Ghost Writing For Money

In the writing community there is a special subset of writer, called ghost writers, who are willing to bypass the glare of the spotlight and pass it on to someone else in return for money. Many ghost writers work their entire careers with their real names unknown to the general public. And as America’s and the world’s interest in the lives of celebrities and movers and shakers continues unabated, a good ghostwriter can look forward to many years of earnings opportunities.

What makes a good ghost writer? While the ability to write is, no doubt, at the top of the list – a lack of ego is not that far behind. Most of us desire, at some level, to be acknowledged for our achievements. A ghostwriter, however, by the simple nature of his career, has already come to terms with the idea that he is destined to work in obscurity. The only exceptions are in cases where you are able to have your name listed as a collaborator alongside of the author on the book cover and in the credits.

The range of work that a ghost writer can be involved in span across many lines. Ghostwriters are employed for both works of fiction and non-fiction. They are also employed in the writing of resumes and cover letters for others. Many times, a film studio or director is unsatisfied with a submitted script, they will hire a writer to punch it up.

Pricing arrangements for ghostwriters are an individual matter. Most will charge for a completed piece of work. That piece may be a draft or a final version, depending on its complexity. Most ghostwriters will charge for research also, if necessary. If the writer is working for a huge publisher, however, many times the research will be provided to them and their responsibility will simply be to put it all together in readable format. In the case where the ghostwriter is writing an auto-biography or memoir, he may write the book in installments and get paid for each installment as it is submitted and approved.

Not all ghostwriters are independent. Some work on site for publishers and produce projects as needed. This is especially prevalent with companies whose specialties is producing “how to” books. Many examples of books by ghostwriters can be found in the the home improvement niche where you will find entire book series on home building projects, home gardening plans, and so on.

Normally, once a ghostwriter hands in the final product, he is no longer associated with the project. The client takes ownership of the materials and presents it to the world as his own. The real writer gets no credit whatsoever.

The vocation of ghostwriting mostly allows a person to work at home or wherever they feel comfortable. The main criteria is that they do the work well and get it done on schedule.

For those who love to write, but who have no desire for fame or acknowledgment, ghost writing may be the perfect career choice.

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