The Yoke of Domestic Workers in Nigeria

Samuel Akpan, a 49-year-old indigene of Abak Oko in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, read English and Literary Studies at the University of Calabar.

Today, he earns N30, 000 every month working as a contract security guard with a pharmaceutical firm in Ilupeju, Lagos.

“Security guards contracted out to guard companies and private residents are not paid uniform salaries, depending on their beats or locations”, he said.

Richard Amuwa, managing director, Mega Guards Limited, Abule Egba, Lagos, confirmed this saying the payment is usually on a: 70: 30 percent ratio.

Independent check however reveals that the operations and activities of the over 250 registered and recognized private security companies are regulated by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC.

But, who regulates the activities of domestic workers in their millions in Nigeria today? Gbenga Komolafe, general secretary, Federation of Informal Workers’ Organization of Nigeria, FIWON, says there is no regulation whatsoever for domestic workers in the country.

Miss Funke Lawal, who hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State is receiving N300 everyday doing all sorts of menial jobs from dawn till dust at a restaurant located at vesper bus-stop, along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway in Ifo, Ogun State.

By her calculations, her slave wage salary translates to N7200 every month, as she lamented that “she will resume as early as 5. Am, Monday to Saturday, sweep, cook, wash plates, pots, and then begin serving customers when they come”.

National Bureau of Statistics- Nigeria, says in our country with an estimated population of 203million people, the number of unemployed persons rose from 5.5million in 2015 to 21.7million in 2020.

In the same period under review, those living below the poverty line increased from 43.1million to 102.1million, today.

“Therefore, the likes of Akpan and Lawal, are among the millions of people out there desperate to make ends meet, doing all kinds of menial and domestic jobs to survive”, Komolafe said..

The FIWON scribe further lamented these domestic workers who take care of people’s most important valuables like: children, elderly, property, welfare, etc, are paid slave wages at the whims and caprices of their boss and with heavy work overloads.

He explained that it was based on this that FIWON decided to establish the cooperative society and training arms of the NGO, where domestic workers in the country, who do not have retirement benefits, maternity, or social benefits or grants from government, could be assisted in forming credit and saving cooperatives, regardless of their locations.

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Source by Emmanuel Udom

The Essence of Technical Writing

The Gist of Technical Writing

Technical writing, though may seem to be complex outwardly, is not that much complicated when approached in a pragmatic and systematic way. To make it simple, technical writing is just the process of peeling the outer chunky cover of the complexity of the entailed subject and showing the common reader the right way to feel the inner softness at ease.

The Objective of Technical Writing

Technical Writing is the process of taking away the toughness of the subject and making it simple and straightforward so that even ordinary readers who do not possess the grasp of the subject can easily digest the topic. A technical writer must be capable to assimilate the subject technical communication in its entirety and must be competent enough to translate the same into a commonly used language avoiding all of the included technical jargon.

Though the subjects can vary, an expert technical writer will have to be skillful in providing the readers practical and precise content regarding the discussed subject in an ordinary language. The topic may be based on issues such as computer snags, recently launched innovative apps, description of a consumer gadget, mobile phones, computer tablets, medical items, or many other such things that are par for the course of modern living. A talented technical writer will delve deep into the subject and will gather all the relevant practical points and then will pass them to the readers without losing the grip of the subject, but, in a simple language. There lies the real significance of a technical writer.

Give Valuable Information to Readers

One of the main points that all technical writers will have to take care is to include valuable information that will be useful to the readers rather than detailing the apparent technical data. Readers will be more interested in knowing what the item concerned will impart them, rather than the physical or technical specifications. That does not mean that the writer must completely avoid such technical details; the only thing that he or she must ensure that the detailing must be customer-oriented.

One Basic Tip

To become a good writer, one should become a good reader and when the topic comes to technical writing, the writer must be clued-up on the latest technological advancements. The writer must absorb the scientific advancements as and when it comes to pass, and in our time the best bet for it is to rely on the effectiveness of the various internet platforms. In short, all technical writers must comprehend and assimilate the subject concerned fully before trying to pass on to the readers.

