The Business of Being a Ghost Writer

It can be hard to write repeatedly about being a ghost writer, as I have already written something like a hundred pieces on this topic alone. But I find my job as a professional ghost to be fresh and new every time. Being a ghost writer is a lot like being a car mechanic – […]

Make More Money as a Ghost Food Writer

Like high pay? Have self-confidence? Know food; write well? Ghostwriting may be a career move for motivated writers who are willing to write for high pay but no credit or byline. Simply put, a ghostwriter is someone who writes a book, speech, article or editorial that will be published under someone else’s name. Celebrity autobiographies […]

Journalism: As I Understand It

The primary responsibility of journalism is to present facts with social significance as it is. There is hardly any reason for journalists to express their personal opinion on issues or facts. Forming a judgment or an opinion or idea based on a journalistic report is the readers’ prerogative. On the other hand, journalists are the […]

Tips on Helping Your Child Become a Better Writer

The best way to help your child become a better writer is to separate the mechanics of writing (grammar, punctuation, handwriting, spelling) from the creative part. Your child’s strength is in his vivid imagination – an important asset in all writers. Help your child learn that writing is a two-stage process: the first stage is […]

Red Wine and Heartburn

You’re in the middle of a romantic evening with your favorite someone, sharing a tasty little red vino you discovered on your latest wine tour and BAM! – suddenly you’re in the middle of a major gastronomical crisis. Forget about romance. You’ve got a four-alarm fire raging through your midsection and you need relief – […]

Why Is Video Scribing Good for Your Business?

There’s a whole new meaning to the word, demonstration. It’s referred to as Video Scribing. Every so often, we see Video Scribing over the Internet. It is attaining recognition due to its uniqueness on how it is delivered and how it captures our attention. It entails the use of creative images and drawings for far […]

Why Hire Ghost Writing Services?

Ghost writing is the process of writing an article, book or anything else on behalf of another party – when the texts are officially credited to that other party. Ghost writers are the people who normally do this, and they are typically hired by executives, celebrities, politicians and even musicians. However, over time this service […]

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