Book Review – The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury

The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury was intriguing to say the least. The idea that the aging process can be cured like any common disease is an interesting one. In The Sanctuary, Raymond hypothesises that cell degeneration (aging) is caused by outside forces, such as free radicals and wear and tear. In essence, if you could find a way to stop that from happening, humans would be virtually immortal.

The story line was very well done, and the characters were interesting, although fairly predictable. I believe Raymond tries to have the same writing style as Dan Brown, but in my humble opinion, he doesn’t do as good a job as Dan.

The worst thing about The Sanctuary is that it takes a long, long time to get to the point. There are an inordinate amount of chase scenes and shoot-outs, which ruined it for me a little bit. I don’t mind a bit of violence, but when one man can outshoot 6, I find it a tad ridiculous. When they can outshoot that many people more than once, it becomes even more ridiculous.

When I first started reading the book, I thought that it was going to be just another book about chasing a mysterious relic of unusual, Godlike power. While in some sense, that is what this book is about, it is deeper than that.

If you like historical fiction that’s jam packed with car chases, diabolical villains, shoot-outs and action, then you can do worse than buying The Sanctuary.

My Comprehensive Rating for The Sanctuary


Writing Style-3/5


Overall, I would personally give it three and a half stars out of five. Raymond Khoury is certainly here to stay, and by reading this book, I can see why.

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