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Source by Kaliyath Achutha Kumar

You Can Easily Make Money Online With Online Writing Jobs

Yes, you can make money online easily when you opt for online writing jobs. If you are looking for such a job, things don’t become slow, difficult and expensive. Unlike conventional writing jobs, the online version allows you to work right from comfort of your home and get paid as well. Depending upon your choice, you can select a topic you are comfortable with. This job offers immense flexibility. For instance, you can choose your topic; decide on number of hours you wish to work, work from home or a café.

There are many writers who make money online working in different job profile. For instance, you can become an article writer write short news items, themes and topics. Then there are ghostwriters who are basically writers that have a specialization to write for another person portraying as if they are that person. Presently, the freelance writers are in great demand. The number of freelance writers available is increasing every second as it offers numerous benefits. For example, you can select the topic and when the work gets finished, you can start another writing assignment. Similarly, here you have the freedom of deciding from where to work, when to work and how long to work.

Of course, when it comes to freelancing job, you ought to focus on your freelancing skills. To begin with, you are expected to offer quality writing in order to meet all needs of the client. Ability to express your ideas in a concise, clear and correct manner can bring an instant fame as a perfect freelancer. The articles you write needs to generate substantial interest among the readers. If you are writing for online businesses, make sure the articles are SEO optimized. This is partly because these businesses use the articles to meet online business promotional needs. If optimized accurately, the websites end up receiving good number of viewers and top ranking in search engines.

These days, a lot of websites need fresh content at regular intervals. The content in question could be anything – blog post, article, guest post, forum posts, and more. This means there is no dearth of writing assignments. All that you need to do is to browse the internet to find the right work.

Fortunately, there are several websites that are of great help in finding online writing assignments. For instance, you can refer to websites like Freelancer, Upwork or PeoplePerHour to find one job of your liking. Thousands have already benefitted from these sites and you can benefit as well.

In case you are willing to spend a small sum of money, a website like Paid Online Writing Jobs can be of great help. Remember – the site offers you 24*7 customer support and maintains a huge database of available jobs. You just have to spend a little money. This way you can find all relevant information. You can also go through numerous customer testimonials furnished in the website.

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Is Grant Writing Hard?

Most people who haven’t written a grant assume that grant writing is difficult. In this article, you’ll learn 2 main reasons why grant writing can be hard for many and 3 ways to make the process easier.

When I was asked (even paid) to write my first state government grant back in 1988, I responded with, “I’m flattered that you would like me to write your proposal. But, I’ve never written a proposal before.”

“Don’t worry,” the college administrator told me. “It’s not that hard. Besides, there’s plenty of help here at the college if you need it.”

Reason 1 – “I’ve Never Done It Before”

So, the first reason why grant writing is hard is that you’ve never done it before. I hadn’t. It’s natural to think that you’ve never written a grant proposal before, so what makes you think you can write one now.

When you are trying something for the first time, it’s scary. If you’re like me, you have no personal experience to draw from – at least, that’s what you think.

So, expect that the first time will be scary because it is!

What helped in my situation was that I was being paid. It was my first job right after getting my master’s degree. In fact, I got the call exactly one day after I graduated.

Second, my ideal career job was to create a model language learning program for immigrants for 3 years now, so I had confidence in my dream and in my skills in running an English as a second language program. In other words, I had the “content expertise” for the grant even though I lacked the technical grant writing skills. That’s why the college administrator called me.

You can take on that first grant as an opportunity to make your ideal career or dream come true, like I did. You can allow your confidence in your skills to be greater then the fear gremlins. The fears won’t go away. But, you take them with you on the journey.

Reason 2 – “I Don’t Know Where To Start”

Once I was given the opportunity to write the grant, I didn’t know where to start. I was given the Request For Proposal (RFP) from the Nevada State Department of Education. An RFP includes the guidelines and instructions for applying. That’s where I started.

Next, I checked out some videos on grant writing from the college library and fell asleep in the first 5 minutes. That didn’t help.

I asked around to see if there were any grant writing experts at the college and made an appointment to meet the guy who seemed to be the expert. While it was a confidence booster to hear that he had been so successful with little training, that didn’t help either.

I went back to the RFP, created an outline for my proposal using headings and subheadings from the RFP. I noticed that certain sections of the RFP were given different points. That is, when proposals came in to the state agency that was giving out the money, they were evaluated and rated according to a weighted scale. The “Agency Introduction,” for example was given a maximum of 10 points while the “Measurable Outcomes” section 15 points and the “Budget” a maximum of 20 points.

