3 Time Saving Tips When Looking For Ghostwriters

Tell me if either of the following situations sounds familiar. You have a newsletter that goes out weekly and you still need to write content for it, but you’ve come up completely dry on ideas. You don’t want to rehash last week’s content, so you’re getting pretty frustrated.

Or, you’re struggling to get fresh posts up on your website. It’s been too long since you put something out because writer’s block has been happening big-time. What’s the solution to these all-too-common problems? Why, hiring a ghostwriter of course!

What Is A Ghostwriter?

If you aren’t quite familiar with ghostwriting yet, allow me to explain. Fundamentally, a ghostwriter is someone you hire to produce content for you, but this individual does not receive a byline or public credit on the work. In other words, the person doing the writing takes care of the bulk of the work, but you still get credit for it. It’s a pretty solid deal, if you know how to prepare and execute for it.

Ultimately, no one other than you and the ghostwriter ever know about that working relationship. At first glance this type of business transaction can sound scammy, but it’s really not. I’ll explain this in detail as well.

Many online writers are seeking out ghostwriting opportunities because they are plentiful. Hundreds of online business owners do not have the time or energy to constantly be churning out written content for their websites or other components of their business. Ghostwriting isn’t illegal because ghostwriters get paid for their work, and the person who hired gets a piece of written work in return.

1 – Look for ghostwriters in ideal places

Before we go further, it’s critical to embrace the hard parts. The easiest places to find ghostwriters right now are sites such as Upwork, Freelancer and other freelance contracting sites. You should set up your first project bid to be reasonable (so you can attract decent quality writers) but also modest (so you don’t spend a ton of money on a writer you don’t like or want).

This is the hardest part about building momentum with ghostwriters. You have to be patient in the beginning because you’re taking time to build a mutual relationship. You should be enjoying and appreciating the work the ghostwriter produces, and they should also feel like they’re producing their money’s worth, and experiencing a mutually beneficial relationship.

2 – Plainly ask for written samples

Also, before your project officially goes live for bidding, you should make sure to specify you’re asking for samples of writing. There won’t even be a remote way of finding out if someone is a good fit if you don’t get a chance to see their writing.

3 – Stick with your gut on written voice

You should look for a ghostwriter whose voice emulates that of your own, or a writing voice you want to be known by. You shouldn’t have to break your comfort zone on this element. The ghostwriter’s content should sound ideal and natural to you; if it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right for you.

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