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LIZ PURCELL - Page 2 of 76 - freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Francisco State University

Why a Nap Break Makes You a Better Copywriter and Marketer

David Ogilvy, the advertising legend who brought genuine excitement and classic salesmanship to Madison Avenue, wrote about the value of naps for a writer. He wasn’t referring to not being tired, but rather to using the power of your unconscious – his trick was to load up on information about a project… and then go catch forty winks, telling his mind to have something for him when he awoke.

It made sense to me. Your brain isn’t a muscle – it’s a complex beast different than any other organ on the planet. It can store, process, and create massive quantities of original material… whole worlds of possibility, vast universes of thoughts and ideas.

Believe me, for copywriters and marketers…naps are golden. I’ve done it a thousand times, maybe more, over the course of twenty years as a writer. Stuff my head with info… and then go nap for however long my system requires it. Twenty minutes or two hours, it doesn’t matter.

And when I wake up, I make sure I’ve put a pen and paper nearby… because the headlines and copy will come gushing out.

While you’re awake – and especially while you’re struggling with ideas – you’re your own worst enemy.

Asleep, however, our deeper selves take over.

It’s the real hidden genius inside all of us – our unconscious mind.

You can do the stuffing of info while you’re tired. That’s more or less grunt work – read the reports, log the statistics, interview people on the phone.

But you should never attempt to do actual writing while stifling a yawn. For an experienced copywriter and marketer, being tired is a signal it’s time to take a long break, including a nap. Let things simmer, settle, and process themselves in your head.

Tired, you will struggle with copy for three hours… and it won’t be anywhere near as good as the fifteen minutes of writing you do after an hour’s nap.

Doubt this advice if you must. Most of the struggling writers I meet are skeptical, and afraid to try it out. The Puritan work ethic has settled deep in our souls, and naps are considered a waste of time at best… and an evil cop-out at worst. I’ve had writers laugh at the suggestion. Never the top ones, though.

Your brain is not a muscle. It’s more like a fantastic little city of libraries, warehouses, and think tanks. And every elf slaving away there is both smarter than you are…and yet dedicated to you completely.

Most of the writing you struggle to create while tired will have to be thrown away. It’ll be garbage.

Most of the writing I’ve captured after a “working nap” has stayed, with some editing, in my final piece.

Think about that.

Now, I’m gonna go curl up with the terrier and let the elves figure out another project for me.

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Source by John Carlton

How to Become a Freelance SEO Writer

Freelance writing recently began attracting many business professionals, college students, stay-at-home moms, and other adults looking to bring in additional income or free themselves from mundane nine-to-five jobs. More specifically, search engine optimization (SEO) writing, is a lucrative field that is relatively simple to enter into without much prior knowledge or training. In order to become a freelance SEO writer, you simply need some basic skills and the ability to follow directions.

In order to understand how to become a freelance SEO writer, you first must understand the concept of SEO writing. So what exactly is SEO writing?

SEO writing helps search engines find websites based on keyword searches. The more high-quality keyword-based content a website has, the higher it will be in web search rankings, like Google. And of course, the higher search ranking a website has, the more traffic it has, which results in more money for whoever runs the website. The key is to create articles that are not only easy for search engines to find, but are also informative and enjoyable for the reader.

So how do I become a freelance SEO writer?

In order to become a successful freelance SEO writer, you need to be able to write short but informative articles about any subject that a client requests. Some articles and topics may require quite a bit of research if you do not have a lot of prior knowledge in that area. However, if you can find work in an industry you are familiar with, your expertise in a particular subject can easily be transformed into an article that both readers and search engines will love.

Another key to becoming a freelance SEO writer is finding clients. Obviously you cannot be a freelance writer without anyone to write for. Several websites sub out freelance writing jobs, meaning they do rate negotiation and communicate with clients while you simply write the article and submit it to them. You can easily find one of these websites by searching “freelance SEO writing jobs” on any search engine.

