5 Qualities You Need to Possess if You Want Have A Career In Journalism

Everybody wants to be a journalist. The job can be exciting and in some way glamorous. Depending on where you are assigned, you are given the chance to try out new things and meet different people. Some are given assignments to cover fashion while the others are into health and some about news about the world. But whichever kind of news you are tasked to report about, a career in journalism is never boring.

But though everybody wants to become a journalist, not all can be one. There are people who are cut out to be writers and broadcasters. Here are some of the qualities that you need to have if you want to be one:

1. A nose for the news

Writers and journalists are curious people. They love to investigate and ask questions. They are the kind of people who would go to a scene of an accident and just ask people what happened. These are not the ones who will just sit by their cars and wait for the traffic to clear up. They will get out and find out what is happening to the world. This is why journalists and writers have a nose for the news. They look at things and see something new from it.

2. Word-y people

Whether they are on print or in broadcast, these people are in love with words. They love to talk, to interview people around them and compose reports and essays. Even those in broadcast news are also basically writing. Some even have outlines before they go live. These people’s world revolves around words.

3. Presence

To become successful in the business, you need to have a presence. In writing, you need to be able to establish your own style and a specialization. Not only should you have a perfect grammar but you should also have a style that calls out to people or makes them interested. There is a certain presence that can be found in an article or in certain style of writing. The same goes with broadcasters. Often, those who are generally attractive and have an overall pleasant appearance are hired as broadcasters. They have a great presence on television.

4. Skill

You don’t just write anything you want or say anything you want if you are a journalist. True blue journalists are respected. Their every word are followed on by people and everything they say is like bible. In fact, journalists are often said to be the opinion-makers of the world. They decide what is hip and what is not. They give you advice and say what you should do and should not do. With this, you need to have the skill to do this. Skill comes in the way you fashion your words to make a story and in how you gather the facts and make a story that is relevant to the times and interesting to all people.

5. Integrity

This is perhaps one of the most important qualities that people in the journalism career needs to have. Because these people are basically the opinion-makers of the world, they have enormous power and hold over other industries and business. Some can use this power that they have inappropriately and even illegally. For people to really trust what you say, you need to first become trustworthy.

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