How Delaying The Decision Of Hiring A Copywriter Could Be Costing You $$$$

Dear Friend,

Would you call yourself a good decision maker? I know I am, but I know too many people who aren’t and it’s costing them dearly!

Get this. Recently, a very close friend of mine was job hunting here in London.

After countless interviews, he was presented with two amazing job offers. I’m talking six-figure salary, paid vacations, pension plan, the lot!

The thing was, he only had three days to make a decision…

My friend is probably one of the most indecisive people you could ever meet.

He was simply unable to decide which offer to go with.

Now, you couldn’t make the next part of this story up!

On the day he had to choose, fate kindly decided to step in and give him a hard, jaw breaking kick in the teeth!

What happened? All of a sudden, his long term fiancé decided to pack up and leave him. He was devastated.

He couldn’t think about anything else and forgot to tell his potential new employers of his decision. Meaning that they gave the jobs to other people.

No girlfriend, no job… all because of the inability to make a decision.

What does any of this have to do with you?

Look, if you are seriously considering hiring a copywriter, you need to know this important thing…

There are a whole load more of business owners who desperately need top notch copywriters than there are copywriters!

Hiring a copywriter is dead easy…

But hiring a results getting Copywriter is a whole different story.

Supply is limited my friend.

My point is this…

Business owners who come across top notch copywriters, but fail to pull the trigger and hire them because they can’t decide who to choose, waiting for something even better to come along, are falling behind their competitors at an alarmingly fast rate and missing out on a ton of cash and new business!

Here’s what happens…

Any copywriter worth their salt WILL have a waiting list of clients. And the longer you wait to decide and hire him, the longer you’ll have to wait for him to craft a winning bit of copy for you.

And while you’re waiting (and this happens time and time again), you’ll probably be flushing your marketing budget down the drain promoting old copy that simply doesn’t work anymore.

Good copywriters are worth their weight in gold! Their sales messages bring in the big bucks and skyrocket your bottom-line.

Don’t be indecisive! When you know you’ve come across someone who could potentially deliver a winning bit of copy for you… pull the trigger.


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