Once you have become familiar with how to write SEO articles and have found a few clients, you can increase potential client contact in order to secure more work. As you complete high-quality articles in a timely manner, provide superior work, and establish rapport with clients, your influx of work will surely continue to grow, and you can begin to solidify yourself as a successful freelance SEO writer.

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Source by Laura Comelleri

Writing a Mission Statement – The ACORN Test

Have you ever wondered what makes for a good mission statement? Thomas Gilbert is someone who has influenced what many of us do and believe when trying to shape organizational direction, yet he may not be a name with which many are familiar.

Gilbert was a student of B.F. Skinner, the famous psychologist, and he was well-trained in the principles of behaviorism. However, Gilbert felt that behaviorism was fundamentally misguided because it focused on actions people take, not the results of their actions. Instead, Gilbert argues that we should be focused on worthy accomplishments, or outcomes that have value. These are the targets we should identify, measure, and align people’s actions towards. Without the context of worthy accomplishments, focusing on the behavior of people can be incomplete, misleading, or both.

While this may seem simple and obvious, Gilbert provides example after example of how organizations routinely reward for behavior, and not results. If you don’t believe me, just think about the last time you worked with an organization where managers of different departments had competing metrics, and thus, when one department would win another could potentially lose. In Gilbert’s view, the worthy accomplishments in these types of situations are not defined well enough at the policy level to influence and support the creation of appropriate metrics at the department level.

There are many applications of Gilbert’s work in organizations today. For example, consider the time people spend creating mission statements for departments, divisions, and companies. Ideally, these statements are carefully constructed, simple sentences or phrases that describe an organization’s reason for being. Mission statements should also help guide and focus the work of a group. However, it seems that many organizations embark upon the journey to create them without thinking about their practical use.

Here’s a test: think of an organization of which you are a member. Can you recite the mission? Better yet, can you describe how the mission of the organization, your department or team guides your daily actions?

Gilbert offers a simple model, ACORN, for creating a good mission and aligning organizational actions.

A – Accomplishment. Use words that describe an outcome or result. If a mission has been described as a behavior and not a worthy accomplishment, it has not truly been identified.

C – Control. Those who work in the organization should have primary control over choices, strategies, and decisions that lead to mission accomplishment. If the way the mission is articulated primarily depends on others outside the department, consider rewriting it.

O – Overall Objective. Make sure that the mission truly captures the organization’s reason for being. Avoid writing a mission that is simply a subgoal of that overall purpose.

R – Reconciliation. Check that the mission can be reconciled with other goals of the organization. Various units should be working in harmony to achieve the overall organization mission.

N – Number. Ensure that the mission or the results from accomplishing the mission can be measured.

The next time you think about creating goals, plans, mission statements, or objectives, consider Thomas Gilbert. He just might help you produce a worthy accomplishment.

Gilbert wrote the book “Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance“, with a tribute edition published in 2007 by the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI).

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Source by Deb Peluso

The Easy Way to Paint Skirting Boards

If you have ever had a day fitting skirting boards and then, after painting them, had to spend a couple of hours lying down to get over it, then read on. Sometimes you don’t realise that the most obvious things are right in front of you; you can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ (sorry about the pun!).


First of all, before you even think about fitting your skirting boards put all of the skirting boards on some trestles or something similar and then paint them all to the finish you want (it’s that easy).

After you have finished the last coat and let it dry, you then need to cut, mitre, and scribe all of the skirting boards and fit them throughout the room. Once you have finished fitting all of the skirting boards, go around with a mastic gun using decorators caulk (which can be bought for a couple of pounds or pence from any DIY store) and fill in any nail holes and gaps. All you need to do then is to touch up with your finish coat of paint in all the mitre’s, scribes etc. and you’re done.

A little tip – if you are only painting your walls (rather than wallpapering them) and you find that there is a gap between your painted skirting board and the wall, then you could use mastic to seal the gap and give a professional finish. You can get mastic’s in a variety of colours to match the colour you already painted from any DIY shop. You can buy either white or brown mastic if you have lacquered the skirting board. If you follow the directions on the tube it will show you to cut the nozzle at an angle and apply continuous pressure for a smooth bead of mastic. It would be best to try it out on something first to get a feel for it before you apply the mastic to the top of the skirting board. It would be good to have a water spray gun (or a good bit of spit, a bit uncouth I know) and paper towels to remove any excess.

