How to Write a Novel – Using a Timetable

The market today has many kinds of novels that sell highly. Fiction novels have become a favorite to many and as a result more of these novels are storming the market. If you are interested in learning how to write a novel, read on.

The first thing on ‘how to write a novel’ is to have an idea of what your story will entail and how long the book will be. You could settle for a maximum of 250 pages, or write more. The story will essentially determine the page count and sections. Just make sure it is within a marketable range of words.

At this point, it’s not important to know every detail of the story but a general idea is essential. Writing a fiction novel is different from article or other forms of short piece writing and thus it requires commitment. Like any real goal, writing a novel requires a timetable… at least a tentative timetable.

Set your writing habits, including a timetable of how many hours a day you will dedicate to writing. Let it state clearly how many words to cover in a certain number of hours or days. Once you have your plan, start writing the novel when your mind is clear. The story will flow and ideas will rush through your mind when you are relaxed. Since fiction stories are created by the author, be sure not to deviate away from the title.

Use your imagination and express yourself fully in order to come up with good characters. When you draw close to finishing the novel, you will feel a rush of emotions that may affect the quality of your book. A good fiction story has its mood and storyline directed by the characters.

Ensure the same happens for your book. By keeping in mind these summarized steps on how to write a novel you have a good starting point in your endeavor to write a highly sought after novel.

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