or more parts of their statements are not published, they must absolutely you specify.

* Save the interview (for a proof if challenged).

* Build a relationship of trust with the interviewee.

* Start with easy questions, keep the most difficult for last.

* Pay attention to body language of the interviewee, if a question is on the defensive, leave to return later.

* Never be aggressive.

* Keep control of the interview does not allow the interviewee to get lost in long speeches or out of the topic.

* Do not, on the other hand, your preconceptions about what it should say color the interview. Always remember that the interviewee knows more than you on the issue.

Organizing Information

* Gather your notes, interviews and searches in a single folder.

* Read them.

* Look for the common theme that emerges.

* Select quotes and interesting data.

* Expand the focus of your article.

* Summarize this axis in two or three sentences.

Writing and editing

* Remember that your role is to tell, to shape a story.

* Do not be afraid to rewrite and correct.

* Write as clearly and concisely as possible.

* Adopt a direct style.

* Tell a good story.

* Give the reader what you think he wants to know.

* Ask yourself what is the specific topic of your article.

* Read the article aloud, listen carefully to you.

* Look for the common theme that emerges.

* Select quotes and interesting data.

* Expand the focus of your article.

* Summarize this axis in two or three sentences.

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