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You are a potential writer, and I am a professional ghost writer. But what does this involve, and how are you going to deal with something you don’t know that much about? What should you do when considering the services of a paid writer, when it could involve a hugely significant investment on your part? Your book may be one of the most precious things you’ve ever undertaken; what should you do?

Are you looking for someone who can write well, when you can’t decide what to put down on paper exactly? Is there a manuscript needing edited that you’ve left lying around for months, gathering dust bunnies? Do you lack the time, expertise and inclination to write, yet have fantastic ideas, a noteworthy book buried deep within you that should see daylight, and some money set aside to spend? Are you an aspiring book author, one with a pipeline to subject matter you’re sure there’s a ready-made audience for out there somewhere?

If you meet the above criteria, or some of it, your best plan would be to hire a book ghost writer – or in other words a freelance book writer. Ghost writers come for a wide variety of prices, and write at several different experience levels. It’s up to you to determine your needs, and your budget may be a little thin, but in general you get what you pay for when you hire an experienced versus a student or cheap ghost writer. Some ghosts charge less when they’re just starting out, and some book ghosts charge lower than standard rates to acquire new clients, but more care should be given to the process of how to hire a book writer. Sad to say, many clients think they’re getting a good deal at a reasonably low cost, and this is seldom the case. You’re looking for really poor work whenever you pay a very poor price.

You want to be sure you’re getting appropriate, audience oriented, marketable and salable writing in almost any case of paying for the services of a productive, professional book ghost writer. Sometimes sales are not the main concern, as in the case of a beloved family member’s memoir, or a highly personal writing project. You might merely want to see your thoughts set to paper, being honestly happy to see them published anywhere. But you may need many others to read your book; usually this means you will want it sold somehow. In the case of writing a book, special care must be taken to find the right fit in a ghost writer, as the book market is a sprawling, difficult to navigate and understand specialized place. New authors often find out how little their books mean in a world where millions upon millions of volumes are published every year. So you want to hire someone who writes well enough to get your book plenty of attention, and who produces excellent work you can be proud of well into the future. A badly written, invisible book is definitely not your goal here.

You need to hire a ghost writer with enough experience and know-how to work with you closely, one with editing and proofreading skills, who knows something about the marketplace and how to write with an audience in mind. You need a literate expert with refined language skills, who knows how to craft a professional manuscript for you, not one who churns out work for ridiculously low pay through a humongous, impersonal bidding site. You need a caring, accessible writer who will take the time to create a polished, well presented, beautiful manuscript ready to show to literary agents and commercial or other book publishers.

Research your potential ghost writers carefully. Check out their websites and their samples, seeing if they have portfolios you can review. Ask for recommendations and references, surfing the Internet to see if anything wrong such as plagiarism is associated with their names or companies. Correspond through email, Skype, phone calls or whatever methods you use with the book ghost writer you decide upon, asking plenty of pertinent questions. A good ghost writer should be able to talk with you frequently, and have nothing unusual to hide from you.

Finally, try hard to deal with the fact that the better your ghost writer, the higher the pricing may tend to be for his or her services. You can sometimes get a great, talented ghost writer for student pricing, or an experienced, capable ghost writer who charges less due to economics, but be sure to research and check out your writer thoroughly before you sign onto a project involving thousands of dollars. Most decent ghosts come at the price of a new car nowadays, so you want to be very sure of what you’re doing before you sign a legal agreement with a ghost writer.

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