After spraying the mastic with water use your finger (or if you are posh buy a mastic scribing card) and run along the top edge wiping the excess on the towels. Another good idea is to use masking tape to stop the mastic going everywhere. The masking tape will catch the excess, and then you simply remove the masking tape afterwards. You pull the tape off straight away before the mastic sets (otherwise the masking tape will rip). This should leave you a nice, neat finish.

Hopefully a job well done and knees saved for another day.

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Source by Eddie Proudman

Hire Ghostwriter Services For the Best Return on Your Marketing Investment

Hire ghostwriter services if you want to spend your marketing budget wisely. Ghostwriting services produce fresh, new content especially for your website. Your ideas are put into words that attract the attention of customers, and you don’t have to spend your precious time creating the content.

Ghostwriters produce content that can be used in a number of different ways. Repackage a good series of articles into an e-book. Create a series of lessons for your visitors to enjoy. Use product descriptions to create a downloadable catalog, which makes navigating your website even easier for customers. The possibilities are limitless.

A good freelance content writer will help you design and implement an overall marketing strategy. Marketing is a weak point for most business owners, yet it is absolutely necessary if the business is to survive and grow. Ghostwriting services help you strategize and maximize your marketing investment.

When you hire ghostwriter services, you spend exactly the amount of money you need to spend to receive what you need. No overhead, no additional work for you and your employees, no worrying about how you will fit just one more task into your day. The freelance article writer takes your ideas and sends back useful content for your website.

First-time website visitors will often leave if there is nothing to hold their attention. Catch it and keep it by continually offering your visitors useful ideas and interesting information. A well-written article keeps performing for you, sometimes for many years. A poorly-written article drives visitors away. That is why it is always best to hire a professional to produce your sales copy and website content.

It is true that in order to convince someone to take action (such as buy your product or call you for more information) you need to “touch” them seven or more times. Returning visitors are interested in you as long as you hold their attention. The moment they lose interest they are seeking out your competition.

Working with a freelance content writer allows you to:

o Post fresh, new content to your site on a regular basis

o Leverage that content in a number of ways, saving you significant money

o Create an overall marketing strategy

o Spend exactly the amount of money you need to in exchange for exactly what you want

o Catch your visitor’s attention with interesting and relevant articles

o Keep them coming back to your site over and over

Hire ghostwriter services for the best return on your marketing investment. With a limited budget, freelance writing services produce quality writing you can use over and over, maximizing every precious dollar.

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Source by Nikki May

Online Writing Offers Unlimited Income Earning Opportunities

There has never been a better time to be a writer. Even if you never considered yourself to be a writer, today’s environment makes it a wonderful time to get started.

Don’t worry if you feel that your writing is somehow inadequate. When it comes to seizing moneymaking opportunities online, you don’t have to write prose. In fact that may be an impediment. The marketplace of today wants information and they want it now. That means if you can explain something to a friend over coffee, you can use the same communication techniques to write content others will pay for.

The best way to get started with online writing is to simply get started. Write something. Begin with your own informative articles, or start a blog of a topic of personal interest. Get comfortable getting words down on the page. As you get comfortable with the process, you can do the same for others for a fee.

Articles are in hot demand and many marketers will gladly pay someone else to create content for them. This could be you. It’s an easy way to pick up paid gigs writing. Another option is to provide regular blog content for marketers or businesses that don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves, but know how valuable having a strong online presence can be.

Expand your individual writing endeavors by creating your own special reports or ebooks. These are short, informative, content-laden products of anywhere from 10 to 70 pages. The length you make it is determined by the subject and the depth to which you want to investigate and share your findings with your readers.

You can also act as a ghostwriter and create the same kind of products for others who would rather pay someone like you than do it themselves. Each ghostwriting assignment can pay you nice piece of change.

