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Why would you want to hire a ghostwriter? You are a book author, and you’ve completed several manuscripts on your own. Yet, you’ve seldom or never managed to land a literary agent or commercial book publisher, even though you’ve submitted several times. And you have heard that if you hire a ghostwriter, you can create a much more professional, presentable book manuscript for publication. This is true; when you hire a ghostwriter, you are hiring a seasoned professional with many years of experience ghostwriting and editing books for clients.

Hopefully, that is! You must first research your potential ghost before you hire a ghostwriter. Read over their credentials with the utmost of care, reviewing their portfolios of samples, reading their resumes and writing to or otherwise noting their client references and recommendations. Try to get hold of one or two of their previous clients, asking them about the ghostwriter’s services. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to hire a ghostwriter, so ask around in your circle of family, friends, colleagues and coworkers for people who’ve had books ghostwritten before.

When you hire a ghostwriter, it’s important to establish a great, lasting work relationship. Keep the lines open pertaining to communication, staying in steady contact through email, phone, Skype, instant messaging, or any other methods you can use. Personal meetings are not as necessary as they used to be, due to easy Internet access to email and Skype, so you won’t really need to meet your ghost face to face unless you absolutely feel you require a personal meeting. Travel costs usually preclude this, so when you hire a ghostwriter, make sure they live in your part of the country if you really desire any personal interviews or meetings.

Finally, cost is always a major factor. Book ghostwriting is expensive, costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. Your ghostwriter needs to make a decent living, and a book project normally takes from three to six months to create and finalize. You can hire a ghostwriter at student rates if they have less experience, but usually you will want to hire a ghostwriter with practical levels of expertise. Nowadays, few ghostwriters take “on spec” or net percentage payments for typical book projects. Celebrity projects and books that are likely to sell widely can mean the use of on spec, but normally when you hire a ghostwriter you will be making all your payments upfront.

The ghostwriter won’t release your finished manuscript until you have completed all necessary payments as outlined in a legal book ghostwriting contract. Also, when you hire a ghostwriter, they should try hard to work within your budget as needed. So you will break up your total ghostwriting payment into several monthly installments in most cases. You will find that if you set things up appropriately with your ghostwriter, you will have a creative, productive experience which both you and your ghost will appreciate, profit from and consider to be a most wonderful time.

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