At this point, the grant became a game. I was reminded of taking college classes and figuring out the grading scale the professors used. Then, I wrote my final papers using that criteria. When I figured out how I would be graded correct and wrote a paper to get the maximum points, I usually got up to 100 points and a good grade.

Likewise, the RFP is a grading scale. That’s where I focused my attention. That’s where I began.

If you’re like me, a good place to start is by focusing on the RFP and creating your outline and headings for your application. With time, you’ll get faster, too. My first grant for $125,000 took 100 hours to write. My last grant for $462,000 took 4 hours to write.

In summary, most people make grant writing hard. Two reasons for this are that you’ve never done it before and you don’t know where to begin. Here are three tips to make grant writing less difficult: 1) approach your first grant as an opportunity to make your dream come true, 2) make your self-confidence greater than those fear gremlins, and 3) start with the funder’s RFP.

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Source by Phil Johncock

Behemoth – The Dinosaurs of the Bible That Were Made to Be Played With by Angels

The Hebrew word Behemoth is usually translated as “beast” or “cattle” and is used 9 times in reference to carnal animal quadrupeds or man in a “carnal” or “animalistic” state of mind. It is transliterated once as Behemoth in the Book of Job to describe a specific animal whose strength, size, and appetite could only be a dinosaur and could only have existed before the cataclysm that ended The Raysheeth Era. The use of “Behemoth” is unique and is spelled different than the other word for beast, BHMH, (Beh-hay-mah). Behaymah is a mammalian quadruped most often referred to as a cow. These two words look and sound nothing alike. Behaymah are basically cows. Sheep have cows. Whales have cows. Every adult female mammal is a cow. There were no female mammals large enough to meet the descriptive requirements in the Olde English Lexicon. This forced the scribes to insert the transliteration of Behemoth in Job.

Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar:

KJV – Job 40:15-16

“He is the Chief of the Ways of God.” If the word Dinosaur does not exist, and the Translators are attempting to describe a large and strong animal; that has a tail like a cedar tree; and can drink an immense amount of water; what would they call it? Surely they may have contemplated the use of the word elephant, but its tail resembles a whip, not a cedar tree. You can see the potential for confusion when they had no idea what a Dinosaur was in 1611. So, lacking an appropriate English word, they chose instead to transliterate the Hebrew word in the manuscript to Behemoth in Job 40:15. All other translations of behemoth use the word “beast” and the concept becomes irrelevant and is treated as one of the other six Hebrew words from which “beast” is translated.

The Behaymah are the Quadrupeds of Genesis mostly translated as Cows. This word appears in 172 verses and is translated as beast or cow but it is not The Behemoth in Job. Both the Hebrew Dictionary and Strong’s Concordance define Behemoth as “a hippopotamus,” which has an even smaller tail. Strong adds water ox and cattle to the pool of associated animals described as Behaymah. Behaymah are animals that produce milk and have umbilical chords.

We hypothesize that Behemoth were egg laying, warm-blooded Quadrupeds that nursed their young with milk. The flexible shell protected both the mother and the infant from its horn buds and claws. We examine the verse below, as literary paleontologists on an archeological expedition through time and translations in order to discover this truly remarkable and enormous Beast. Behold, The Dinosaur… He is an herbivore… His tail is like a cedar tree… His strength is in his midsection… His bones are like metal tubes… His backbone is like cast iron… Made first in Raysheeth by The Supreme Deity…

The description in Job is so bizarre that it warrants the transliteration to Behemoth. The Translators understood that the animal kingdom was made up of thousands of species and could not consciously give this animal any known name for the sake of their credibility. Rather than invent an English word for something that does not exist, they transliterate the Hebrew word, BHBTH, to Behemoth, and then move on. Each scribe had thousands of verses to translate, at some point they make the best possible guess and move on. There are ten verses in the Hebrew Bible containing the word Behemoth.* In nine instances it is translated, as “beast” or “beasts.” In some instances it refers to a humble animal, or man in an animalistic state, and in several instances it is a reference to the prehistoric Beasts of Raysheeth.