With ghostwriting, you’re essentially doing the work for a one-time fee, whereas when you create and sell products on your own, you’re income stream from each product can last for many months and even years with timeless subjects that remain in demand.

Many writers use a combination strategy with their online writing. They write for others to earn an income and set up passive income streams by writing and marketing their own reports, ebooks, books, manuals and home-study courses.

The ability to put your thoughts into words and your words into sentences is something that can earn you money every day for the rest of your life.

Today’s online writing opportunities are open to anyone with a basic computer and an internet connection. All it takes is enough drive to get started. When the money starts coming in, it’s easy to continue and to expand your efforts even further.

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Source by Douglas Robert

Ethics of Journalism Vs Contemporary Mass Media

Every journo who got formally trained in the mass media studies is familiar with the ethics of journalism. As part of the academic curriculum, it turns to be one of the important topics. In fact – something becomes imperative in academic curriculum – only because of the significance it is coupled with. But, when it comes to the actual practice, hardly any journo in general or the media organisations as a whole are practising ethics of journalism. Practicing ethical journalism isn’t just a state of mind or a commitment a journo sign in the fall when he joins the media. It’s hard work – every instant.

Often there exists a conflict between fairness and accuracy, while reporting the issues. Fairness is possibly harder to achieve than accuracy. The experience can be a sturdy teacher to address this crucial factor.

As far as contemporary media is concerned, yellow journalism or the yellow press is in vogue. A type of journalism that presents diminutive or no genuine well-explored news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers is known as yellow journalism. Techniques varying from exaggeration of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism are the main ingredients of such journalistic practices.

From the other corner, sensationalism is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers. Sensationalism may include reporting on commonly trivial matters and events that don’t influence overall society and biased presentations of remarkable topics in a trifling or lurid manner. Deliberately obtuse, appealing to emotions, being controversial, intentionally omitting facts and information, being loud and biased and acting to obtain attention are the few techniques involved in sensationalism.

Inconsequential information and events are sometimes misrepresented and exaggerated as important or considerable, and often includes stories about the actions of individuals and small groups of people, the content of which is often insignificant and irrelevant relative to the major commonplace events that take place worldwide. Additionally, the content and subject matter typically doesn’t affect the lives of the masses and doesn’t affect the society – and rather is telecasted and printed to attract viewers and readers. The publication of articles should not be primarily aimed at getting prizes and awards.

The interests of media conglomerates certainly aim at achieving top ranks among their competitors. Success may be achieved by practicing the yellow journalism – overnight. Nevertheless, certainly it won’t last longer. Of the many issues the journalistic ethics talk about, the mass media prestige is one. As it is rightly said – conflicts of interests damage the prestige of the mass media. For obvious reasons, the journalists should not become dependent on sources of information or someone’s interests. The facts should be considered as the first and foremost things to be reported. The future of journalism depends on how well the media personnel master these essential elements of journalistic integrity and ethics. Else, that day is not far away when parents would shilly-shally open the newspapers or electronic news channels in front of their wards.

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Source by Dr Suman K Kasturi

71 Ways For A Writer To Make Money

There are so many ways for writers to make good money by writing Some people love to write, even as a hobby. You can turn your writing skills into income. Here are a brief list for your reference.


