4 Reasons for a Golf Holiday in South Africa

If you're looking for all-star golf courses in a completely new and exciting environment, South Africa is a wonderful destination. A good number of the game's top players now hail from Africa, including multiple major winners like Bobby Locke, Gary Player, and Ernie Els. Many South African children take up the game and are just as enthusiastic about it as the British; You'll find yourself in good company out there on the course. If you're just a casual player, there are still draws for you. If you're heading out on your honeymoon, these courses will give you the perfect opportunity to head off for some masculine time while your new bride can visit a spa or have a relaxing day on her own. Here are four reasons you might enjoy a golfing holiday in South Africa.

1. The exotic environment. These courses are not your standard groomed English golf courses; They instead use the beauty of the South African countryside to embellish and add beauty and variety to each course. The courses are all distinct in their own ways, with different layouts and amazing vistas over the countryside. Many of them have been designed purely to take advantage of their natural environment and you will truly feel that you're in Africa, not just on a transplanted course from Scotland or England.

2. The challenges. These courses aren't easy and are a true test of players' skills. You'll find crocodiles in some of the lakes and large African trees getting in your way. Each course is distinct and challenging. The Leopard Creek Country Club is widely regarded as the most challenging of the courses; It's been specifically designed to encourage different strategies and provide thrilling views of the incredibly scenic and beautiful landscape.

3. The variety of your potential holiday. You needn't spend the whole time playing golf, although you certainly can do so if that's your idea of ​​a perfect holiday. You can combine your golfing holiday with an amazing safari. If you spend a few days traveling on a safari, then stop for a couple of days for a golf break for the men and spa days for the ladies, and end up on Mauritius with a beach holiday. There are a vast number of options for a holiday in Africa and golf can help to make your complete holiday a wonder.

4. Amazing golf journeys. You can go up and down the coast enjoying different courses as the holiday progresses. The Garden Route is one of the most popular stretches of golf and is simultaneously just an amazing beautiful journey. The route heads from Hermanus, which is slightly to the east of Cape Town, over to East London. The journey is dotted with mountains and lined with beaches and bays to the ocean side and beautiful forests and rivers inland. Many of the Garden Route's golf courses are world class; seven of the Garden Route courses were ranked in the top 20 of all South African courses in 2005. These wonderful links will challenge you while they amaze you with their beauty.

Golfing in South Africa can be an amazing experience. If you love to golf, consider choosing this beautiful country for your next golfing holiday.

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