Installing Laminate Flooring – Girls Do It!

More women homeowners mean more women do-it-yourselfers–and more women laying laminate flooring than ever before. And why not? Laminate installation is an ideal project for the weekend home warrior, male or female. If you know how to measure and handle power tools you’ll get along just fine.

The hardware market is finally catching on to the fact that their female clients require something a little different from the guys. Companies such as Tomboy Tools and Girlgear Industries are designing and marketing work-gear for the female form. Think ergonomically correct weights, grips and tool-belts for women workers–what a concept!

As for information–let’s face it–women are far more likely to ask for and read directions than their male counterparts. And there’s plenty of information available on laminate installation if you’re looking. Start with the manufacturer’s instructions, talk to your flooring retailer, look it up on the Internet, or download an instructional video. Research to your heart’s content–you’ll save a substantive amount of money and gain classic, affordable flooring by doing it yourself.

Tools you’ll need to do the job include a hammer, end pry bar, pencil, t-bar, measuring tape, workbench, tapping block, spacers, broom, handsaw, jig-saw, skill-saw, tape or a staple gun and utility knife. Acclimatize the laminate at the job site 48 hours prior to installation and keep the room temperature at a minimum of 65F or 18C. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and use these as your first point of reference. Undercut the doorways and use a 2-in-1 sound vapor barrier as an underlay.

Make sure your starting wall is straight. If it’s a new home, you can usually rely on the outside wall of a room to be straight, though using a chalk line to verify it is wise. If the starting wall isn’t straight you’ll need to scribe the tongue side of the laminate length facing the wall to provide a straight base for the rest of the floor.

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