History of Letter Writing

Letters were extensively written to exchange messages during the 18th century in England. At that time, as there were no other means of communication like telephone and fax, people wrote innumerable letters through their lives to convey messages. Letter writing was, therefore, a necessary writing skill that everyone learned and practiced. Literary schools had introduced […]

The Convenience of Modern Technology

When you are operating a business, regardless of whether that business is large or small, you are going to need to depend upon various types of technology in order to make sure that it runs smoothly. The exact type of technology that is going to be necessary in order to operate the business will differ […]

Book Review: You Have to Stop This

WARNING: This review contains spoilers. It’s written for busy parents who want to know what their child is reading–but don’t have time to read the book for themselves. Now for the review… In this fifth (and supposedly final) book of the Secret series, a class trip to the local natural history museum turns dangerous when […]

Professional Ghostwriter

What is it like to be a professional ghostwriter? The hours are terrific, as you set them all yourself. You can take off as many weekends, holidays or as much vacation time as you like, and you can haul your notebook along with you anywhere you go. So you are free to work literally anywhere […]

Requiem For a Spanish Peasant

Ramon Sender was born in Huesca in the North of Spain in 1902. He was a journalist and writer. The novel was first published in Mexico under the title "Mosén Millan" in 1953 and got its current name – Requiem for a Spanish Peasant – since 1960. The motive that the book was first published […]

The Damned Human Race – A Critical Analysis

‘The Damned Human Race’ by Mark Twain is a satire on the mankind that reflects how it has ended up into a state worse than that of the animals. The writer aims to highlight the darker side of the coin of morality which according to him, like any other virtue, carries its own vices. He […]

Prayer for Backstabbers

To all my backstabbers, I appreciate what you’ve done for me over the years although at the time I tasted the poison of your betrayal it felt harder than anything else to bear. Unfortunately I know some of your names and faces and that fact will remain with me forever since knowledge is a terrible […]

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