The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance provides Behemoth of Job 40:15 it’s very own entry designation number, 930. All other uses of Behemah are assigned number 929 and are generalized references to “wild beasts” or “beast-like” Men. The use of the term Behemoth in Job has to be recognized for it’s unique displacement as an unrecognized particularly enormous beast. The analysis of the translations of Behemoth in the Hebrew texts is perplexing and worthy of deeper study by Hebrew Scholars.

How much attention does this one word merit given they were attempting to translate the entire Hebrew Scripture with a high level of spiritual accuracy in a timely manner. They work on a word for a while and eventually move on for the sake of completing the translation in their lifetimes. Not in haste, but in an attempt to find an appropriate English word or concept for each Hebrew word in the manuscript. The order of progression for the choice of words would be something like; exact, appropriate, approximate, adequate, and when no other option is available in the Lexicon, transliterate.

Transliteration – Is a mapping from one system of writing into another, word by word. Transliteration attempts to be exact, so that an informed reader should be able to reconstruct the original spelling of unknown transliterated words. To achieve this objective, transliteration may define complex conventions for dealing with letters in a source script which do not correspond with letters in a goal script.

If the Translators knew what we know now would they have translated Behemoth as a Dinosaur? Better yet, if scientists had been looking for Behemoth would they have called them Dinosaurs?

He is the chief of the ways… KJV – Job 40:19

We know this word does not literally mean “beginning.” We need to transliterate the word to Raysheeth and then analyze the other words to determine a more suitable translation. In order for the Dinosaur to be included in the Bible it makes more scientific sense that:

He treaded the land of Raysheeth… TGR – Job 40:19

The word translated, as “Treaded” is, Dehrek. It is “a way,” as in a path where the feet of animals have created a tread on the land. We hypothesize that Behemoth is a term for the most ferocious Dinosaur on the Planet. This Dinosaur may eat grass but it is described as something that living creatures need fear.

And when he has gone feeding up a steep mountain, he causes joy to those living on the lowlands.

TGR – Job 40:20

Dinosaurs existed and the creature described in Job lived in a time called Raysheeth. It terrorized the lowlands, and whenever it ascended to a mountaintop to feed, the other living creatures played and frolicked according to the etymology of the Hebrew concept of “joy.” They were joyous because they had to hide in the creature’s presence, every one in fear for their lives. Given these facts we can axiomatically conclude that the Raysheeth Era is a prehistoric Biblical Age when the Behemoth made Dinosaur tracks on the land.

Biblical Axiom – A logical argument founded in Scripture, which uses two or more verses to substantiate the analysis of a word or concept contained in one of the verses. The Logic is based on the assumption that an omniscient Supreme Deity psycho-kinetically provided accurate information to the Authors of the Holy Scriptures through the transmission of a Supreme Sacred Breath of Life.

Parabolic Axioms

There have two colors of flowers. The Roses are red. The Violets are blue. If this is the information given one can easily deduce that roses and violets make purples. If orange is the key to happiness. Then yellow wisdom and red rage becomes the key to unlocking anger when melted together in equal parts. Now you know what purples are when you see that word in a sentence. Now you know that wisdom and rage are opposite forces. These groups of parables form a mathematical equation of sorts whose derivatives, tangents, and integrals exist in verbal form. The Axiomatic Analysis of Raysheeth to this point reads something like: An Entity was created before the squeezing of the Raysheeth Age into existence. In Raysheeth, God created Heaven and he himself The Earth. Behold the Behemoth, which was made with Job in Raysheeth. Raysheeth is the Hebrew term for the Geologic Age of the Dinosaurs.

A logical Theo-scientific conclusion would be that the Cretaceous – Paleogene Extinction Event ended the Raysheeth Age and world of The Dinosaurs. If the Bible is Divinely inspired, it is Biblically Axiomatic to conclude that: In Raysheeth God created heaven, the Earth, and then the Dinosaurs. Not with hands or with machines, but with sacred words spoken through time and space into the ether of Dark Matter that permeates this system of things.

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Source by Ted Rivera

The Nature of Copywriting

The Concise Oxford Dictionary describes a “copywriter” as someone who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

In other words, copywriting is the art of writing persuasively. Or, to use another definition, copywriting is simply “salesmanship in print.”

