KSA Writers: The Key To Getting A Federal Job

When applying for most Federal jobs, you will be required to write what is known as a KSA or statement of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Because competition is so high for these jobs, many people employ professionally certified KSA writers to give themselves the best chance of success. Given that the KSA is what Federal recruiters now use to identify the best candidates for a job, this is a wise strategy to use if you are less than confident in your writing skills or knowledge of Federal resume and KSA submission guidelines.

Although the specifics about what is required for the KSA will vary depending on the job for which you are applying, they are always written in first person, and generally feature a series of 3 to 10 questions designed to showcase the details about how your profile fits the requirements of the job opening. Each applicant’s KSA statement is rated using a point system of 1 through 10, with the highest rated statements receiving first priority for interviews. Given this high standard, resumes submitted without a KSA will generally not be considered; and, it is not uncommon for resumes containing a poorly written or formatted KSA to simply get discarded in favor of those with a more professional touch.

When choosing a KSA writer, it is important to ensure they are professionally trained and certified in Federal application and KSA writing protocol. It is an added plus if the writer offers Federal resume compilation as well to ensure a uniform look to your application package. The standard turnaround time for ordering this service is generally 2 or 3 business days, but many companies also offer rush jobs that can be completed in as little as 12 hours. The company should have an easy to use communication format that allows you to give them all your information, ask questions, and provide feedback clearly and efficiently. There is plenty of this type of service available, so if you are considering applying for a Federal job don’t rule out the value of hiring a professional KSA writer to help!

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