Create Some Pretty Pats of Butter

Pretty pats of butter can add interest to your dining table or buffet. You can make them easily, in a wide variety of shapes, with an inexpensive candy mold you purchase at a department store or specialty shop that carries candy making supplies. Here's all you do:

Soften multiple sticks of butter. Use a knife to spread the softened butter even into a candy mold (flip the mold over once you have some butter in it, to make sure the butter is filling the mold completely; the butter tends to leave "gaps" of empty space, even when you feel like you're filling the mold solidly). Freeze the filled mold until the butter is firm.

When firm, pop the butter pats out of the mold. Line a large pan or baking dish with waxed paper. Layer the butter pats in the pan, with a piece of waxed paper between each layer to keep the pats from sticking together. Refrigerate the molded pats until you're ready to serve them. At serving time, place some crushed ice in a bowl and place the pats on
top of the ice to keep them cold.

A heart-shaped candy mold is perfect for butter that will be used at a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Candy molds comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Just choose one that is right for your special occasion.

For pretty herb butters, add some of your favorite chopped herb (s) to the butter before putting it in the mold.

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Source by Suzanne Lieurance

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