Contemporary women writers in English

Contemporary women writers of   Indian writing in English

              Professor Dr.S.Elangovan,
P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Engineering College,

Oovery. Tamil Nadu State, India. 2009 

Abstract: This paper gives insights into each “modus operandi” adopted   by some of  the women luminaries of  Indian writing in English. Their mission and vision of their writing career, the   influences with which they write, the message they want to convey to the readers are all to some extent analyzed. 

What   is so evident among  Indian women writers 

One  evident trait among all the contemporary women writers in  Indian writing in English is the  revolutionary spirit with which they strive to write. In some of the works by Arundati Roy, simply it is an explosion of the  pent- up feelings , which has long been gathering. 

 Tool for  Social  Justice: In the  deft hands of strong willed writers like Ashapurna Devi, writing  serves as a platform for social service. She has served the society through her virulent writings. She can be suitably called the Linguistic Dictator of Bengal. Asha Purna Debi’s burning flame of passion to serve the under privileged through her chosen medium is something rare. 

Common Characters seen   every day The secret behind the success of novels written by contemporary women writers is  their simple and life –like characters. They  usually hail from middle class families. This is   one of the techniques  the author employs to  make  the readers deeply involve and  subsequently the novels become quite absorbing and interesting. Similarly  Manju Kapur’s ‘Home’ revolves around a large  typical Indian Joint Family. 

Accent on female characters: Though Indian women writers, wax eloquence on all  aspects of the flaws and felicity of characters both male and female, the main thrust is  on female characters. They will   evoke  sometimes sympathy or sorrow, sometimes they outshine even male characters in  intelligence. 

Understanding of the psyche of the characters: Cotemporary women writers like Manju Kapur, are  considered to be Post Graduate students in the university of life. Through their character, they speak, They admit sometimes the faults and foilbles of the feminine gender.  In her novel, “ Home” Banvarilal’s daughters are selfish and their  husbands lethargic. In  spite of Sona’s wealthy  circumstances in “Home” she is without a child for ten  bitter years of   Married life. And her sister ‘Rupa’  in spite of her plain, not so  stunning look . She was blessed with more happiness than her rich sister  sona. 

Didactic   technique employed by Shoba De: Shoba De in her book “Spouse” reveals , the truth about  marriage and  intends to teach about the fine values of married life, and  moral obligations expected  of each spouse,  children and in-laws. De analyses thread bare the sacred institution of marriage that has been prevalent   for the 40 years. What was the   significance   of marriage then,   what is is now, what it  will be in future are well discussed  with it’s pros and  cons. 

  1. In her book “Spouse” the truth about marriage, gives a peace of suggestion at the tail end of   each chapter. Apart from exhorting the readers the   lofty ideals of married life apart from serving sort of succinct summary  of each chapter. The reader can choose a particular  quote dealing with a  specific aspect or problem in the married life and can read that chosen chapter as remedy. Shobha De with élan portrays the institution of  marriage realistically. 

Manju Kapur’s deft handling of   humor 

 Nisha, the daughter of  Sona the closing chapters steals the lime light. Her plights in the hands of her uncle who incestuously abused her  and her unfulfilled, and  jilted love affairs with a low caste boy, when she was a student of  English Literature in a University are really elements that would constitute next  door neighbors story. Manju Kapur is equally good in employing comedy to give respite from the otherwise  harshness of the plot. In this sense she is comparable  to a degree to Jane Austen. 

Sometimes she makes   fun of the middle class house wives, who are obsessed with making her unmarried daughters to undertake hunger fasting for  the wellbeing of their future husbands.

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