1. Copywriting for television commercials

2. Copywriting for radio commercials

3. Copywriting for newspaper and magazine ads

4. Professional letter writing

5. Creating plots for other writers

6. Writing correspondence courses

7. Travelling writer

8. Newspaper feature writing

9. Writing for weekly tabloids

10. Writing humour

11. Writing greeting cards

12. Writing witty sayings for bumper stickers

13. Writing fillers for newspapers and magazines

14. Ghost writing

15. Script writing for movies

16. Scrip writing for television

17. Writing plays

18. Resume service

19. Writing non-fiction


20. Daily newspapers

21. Professional journals

22. Consumer magazines

23. Confessional magazines

24. Poetry magazines

25. Fiction magazines

26. Farming-dairy-poultry- livestock journals

27. Technical journals

28. Manufacturers’ trade journals

29. Retail trade journals

30. Sports magazines

31. Teenagers’ magazines

32. Children’s magazines

33. Gag magazines


34. Crafts

35. Art

36. Celebrities

37. Street interviews

38. Travelling

39. 25, 50, 100 years ago today

40. Local street names

41. Gossip column

42. Personal problems

43. Gardening

44. Cooking

45. New products

46. Child care

47. For teenagers

48. Children’s question-and -answer

49. With humour and jokes

50. Sport

51. Pets

52. Shopping

53. Cars

54. Hunting and fishing

55. Do-it-yourself


56. A newsletter

57. Sportsmen’s bulletin

58. Bulletin for the handicapped

59. Apartment bulletin

60. Club bulletin

61. A tourist guide

62. Restaurant guide

63. A home-business guide

64. Part-time and free-lance help directory

65. Teachers’ yearbook

66. Small newspaper

67. Magazine


68. Proof reading

69. Free-lance editing

70. Become an author’s agent

71. Teaching English

Good luck for your writing and wish you get some ideas for which areas you want to write to from the list.

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Source by Julia Tang

Why Hire A Copywriter?

Why should you hire a copywriter? If you run a small or home based business it can be difficult to see the point of bringing in somebody from outside. Why not cut costs by doing it yourself? After all, it’s only writing, and everybody knows how to do that, don’t they?

There are a huge number of excuses that you can invent to avoid having to hire a freelance copywriter – you can do it yourself; nobody else will be able to understand your business; you already have a working marketing campaign – they’re all familiar excuses. And crucially, they’re all rubbish. The truth is that bringing in a copywriter to polish up your text and advertising campaigns is one of the most important things you can do to increase the success of a business.

There are hundreds of good reasons to hire a freelance copywriter to turn your business around, here are just a few:

  1. A copywriter has perspective – you can sometimes be too close to your business. As an outsider, a copywriter is able to see your business as your clients do, and can make sure that your copy says exactly what it needs to say to have maximum impact on your target audience.
  2. Copywriters are experienced – you may know your own business better than anyone, but by the same rationale, a copywriter knows his. It’s the copywriter’s job to connect with people and bring them round to his point of view, and those are techniques that work no matter what the product is.
  3. A copywriter can keep you up-to-date – what worked last season may not necessarily work now. It’s part of the copywriter’s job to keep up with the latest trends and shifts in consumer demand. Hiring a copywriter gives you not only great writing, but access to this invaluable bank of knowledge.
  4. Copywriters can save you money – how often do you have to pay your staff to work overtime so they can work on your advertising? Hiring a professional copywriter will cut costs and, as staff are free to go back to their own jobs, it will raise productivity as well!

Many firms splash out thousands on flashy designs for their websites and brochures, but seem strangely reluctant to spend almost anything on the content that fills them. And yet this is the most important part!

Your writing is the message you send out to your clients. Design is important, but it is the writing that determines how your prospective clients will view you, and you cannot afford to skimp on that. .

How to Hire a copywriter

Hiring a freelance copywriter can seem a daunting prospect if it’s your first time, but you should keep in mind that it is no different from hiring any other professional service. A good copywriter will be able to tell you in advance how much you will need to pay, and what information he needs in order to complete the job. Many writers charge a rate per hour, or per day, although some prefer to agree a set price for the entire job.

However your copywriter chooses to work, the cost of the job should be clear from the outset, and you are unlikely to be hit with any hidden charges. Just in case, however, have your copywriter sign a terms of service document for your project, which you can refer back to in case of a dispute.

