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The sun rises every morning tearing the darkness of night. The people start their daily activities and they continue till the time of sunset. An orange and yellow sky covers the entire atmosphere and people start returning from their workplaces. Housewives start preparations for dinner. The kids are back from the schools and tuition. If we pull our attention from a busy and hectic schedule, we can see the flock of feathers (birds) returning their homes. The sun sitting on the vast ocean bed and going down step by step. Once again the lamps and candles are brought back into action. Finally, the darkness enters every nook and every corner. But these series of events do not really matter much upon a writer’s mind, heart and soul. A writer’s mind is like a particle of sand that moves with the wind but some particles refuse to leave that place resulting huge layers of sand and sand lakes. A writer’s mind is like one of the lowest layers of those sand particles. The more the sand comes and settles on the top most layer, the more he/she gets disconnected from this real world and the more he/she enjoys that isolated state. A writer always tries to find something that connects him to his true identity making him spiritually alive. This ritual continues and a writer gets engrossed in the pseudo world and living every second and every moment of their life.

Loneliness Is Focus

Real things happen when we are alone and depressed. Even psychologists say that to achieve great things you need to be alone. Solitude is a bliss. Loneliness not only helps you to focus and concentrate but also cleans and nourishes your brain by generating the chemicals of relief and relaxation. A writer likes to be and is alone for a major part of his/her life. They have nothing against this world but it’s the way they want to be. They discover new and unimaginable things in their loneliness. A writer is hardly seen in public, chatting with people and speaking non sense things. They are very much concerned about their surroundings because wrong surroundings might poison their mind resulting in changing the course of their thoughts. Also, a writer might receive his award but next day he is back on his expedition of a new and unique story.

It’s hard for us to understand the psychology and mentality of a writer but they always know who they are and what they want in life. They are the crazy ones who are not understood by all the people, in fact, very few can understand them.

Fearless and Game changers

When you are alone, you lose many things with respect to your family and friends. But every sacrifice has a sweet fruit which tastes better than any other fruit in this world. The power of sacrifice rewards us with a fearless attitude and this attitude keeps on multiplying till the time we are nurturing the gift of loneliness given to us by nature. Our true nature must be found and practiced regularly, so that we can help it to grow and take infinite benefits from the same. These are the writers who can change the entire world. These are the writers who bring a revolution. These are the writers who can speak against anyone if they feel is wrong. No matter how powerful the person is.

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Source by Alim Khan

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