How To Get Back On Track After Being Written Up At Work

Most of us have been there. For one reason or another, your work has not been the best and your boss has noticed. You are called into the office and formally written up and warned to improve your work performance. Are you doomed? Is this the beginning of the end? Absolutely not! It is time to get yourself re-motivated to do the best work possible!

First of All, Allow Yourself to Decompress :

This can be a very stressful time and you want to allow yourself to regroup and take a breath to absorb what has happened. It is okay to do that!

Make A Plan :

Time to get a pad and pen and evaluate yourself honestly. Have you missed deadlines? Has your workload increased? Or, are you just burned out? Write everything down that you believe to be the culprit.

Time for A Course of Action:

If you missed deadlines due to poor time management, approach your boss for ideas on how to improve in this area. They may offer some tips or they may see that the project needs to be shared by more members of the team. This also shows that you are serious about fixing the problem. Are you Burned Out? Do something you have never done before such a taking a cooking class, take a walk in a state park, attend a lecture or meet for a cup of coffee with some friends and browse books at the bookstore. If you are really burned out, try taking a weekend trip with just yourself and indulge. Have a nice meal, sleep late. Break up the monotony! This will help you to know that work and rest are both important and need to co-exist in your life.

Ask Your Boss For A Follow-Up Meeting :

This will show that you want to measure your progress and that you take your job seriously. Ask for feedback and write down everything your boss tells you. Remember, they are trying to help you. Ask for help when you need it.

Continue the Course !:

Do Not let yourself become burned out again, or overwhelmed with work! Life is too short. Periodically refer back to your notes to make sure you are staying the course.

Remember to experience equal parts of work and play; you will be a happier person and a more productive worker!

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Source by Taryn Simpson

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