Alcohol Breathalyzer Function And Uses

An alcohol breathalyzer calculates the percentage of alcohol present in the human bloodstream by measuring the amount of alcoholic gases that are exhaled through the lungs. While first developed primarily as an aid to law enforcement officials administering sobriety tests in the field, they are now widely available on the open market and can be […]

No More Lamenting, Fellow Ghost Writers

Let’s face it. Do letters crawl on paper like ants when you put a pen to it? Is your mind buzzing with thoughts which you want to desperately depict? Does even the tiniest of things spark off a volley of words? You must be a writer then, like me! Well, that’s what I call myself […]

Roses of Sharon

I wrote this poem in honor of any non-Japanese who kept Japanese-American property safe on Bainbridge Island, WA, during the WWII Japanese-American Internment. If there even were any such people. Most other Americans ripped off J-A property, and bought their houses from the US government for cheap. In order to round this poetry’s word count […]

Pointers When Taking Up Media And Journalism

Media and journalism cannot be torn apart because they appear hand in hand in the same industry. They both are responsible in disseminating valuable information though they have different ways of execution. Journalism alone, for example, has various forms or types and each focuses on a particular area of writing. Below are some of the […]

Types of Commercial Security Systems

When it comes to company security, there are many different ways to keep a building and its employees safe. The business owner and human resources department may work together to create a security force or to devise a plan so that all employees experience a safe working environment. When it comes to the effectiveness and […]

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