But before he or she can write effectively, the copywriter needs to know three things inside out:

1. The objective of the copy (to sell, get leads, inform etc.).

2. The target market his or her client wants to reach (over 60s, women, teenagers etc.).

3. The client’s product/service.

Armed with this knowledge the copywriter then begins to craft a targeted communication.

Types of Copywriting

The definition above says that the copywriter writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

Advertisements take many forms. For example:

o direct mail sales letters

o fundraising letters

o website text

o email marketing

o Google AdWords

o web landing pages

o display ads

While these are different forms of advertising, the basic principles of copywriting apply to each:

1. Target the core emotions of your target audience. What keeps them awake at night? What are their deepest desires and fears?

2. Provide your solution (by your product or service) that will satisfy those desires, quell those fears.

3. Focus on the prospect, not on yourself or your company. The word “you” is the most powerful word in advertising.

Examples of publicity materials are

o press releases

o brochures

These focus more on giving information about your product or service than on trying to persuade. Press releases and brochures are the “shop window” that displays your offer.

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Source by Eldo Barkhuizen

Top 5 Online Money Making Ideas

In today’s tough times, most are hard-pressed in making ends meet even if they’re currently employed with regular source of income. For some, a job is no longer an option and would rather venture into other money making ideas that can potentially replace their job income.

This article outlines the top 5 online money making ideas a lot of creative people use to earn extra (or full time) income that makes end meet or to actually put food on the table.

The internet has not only changed how we communicate and research for information but offered a lot of income opportunities to ones who are willing to grab it.

  1. Freelancing – One of the most common ways to make money aside from having a traditional job is to offer your services as a freelancer. If you’re an artist, you can position yourself as an artist for hire. Building an online portfolio is extremely pivotal to being an artist for hire. An illustrator needs to be able to show potential clients what they can offer them if they take them on as a client. Independent authors and web publishers are constantly looking for people to design book covers, websites, and logos for them. This is a great income source for someone who enjoys doing graphic design. My friend, does this quite successfully and by having his own website that attract organic traffic, he sets himself up above the many other freelance graphic artists around.Another popular way of making money as a freelancer is to become a freelance writer or editor. Self-publishing books has exploded in recent years. There are a lot of independent authors looking for editors who would like to have their work edited for a more affordable price than the norm in the publishing world. You can editing jobs or be a ghost writer to help the author craft the whole book if you know what you’re doing.

On the lower end of this scale, you can accept article writing gigs and help online publishers like niche website owners and bloggers continuously feed their sites with fresh quality content. The key here is quality content, to build ongoing relationships with your clients and build your reputation.

Freelance writing is a great money making idea because you can completely control how much work you take on. if you’re just getting started, websites like and are great places to land your initial gigs. Pricing your service competitively will help you attract clients and build your reputation on these freelance job boards but if you’re considering to go this route on a long term basis, I suggest that you build your own website to build your reputation, attract more clients, and turn this into a real business that can potentially replace your day job.

There are a lot of services that you can offer as an online freelancer. If you’re a developer or a programmer, you’ll definitely make more money online by offering software development services.

  1. Become An Online Retailer – Ever bought something off Amazon and eBay? Most of these sellers are people just like you and me operating their own bookstores, gadget shops or computer retail stores off their homes. There are two ways you can start selling stuff as an online retailer.One is by buying stocks and keeping inventories to ship yourself or to become a dropshipper where you partner with a dropshipping supplier that will ship your inventories to your buyers from their warehouses. Option two takes a lot of work but it can be tricky when it comes to pricing, delivery and item quality as you don’t really get to see (or touch) your products before they are shipped to your customers.

The best way to get started with this money making idea is to start selling junk you can find inside your home (ladies, I’m not referring to your husbands!). The average person has a lot of things in their home that they never use. Items like old jewelry, unwatched DVDs and unused craft items are perfect. You can also buy things that are on bargain bins and sell them online for regular prices or get stuff from your local thrift stores or library sales.

The key is on being able to check the current prices of the items you’re looking to resell before you buy them to make sure you’re actually going to make a profit. This is where your smart phone will come handy, all you have to do is download price scanning/comparison apps like FOB Scan.

