Give Yourself the Gift of Time – Honor Your Time – Your Space, In ALL Ways Honor Yourself First

Honoring yourself, in many ways, can lead to new discovery of what makes you the most happy, whether at work, play or in your personal life. Nature has taught us the importance of work and rest and to find a balance between the two. Once you allow yourself the time and space to be in tune with your own thoughts, you steadily increase your focus and recharge your energy getting ready to face your world with a fully recharged battery.

Taking the time to focus on what’s going right in your life is more than just an afterthought; or, at least it should be. The first person that deserves your time, attention and consideration in life should be YOU!

In nature, one of the first things known and maintained for survival is following the ebbs, tides and flow of life; going along with the flow of how things work the best with the least amount of disdain or resistance.

Nature knows when, where and how to take a break. Whether a short quick break, a break to hibernate, a time to honor itself according to the flow of the winds, the tides, the seasons and with good reason; nature always knows exactly when and why to take a break and honor rest and silence.

Like the trees stop growing leaves; hence, they only stop for a short while; their desire is the gift of time to regenerate their energy; replenish their vitality; and honor themselves; take a lesson from the trees and honor yourself as well…

Authorize a block of minutes, make this a daily habit, to give quality time to yourself; be in tune with all the elements that came together and took form in the heavens and manifested on earth; the soul purpose pertaining to you, the perfect designer, knew exactly what to do; with purpose, not always seen on the surface; breathing life in you.

You are a three-dimensional being that is the uniquely- unequivocally crafted, gifted, rich and uplifted- a wonderful human being; THAT”S You, Comprised from the elements; same as the earth’s sand, water and a bit of salt too; when the creator was done; He took a moment to honor your space; His accomplishment was fun, vibrant

and new…

Body; Soul; Spirit, ALL inspired and designed for a unique existence; Aspire to nurture; nourish; encourage; engage in self-knowledge, give back importance to yourself you’ll prosper and flourish…

Meditation; exercise; daily prayer,any of these; hopefully, all three; you’ll advance your reverie,recovery, or perhaps new discovery..

Start with small steps and let your enthusiasm guide you with more time as you extend the process of silent, internal exercise, growing in you a muscle of self-worth, high self-esteem and enjoying your own company throughout the entire process. Get to know yourself as much as your want to get to know others.

Be your own best friend and watch how truly engaging you can be to yourself as you relax and reflect in the silent recognition and acceptance of your own thoughts and inspired acts that lead to realized dreams, that’s if you allow yourself the silent time to honor yourself!

The first person to receive love from you should be you! Remember to love yourself; honor and appreciate yourself, your time is yours to do as you desire, just don’t forget that you are worthy of silent time to spend in your own thoughts.

Revel on any level; be the best you that you can be… Honor your time and space…


(The divinity in me honors the divinity in you)

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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