The Mayan Rabbit Scribe

I first learned about the Mayan Rabbit Scribe back in 2000 when my husband and I traveled to Guatemala to explore the ruins at Tikal. I had been to several various sites in the past, including Chichen-Itza, Tulum and Coba because I’ve been fascinated with the Mayan culture ever since I was a child. Perhaps […]

3 Time Saving Tips When Looking For Ghostwriters

Tell me if either of the following situations sounds familiar. You have a newsletter that goes out weekly and you still need to write content for it, but you’ve come up completely dry on ideas. You don’t want to rehash last week’s content, so you’re getting pretty frustrated. Or, you’re struggling to get fresh posts […]

Book Ghost Writer: Ghost Writing Clients

What is it like for a book ghost writer? It’s an enlightening profession, laden with subtle nuances that typically fail to be properly expressed. Email, the “new” goldmine for information, isn’t being utilized to its fullest possible extent. Too many individuals pound away swiftly into their phones, handhelds and computers. They send out hard to […]

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