How to Copywrite: Everything You Do Online Absolutely Needs It

Copywriting, you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Despite what you’ve heard it really is as easy as pie… or maybe cheese.

Did you smile just now; see what I mean, using words are so much fun all it takes is just a wee bit of time.

Everyone is afraid… right up to the point that they do something so often that they start getting comfortable. “Yes me too.”

If you keep at it I will make you a promise, your fear will evaporate with time (just keep my secret formula between us).

The best way to start is to let your fingers do the talking; I mean just write if you have a topic, an idea, just let it flow, in the words of my famed math teacher Mr. Nyron Lemonius: “don’t think about it ink about it.”

Trust me it works.

Strike while you’re hot; get your ideas down while they’re still fresh, it’s such a pain to have a great bit of inspiration and not act on it, “I was on to something, if only I could remember what it was.”

Don’t put your work on display just yet: it’s best if you’re the only one to see your first draft; nothing threatens your confidence like those “Nay Sayers.” The critics may just smother your work to the point that it never gets completed (why bother if it’s no good – right).

Even though you’re afraid publish your work anyway. You’ll see. Your fears might just be un-founded, and… someone, somewhere, may just connect with what you have to say.

One of the greatest half truths of all time: “you need to be inspired before you can write.” Are your eyes open, are you awake, you can take inspiration from the anything around you. Look, pay attention, observe, Oh and don’t forget to search…

Information, there is no shortage of it. Don’t be a “copy-copywriter.” Sure it’s a short cut but what are you cutting; your reputation, your credibility, your quality, there is no way that could be worth it.

I must admit, I too was led down this path when I was just starting out; “you need… a swipe file.”

No you don’t. Why try to sound like everyone else? Be a content creator the life is way better, when your content is unique it fits, it connects with your visitors.

Your visitors become something more, they become your audience… they are more than just people they are your loyal fans; one thing with fans they come back for more, they remember your name, hey some even take the time to type in your “domain name” character-for -character, now that’s something special.

All this has led to an important announcement… good copywriters work their craft; and invest time in learning and developing good writing skills.

I know “learning” can be a frightful word and it is almost pain inducing, but come on, I had to say it, it’s the truth.

Right now, at this very moment I struggle with this copywriting stuff; don’t tell anyone — but personally I’m terrified by punctuation and grammar; in my head I’m saying do I really need to bother with this stuff – – but I know that’s “fear” talking.

And if I am to be as a good a writer as I want to be; I’m going to have do what’s necessary to improve. And to my surprise it has not been what I expected at all, it has been fun. Really it has been so much fun for me to develop; I have grown from the fear of not being good enough, to the point here I have fans of my own.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes what a feeling; told you it was fun all it takes is a little time and effort, you’ll get there too.

In the word of my friend Nakia Rowe; “brick by brick step by step you’ll improve.”

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