Ghost Writer

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Best Young Adult Book, Best Ebook, 2015 Idaho Author Awards Sam expected a new phone for her 14th birthday. Instead, her dad gave her a leather-bound diary he had found in the home his great grandparents had lived in. She hates the diary, but at his insistence scribbles something in it, then tosses it aside. Later, she retrieves the pen she’d closed inside the diary and sees that someone else has been writing in it. Sam and her friend, Hailey, learn that the person making the entries is a 14-year-old girl from 100 years ago. At least, she says she is. They think it’s a hoax and go about proving it. They get the “ghost girl” to send things into the future–stamps, lipstick, a lock of hair–by sealing them in a Ball jar and hiding it in an ice cave near the old house. But there is something invisible riding along on that tube of lipstick.

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