  1. Sell Fiverr Gigs – Yes, Fiverr gigs! It may not seem like much but Fiverr gigs are no longer limited to $5 per pop. You can offer your initial service or product on the standard $5 pricing but you can offer upgrades from $20 to $50 per pop. Some of the gigs you can offer are voice overs, small graphic jobs, short videos, SEO pushes, and other small and fast jobs that you can do for a few minutes of your time.
  1. Open Up A YouTube Channel – As mentioned in my previous article, YouTube users watch over 4 billion hours of video a month so there are always people willing to watch your videos. A person who plans to make money off of YouTube needs to decide on a niche or what they want to talk about in their videos. Do they want to teach a tutorial or give a commentary? If someone owns all of their material legally, than they’re eligible for the partner program.

With original ideas and constant promotions, an internet entrepreneur can set up shop on YouTube in a matter of minutes. Although it might take a lot of work, the payment after a while can be pretty big but just like any other content marketing businesses, 10 YouTube videos won’t make you a happy camper. It’s always a numbers game, think of it as having your own TV show where you’re the host, producer and channel owner. You can read this article for more on how to make money with YouTube.

  1. Create And Sell Your Own Products – A lot of online marketers found that they can make money faster with creating their own products than creating blogs or niche websites. This of course if beyond the realities of most beginning online marketers but if you have some time to spare, product creation isn’t really that difficult as you may think. Creating an infoproduct (eBook or membership site) on a subject that you know and love will reward you hundred times over. Come to think of it, if you have a product of your own, a lot of other affiliate marketers are willing to sell your products on their websites and email lists for a commission helping you reach a very wide audience that’s impossible for you to reach on your own.

There are a whole lot more money making ideas people use to make money online but these by far are the top ideas that you can put to work for you right away, specially the top 3. Building and publishing your own blog or website is the best way to build a business system that will build an awesome source of passive income in the near future but the top 3 ideas listed above will help you make money right away.

Offering freelance services on established freelance job boards helps you piggy back on their traffic being that they’re the “go to” places for people who are looking to outsource stuff they don’t like to do themselves.

Retailing on Amazon or eBay can also attract sales faster than if you’re going to build your own online store as they already have the traffic of shoppers whose mindset is to scout for products they want to buy online. It’s free to list products on Amazon and you only get charged when you actually sell something while eBay will charge you a few dime when you list a product for sale.

Fiverr on the other hand is the world’s “go to” place for small jobs people want outsourced. It may not be as promising as the first two money making ideas listed herein but they do pay for each gig you deliver.

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Source by Daisy Graham Jones

Grant Services: Pay on Commission, Percentage, or Flat Fee

From time to time there is an online debate on whether or not grant writers can charge their clients for services on a commission or percentage bases.

The basic argument for charging clients a commission / percentage is that the consultant can make more money. For example, on a grant with an award amount of $100,000, at a 10% commission the grant writer would receive $10,000. If the award were $1 million the grant writer would be due $100,000. The greater the value of the grant award the more the consultant stands to make, without any increase in the amount of work performed.

The reasons for not charging a commission or percentage are more based in business and accounting principles.

The process of grant writing and applying for grants is a fund-raising expense not a program expense. Most grant awards are for programs and program expenses. Therefore it would be unethical for the accountant to take funds from program allocations to pay for fund-raising expenses.

The act of grant writing is a pre-acquisition cost. It is logical that the applicant has to write the grant proposal before they submit before the grant proposal is reviewed and awarded. The grant period, or the time the grant award monies can spent, are usually for cost occur on after the grant award is received, or as a post-acquisition cost (with a few exceptions). Grant funding seldom covers cost which occurs prior to the grant award being approved.

Some of this problem originates in part with government budgets which states that a certain percentage of the budget can be allowed for consultant fees. The seeming logic is that – since the grant writer is a consultant then they should be entitled to that percentage of the budget.

All personnel fees, PIs, staff, and consulting, must be calculated on an annual salary or hourly rate bases. None of these line items can be calculated on a straight percentage of the total grant basis.

The funders themselves do not like to award grant funding to grant applications which pays the grant writer a percentage. This is because funders want to see most of their money going to meeting the mission and priorities of their funding purpose.

Finally, certified grant writers put the philanthropic interest above their personal gain.

