Become A Writer – 3 At Home Writing Careers

When many think of a Writer the first impression on their minds is from a movie like Johnny Depp’s The Secret Window, or another one comes to my mind titled Misery, with James Caan and Kathy Bates. There’s usually someone in a cabin or reclusive setting trying to focus on content for their next book.

Did you know that there are dozens of writing careers available that someone can specialize in and earn a nice living from? Usually, the writer is not referred to as such but identified by their profession, ex: a journalist, book author, blogger and more.

There is a huge world of commercial writing too. This huge world of writing includes everything from writing site posts to technical manuals, journalist, book authors, and much more. All of these published writings are corrected by editors before publishing, another fine career.

If you are thinking about trying out your writing skills as a source of earnings, consider the steps and the following writing jobs and careers, for companies or freelancing your writing services from home. These might not be the most glamorous careers but could be a stepping stone towards the right one for you.


One of the best-known writing careers is that of the blogger. There are tens of thousands of bloggers and many of them have monetized their blogs and are generating a nice income. Someone that knows about marketing can earn enough to blog full-time and leave their old jobs behind. However, the majority of bloggers are not as successful in their efforts and cannot quit their jobs. There are three things that you need to become a successful blogger 1. A website, 2. Education or “the know-how”, 3. A mentor, and 4. An active community of like-minded people. When starting a business online or off, be sure to choose a niche that you love or enjoy because of the amount of time and the effort that it takes for the blog to become established. See the special offer at the end of this article.


Ghost-writing blogs for smaller companies could very well be the most profitable way to blog for a living. Ghost-writers are hired to write just about everything including blog posts, eBooks, literary or journalistic works, speeches, autobiographies, articles for magazines, and other text that is credited to someone else as the author. Ghost-writers are regularly used by politicians, celebrities, executives, musicians, and screenplay authors and are not credited for the work. There’s usually a clause in the contract that obligates the Ghost-writer to remain anonymous, however, sometimes they can be referred to as the researcher or research assistant.


Probably the most glamorous writing career is that of the Novelist, who also write in other avenues of fiction and non-fiction. Most Novelists, once their first is published, continue to create more novels and can earn a nice income from numerous published books, although few become well-known authors. Novelists use a variety of methods and approaches to inspire creativity when writing their books. There are some communities that actively encourage amateurs to practice writing novels to develop their unique practices that differ from each author.

With the rise of the internet and eBooks, self-publishing has become far less expensive and a realistic way for authors to earn more from their efforts. Novelists usually, unless they can get an advance, don’t get paid until the book sells, requiring the writer to invest months of time and effort into their novel with hopes that it will sell when completed.

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