Here are a few other things to bear in mind when looking to hire a freelance copywriter:

  1. Plan ahead – a good copywriter will tell you what information he needs to complete a job, but you can save time and money by thinking ahead and having everything ready when the copywriter starts the job. A little preparation can go a long way.
  2. Check out the writer beforehand – no matter how good a particular copywriter is, if you don’t like his writing style there’s no point hiring him. So don’t just take on the first copywriter you find, take the time to shop around a little bit – get recommendations from friends who have hired freelancers in the past. When you have a list of potentials, compare them. Get them to send you writing samples and pitches, and narrow the list down until you have found the perfect writer for your project.
  3. Don’t worry if he has never written for your industry before – one of the most important parts of a copywriting job is research, and most of the copywriter’s skills can be applied just as well to any industry. The copywriter’s skill is in connecting with people, and persuading them to take a specific course of action, whatever that may be.
  4. Make sure there is enough time to complete the job – don’t bring in a copywriter at the final stages of a project and expect them to come up with a masterpiece. A writer needs to let the project gestate for a while before he can bring it all together and produce his best work. While most copywriters will agree to work to a tighter deadline, if you want top quality writing, it’s a good idea to give yours a little more time to get it spot on.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

While the initial outlay for hiring a freelance copywriter may seem steep, it repay itself many times over. It’s impossible to overstress the value that clear, well-written copy can bring to a business – not to mention the marketing expertise that will be bringing in customers long after the copywriter has gone. And that’s possibly the best reason of all to bite the bullet and get yourself a copywriter!

See our article Design for Your Content [http://www.herdsofwords.co.uk/articles/design_for_content.html] to learn how to ensure that your website design is working to enhance, rather than eclipse, your message


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Source by Sam Roberts

The ABCs of Freelance Writing

“If you dig deep and keep peeling the onion, artists and freelance writers are the leaders in society – the people who start to get new ideas out.” — Allan Savory

Anyone who has ever worked in sales or seen Glengarry Glen Ross knows what the ABCs are: Always Be Closing. It’s good advice for anyone working on commission, and it’s not a bad lesson for writers, either. After all, most of the time, when someone hires us to write for them, they want to use our talent to sell something: a product, a service, a source of information, themselves. And when we’re not writing for clients, we’re writing to either get clients or gain a readership; in effect, we’re selling ourselves. So it’s not a bad idea for anyone who wants to write for a living to keep those well known ABCs in mind. Always be closing, because that’s how you make a living.

However, there’s another ABC that I think applies to writers, and it’s at least as important as closing. We can’t close a sale unless we have something to sell. That means that before we can really Always Be Closing, we need to Always Be Composing.

When I first started writing for money, I got stuck for ideas often. Even with a title assigned to me, it might take longer to find an original angle to write about than it did to write the article. Never mind personal projects; after a day of coming up with things to say for other people, I couldn’t think of a single thing to say for myself. Somewhere along the way, though, I flipped the switch. That happened when I realized that everything – every experience, every memory, every conversation, every stray thought – was a potential title, angle, or plot.

These days, I can’t turn it off. If I have to call a plumber to fix my faucet, I pay close attention to the details of the problem and the repair, because I never know when someone’s going to ask me for an article about plumbing repair. Years of experience in a field unrelated to what I’m doing now? That’s not time wasted, that’s a potential eBook. Trapped in a boring conversation about someone else’s vacation? Pay attention, there’s a travel blog post in there somewhere. Random thought about the constant flood of writing prompts in your life? Write an article on a revenue share site about how everything is a writing opportunity. Like this one.

When we as writers can begin to see ideas everywhere, we never have to worry about where to find one. It’s not enough to have the idea, though, we have to do something with it. Start by writing it down. This is why so many writers advise carrying a notebook everywhere. It’s good advice. Once you write it down, let it sit for a while. Not all ideas are good ideas, and coming back to it later will often give you some perspective. Don’t worry if you end up chucking a lot, or even most of them. If you follow the Always Be Composing rule, you’ll have a lot to choose from. That means that you can afford to throw out the bad ones. You’ll have enough good ones to keep you busy.

The important thing is to find the ideas. It’s not a matter of looking for them; you’re thinking all the time. It’s a matter of seeing the ideas that are in front of you as exactly that: everything is a potential title. Once you get that into perspective, the rest will follow.

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Source by Cheryl R Baer

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