Making Freelance Writing Niche Types Fit: A Few Niche Types by Definition and Description

Our Freelance Writing Needs Defined

We must make freelance niche types fit our needs, wants,

values and lifestyles, and we also must make ourselves fit

freelance niche types. Of our waking hours, we work more

than we do anything else. I keep this in mind when college

students come to me concerned about what to do for a living,

and I tell them (because I want them happy) to do what they

love. I also tell them (because I believe in the truth) to

do what they are good at.

The same goes for freelance writers. If we are talented, we

have a chance. If we have a severe work ethic we have a

better chance. And if we are devoted enough and relentless

enough (and¡ªahem–masochistic enough) about writing for a

living, we will be able to put on our vitaes that we are

indeed professional writers. But in order to do and be so,

we best find the freelance writing niche types or type we

will be spectacular at, staking out a corner in the niche

market, one which we¡¯ll bring passion to every morning as

that damned alarm (later a wonderful thing) sounds.

Niche Defined

From the Italian-derived French for nicchia, “a shell-like

recess in a wall,” a niche is an inset, concave enclosure.

It is this little enclosure we freelance writers need to

find, study, practice, and own. It is the small area of

specialty we make ours and offer to those in need. So the

smaller (and therefore the less competitive) the better.

We in the freelance writing business and those of us working

to get into it have plenty of industries to work with:


B2B (Business to Business)

B2C (Business to Customer/Client)





Publishing (online/offline)



Real Estate



Niche Types Defined

And for every industry there are tens of freelance writing niche types:

Creative Writing- I¡¯ll say again from my lofty loft of

opinions that I believe all writing is creative, as it is

generative. My point is affirmed when we look at all of the

kinds of writing projects a creative freelancer can do or

get into, from magazine articles about bushwackers and

George Bush to books about needlepoint and pine cone needles

and needling family members to¡­

Ghost Writing- Ghost writing is a popular preferred

choice of many clients, even those who have hung out a

writer shingle (or banner) and outsource the assignments,

collect them, pay us (hopefully well), and put their own

names on the work, be it a booklet or a book, a piece of web

copy or a piece of ad copy.

Proposal and Business Plan Writing- For profit or not,

businesses need writers to create proposals that show need

and get that need satisfied¡ªmonetarily. As there is with

all freelance writing niche types, with proposal and plan

writing a freelancer has the skill sets and experience to

prepare documents that will be convincing enough that if the

client needs hot soup sold in hell the writer will be able

to deliver. I have written two successful proposals and a

number of grant proposal reports (that ensured continuation

of the grant). They are somewhat interesting, but only to

those writers with a particular finesse for a cross between

technical and creative/dynamic writing.

PR (Public Relations) Writing- PR writers do concept copy

or concept to completion work in a number of media, writing

ad copy, doing the layout, and designing such items as

brochures, newsletters, press releases, media kits, and

more, to achieve the ultimate goal for the client: name


Technical Writing- Involving everything technical, from

professional, consumer, and user manuals to white papers,

technical writing depends upon a writer¡¯s ability to

organize, synchronize, structure, and develop the details of

technical content.

Web Content Writing- To meet the client¡¯s goals of web

presence and online branding using highly trafficked,

sticky websites/pages, the web content developer or

producer writes what are known as KRPs, keyword-rich pages.

This particular wave of freelance niche types was discovered

(years ago) to be most beneficial as SEO, search-engine

optimizing/optimized/ optimization, text (or content).

While I also specialize in mental health/disability writing

and creative and memoir writing, web content development is

one of my favorite freelance niche types. To get the

keywordphrase keywordphrase keywordphrase construction

clear, engaging, and entertaining while keeping it from

doing a hideous grammatical/ rhetorical pileup is a

challenge I look forward to every morning.

Hey, it beats the alarm clock jangling, signaling the dread

of having to punch a card at a factory or see the boss off

to work so I can clean her toilets and scrub her floors. Of

course, there’s no shame in those jobs­. I did them for

years to get through grad school. But that’s more to do

with the other definition of niche: “the status of an

organism within its environment/community, affecting its

survival as a species.”

And besides, I love writing so much, much more. It’s a

much better fit, one I wish for all of you who adore the

writing process as much as I adore it.*


*If this is the case, you definitely need to check out the

pages on my site with web content and writing niche samples,

articles that exemplify good, tight, even humorous writing

and that are about writing at the same time.

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