All professional associations in fundraising in general, and grant writing specifically, hold that charging a commission or percentage of the grant award is an unethical practice.

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Source by John Porter

How to Make Your Own Clay Roof Tiles

All too often we tend to look at manufactured products today, and just assume that they were made using some type of complex machinery or, processes that are out of our reach. The truth is however, that quite often this just isn’t so, and clay roof tiles are a fine example.

No Gas Fired Kiln Required

Would you believe that you can make your own ceramic products just the same way that they have been made for centuries, and in fact you don’t even need a gas fired kiln. It’s the same way that bricks, and tiles are still being made to this day in wood stoked ovens in Mexico.

You Need to Locate a Cheap Source of Clay

The first thing you’re going to need, is a voluminous supply of good quality clay, and if you’re willing to look around in the area where you live, you’ll most likely locate a natural source somewhere. Just dig it up, load it in garbage bags, and lug it home in the back of a truck.

It Has to Be Worked Well Prior to Being Formed

The clay has to be worked well prior to being formed, and this is traditionally done with the feet in some type of large container or, containment area. To make the tiles it’s then rolled out on a table, using ¾ inch sticks on each side as guides to regulate the thickness.

After the sheet is rolled out, the next step is to use a plywood template to scribe out, and cut out the overall shape of the clay roof tiles you plan on making. If they are to be flat then stack them to dry flat. If they are to be curved then place them over a curved drying surface.

Use a Template to Cut Out the Clay Roof Tiles

After they have dried for several days the next step is to arrange them min piles in such a way that they are safe from breakage. After that dried firewood is arranged around the piles of tiles, being careful not to damage the unfired ceramic pieces.

Build a Brick Oven Around Your Product

Then the way they do it in Mexico, is they then build a kiln out of brick around, and above the tiles. So where do they get the brick? The answer is simple. They form them with molds out of the very same clay they make the tiles from. They then ignite the wood, and allow the clay roof tiles to fire.

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Source by Sandy Ferris

The Three Roles of an Organizational Spokesperson

The prospect of being interviewed by a reporter creates anxiety in even the most confident professional charged with serving as an organization’s voice in communicating with media. Training helps increase the likelihood that this spokesperson relays an organization’s key messages clearly, and in a manner that fits a journalist’s needs. Understanding the three spokesperson roles-expert, educator, and salesperson-is the first and most important component of this training.

As the individual to be interviewed, the designated spokesperson is the one who the reporter wants to speak to about a topic at a certain time. The spokesperson has the needed knowledge and perspective. The reporter considers the spokesperson to be an expert.

As an educator, the spokesperson offers insight to a reporter so that he or she emerges with a clearer understanding of the topic. Reporters vary in journalistic experience and subject matter knowledge. Even the most experienced reporter doesn’t know everything. An effective spokesperson has information the reporter doesn’t have, particularly regarding company activities and industry trends. As an educator, the spokesperson acknowledges the reporter’s expertise and crafts the content and delivery of his or her remarks accordingly. The main challenge here is for the spokesperson to share information without coming off as patronizing or arrogant.

Finally, the spokesperson is a salesperson for the organization, cause, product, and/or service. Public relations and other professionals approach reporters with story ideas because they see the media as a powerful means of communicating what their organizations have to offer to current or potential stakeholders. To this end, the “spokesperson as salesperson” role demands an enthusiastic, energetic communication style.

However, it’s imperative to recognize that reporters do not want to be sold, as a salesperson might attempt to persuade a prospective client about a product’s merits. Their goal is to write stories that interest readers, viewers, listeners, and other media consumers. A reporter’s purpose is to serve this audience, NOT to do a commercial for a company. That’s why the salesperson role comes third, after the expert and educator. In short, the most effective organizational spokespersons mute their marketing and sales orientation when they talk to reporters. They highlight what the subject of the interview means to the reporter’s audiences while avoiding a treatise on why their company’s offerings are the best.

In short, the spokesperson’s goal is to provide useful information that meets a reporter’s needs and communicates an organization’s key messages. It’s admittedly challenging to balance these tasks while filling the three roles identified. Yet it’s invaluable over the long term for building productive media relationships that in turn serve marketing and broader organizational objectives.

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Source by Mitchell Friedman

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