Benefits of Having a Private Expert Article Writer for Your Web Contents and Blog Posts

Writing is a challenging job that requires discipline, dedication and sincerity. It is something not everybody can effectively do, and that’s why you’ll always hear of plagiarism and copyright infringement court cases. These court cases can sometimes be very detrimental to businesses. However, having a private expert article writer can extensively help you layoff such worries; since you’ll be able to hold them accountable for every web content and blog posts they write for you.

When outsourcing contend for your online use, it’s important that you keep a vigil eye, to avoid the regrets that come with plagiarized or low quality articles; that can plunge you into legal issues, or Google page-rank problems. With all that, it’s important to weight between having a private expert writer and sourcing contents from the many writing services available online.

So what benefits come with having a private expert content writer?

Quality assurance

In all works of life, it is factually true that outsourcing for private services always come with immense assurance on quality. In fact, private services literary translate to special services. This also applies in the world of writing. A private writer will always try to supremely impress the clients by supplying only top-notch contents. Private writers know the hassle of getting one client; hence they wouldn’t mind doing extensive research to make sure they keep the client.

Clear communication

With article writing services, clients and writers are always limited to sending messages through a monitored platform. Writing services don’t allow the sharing of contacts, hence you can never clearly explain what you want delivered in your articles. Whereas with a private article writer, you can even call him or her over the phone to ensure they have understood the writing instructions you have provided.

Writing duration versus quality

This is another outstanding advantage that a private writer has, over an article writing service. A private article writer usually concentrates on one client at a time, hence allowing for thorough research on every keyword given. While on the other hand, writers working for article services, due to stiff competition and scarcity of projects; strive to write articles within the shortest time possible so as to pick the next available job. That in itself can make them compromise on quality.

Cost per article

It’s generally cheaper to hire a private article writer because there is nothing like middleman involvement, what you agree on is final; and should even cater for any revisions thereafter. Also, you can have the same article re-written at half the price of the original article without having to treat it as a new order. However, that’s not the case with content writing services; they treat each and every order as a new request, and charge it based on the number of words.

Finally, it’s ideally important to ensure that the private expert writer you engage is reputable and approved based on their previous published work. This you can achieve by viewing their profiles at quality oriented article submission directories like and the rest. My advice is, pick the best promising writer that you think will deliver REGULAR high quality contents for your blogs or website.

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