Keep Cognizant of How Your Senses Foretell Your Destiny

As you pay more attention to your five senses, you receive guidance based on utilizing your sense of perception with intensity. Your daily senses are whispering and guiding you, as you listen and humble yourself, you'll realize your destiny job, life goal or dreams more quickly, the sooner you pay attention to the intricacies that […]

The 5 C’s of Argumentative Essay Writing: How to Create a Great Argument

To help my college writing students understand the attitude needed for creating a strong argumentative essay, I invented the “5 C’s” device, which emphasizes clarity, candor, confidence, control, and comprehension. Clarity. Be direct and straightforward in your argumentative writing. Directness results in clarity. Use your own language, plainly and accurately. Never use words of which […]

What is Wildstorming?

Wildstorming is the radical cousin of traditional brainstorming, as it turns the process upside-down and inside-out, where strange and bizarre concepts are the rule. During a wildstorm session, team members suggest absolutely crazy solutions to the core issue which is being examined. Wildstorms are a great place to ponder ideas that are true overkill or […]

Jeremy Bentham, Winston Churchill, and Utilitarianism

Jeremy Bentham has been cited as the founder of Utilitarianism, the concept in which the value of an action is the result of its consequences. In essence, individuals make decisions regarding their actions based upon the perceived consequences of the action; namely which action would result in the happiness and satisfaction of the largest number […]

Why Nigerians Need a Female President

Nigerians should start to think of having a female president for our country in the nearest future. This is because from all indices, which are available to the public, it seems our male leaders have failed the country. Nigeria, with an estimated population of 180 million people, spread across 35 states and Abuja and 774 […]

Three Persuasive Techniques for Writers

The art of persuasion was a mainstay of Aristotle’s teachings over 2000 years ago. Aristotle taught three persuasion techniques, which he called ethos, pathos and logos. These techniques have been employed by writers and speakers ever since to change the minds of others. The technique that works the best depends on the audience that the […]

6 Key Elements of Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is a highly topical and relevant way of thinking about marketing. It is relevant because of the internet, and the impact it has had on the way marketing is carried out by businesses. In this article, I’d like to look at six of the key conceptual elements which under-pin the CRM […]

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