Ghostwriter Code of Ethics

Today, there are many ghostwriters writing essays for college students. These college students are trying to take advantage of the fact that a “ghostwriter” is normally a professional writer that writes something and then gives the client credit. Ghostwriters are also taking advantage of this fact and are trying to profit from it. In this article I am calling all ghostwriters to come together and adhere to a new Code of Ethics rule which states that we should never write essays or anything else for a college student. There are many reasons why we should adhere to this rule.

First, I am a former college student and understand the fact that if a ghostwriter writes an essay for a college student, it will not be fair for the other students who actually spend quality time studying and writing the essay. The ghostwriter could also set the grading curve at a much higher level since we are professional writers and most writers, I would hope, have already gone to college.

Second, it should be against the law in the first place for a ghostwriter to write an essay for a college student because that student is in the process of earning a respectable degree and should actually earn it without the help of a professional writer. I do know that most college professors do mention to the students that if they are caught buying an essay from the internet or from a professional writer that they will fail the essay. This should be the case because the essay would not be written from the student’s actual knowledge of the subject.

The two reasons mentioned above are the two main reasons why ghostwriters should never accept jobs from college students who are requesting a paper to be written that is a graded assignment. Those two reasons should be adhered to by ALL ghostwriters because it is ethically wrong, period! A ghostwriter which does adhere to this rule is The Affordable Ghostwriter who can be reached here: Hopefully more ghostwriters will learn and accept the facts and ethics mentioned herein and adhere to them. If you agree, then please do as I am doing by expressing your opinion and let your voice be heard!

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