Increase your Business by Hiring Ghost Writers From India

Ghost writers write articles for others who pay for writing and the payers claim the articles as their own and publish under their name. The fact that the article is not written by the payer remains secret within the payer and the writer and nobody else. The payers hold all the rights to publish wherever and whenever they want.

If you have some ideas or stories in your mind, but you just can’t come up with a good article to write or you are being blocked to write for some reasons, or, even if you want to add more content to your site, but you just can’t find the time to write articles as this is a time-consuming task, then you can hire an Indian ghostwriter for you and transform your ideas and stories into a novel and get them published under your name. Getting your articles written by an Indian ghost writer would surely increase your business.

India is an under developing country and is rapidly growing in all the fields, especially in education which has reached to a high level meeting international standards. Since India is one of the commonwealth countries, the level of English language in India is highly appreciated all over as the Indians follow British style of writing English. This is the reason an English literate Indian writes English with perfect grammar the way the Britishers write and so many celebrities and top business people and individuals are following the trend of hiring the ghostwriters from India. Good, perfect and complete articles written by an Indian has contributed a lot in increasing the business of those who publish the books and novels under their name. Such publishers are considered as top authors and so are getting good responses and feedbacks from the readers resulting into lot of earnings. The creating contents for web have now become more popular amongst the business people as the contents written by the Indian ghost writers attract visitors and are ranked high in the search engine results and therefore, qualified Indian ghostwriters are in high demand.

Outsourcing to India has tremendously increased in the tech writing world. The fee to be paid to the Indian ghostwriters is also the factor that makes the overseas publishers hire them to write the articles for them. If a writer in US would charge the fee of say, $15,000 for particular script, then the US based person can hire an Indian writer for $4,000-$5000 to write the same script. On one hand, the publishers get good response from the readers, so get good money and on the other hand, the publishers save on the fee they pay to the Indian writer comparatively much less than being paid to the domestic writer, which is again a part of the publishers’ profit. However, the fee paid to the Indian ghostwriters is a good remuneration for them as far as the Indian economy and living cost is concerned.

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Source by Ankur Patel

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