What Are Ghost Writers – What Do They Do?

Ghost Writing – It’s Illegal or Something? You may be thinking that ghost writing is something wrong that celebrities do, hiring a professional writer instead of working on their own books. Actually, no, it’s not illegal, immoral or fattening in any way – except for fattening your purse! It’s done under “work for hire” laws […]

Ghost Writing For Money

In the writing community there is a special subset of writer, called ghost writers, who are willing to bypass the glare of the spotlight and pass it on to someone else in return for money. Many ghost writers work their entire careers with their real names unknown to the general public. And as America’s and […]

Journalist Magazine Or Reporter

I can’t speak for the magazine business, but as a former newspaperman, I can tell you how newspapers gather information. The first thing a new reporter does on a beat is introduce himself to all the principle people on that beat. For example a reporter covering a federal courthouse would introduce himself to the chief […]

Cooking With Chontaduro Palm Fruit

Meet the Chontaduro or Palm Fruit “What’s that?” I asked staring at the plum-sized fruit the woman peeled in her hand. “These are chontaduros from the coast.” “How would you like yours?“ “How can I have them?” I queried back. “You can have them with salt or honey.“ “Then give me two of each.“ The […]

Twitter For Freelance Writers – Tweet With a Plan

The world of freelance writing is changing fast; Twitter, the micro-blogging platform, is a great way to keep up to date with the changes. But beware: if you’re using Twitter, tweet with a plan — otherwise Twitter can be a fun time-sink and much less useful for your career than it should be. Here are […]

How to Make Your Writing Sound More Objective

When you need your writing to sound unprejudiced (such as for writing in science and engineering), then writing objectively should be your main goal, assuming you’ve got writing syntax and structure handled sufficiently by your primary grammar software. The more impartial you can style your communication, the more the reader can trust whatever ideas you’re […]

Ghostwriting – The Haunting Why and How

Feeling haunted by a story but you just can’t get it to take a corporeal shape? Have a technical or medical subject to explore and explain, but no time to do it? Have the spirit but not the skills to spell out a start-to-finish fictional story, memoir, biography, or case history? These are some of […]

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