Ghostwriting Tips For a Successful Career

People often ask why you would ghostwrite. Why spend all that time writing for someone else to put their name on it?

Simple, it is easier to find work as a ghostwriter than to try to persuade an editor to publish your work with your own bi-line. After Ghostwriting for a while and building up your reputation, jumping into the fire and going after the bi-line is much easier.

When you join a ghostwriting job marketplace, watch for projects that you know a little about. Thins about it, if you are a health junky and someone needs article written on binoculars you are going to need to do a lot more research than if a project comes up regarding health or fitness. Simply put when starting out try to bid on projects that you know something about that way, you will find your research 100% easier.

Find your niche. Some people enjoy writing short bulk articles, while others prefer to do e-books. There are also those who enjoy creating newsletters or press releases. What I am saying here is that you will always be more successful if you enjoy what it is you are doing.

Examine your style of writing. Is it formal, humorous or just relaxed and friendly? Once you have determined this it will help you to assess and determine what job types suit you best.

Build your profile as quickly as you can. Set up a PayPal account. This allows you to send invoices to clients and they can pay you instantly. This is extremely useful especially if you intend to create your own list of clients. Websites such as Elance do allow your clients to pay via PayPal also so it really is worth having an account. These accounts are also free and you can send and receive money worldwide.

Having your own website is not essential but can be helpful. You can set it up and have testimonials on there, list your service and fee structure. You can even post an online portfolio and have a contact page where people can request quotations.

Work out the amount of hours you can spend writing each week, remembering to allow enough time for leisure activities. This will help you to evaluate exactly how much money you need to earn from your writing and is vital for your bidding process.

Keep a list of clients that you have worked for and the type of project you completed. This is extremely important especially if the client contacts you again for more work. You will have all the details on file and know exactly how much you charged, how long the project took, and the research if the topic is the same.

Keep in mind that you will pick up more ghostwriting tips as your career progresses and you will discover what works best for you. The tips above are designed to lead you in the right direction but the rest is really up to you

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Source by Amanda Evans

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