Letter Writing Techniques – Good News Vs Bad News Letters

There are different strategies and techniques to be discussed when writing good-news and bad-news letters. In good-news letters a writer is conveying good news to the receiver. The first paragraph (introduction) provides the good-news topic (reason for the letter). The second paragraph (discussion) provides the details of the good-news and the third paragraph (conclusion) calls […]

Power Writing Skills – Dealing With Pesky Plurals

Would you write “the Perkins’ dog” or “the Perkins’s dog”? I don’t know about you, but I’m often confused by the use of plurals and possessive apostrophes in words that end in an “s” sound. Should we put just an apostrophe after the existing “s” or should we add both an apostrophe and another “s”? […]

Sexual Hauntings – The Incubus and Succubus

Over the centuries, there have been many reported cases – especially in Medieval legend – of sexual hauntings involving two specific types of entities: the Incubus (male demon) and the Succubus (female demon). The Incubus and Succubus usually manifest themselves during the nocturnal hours, preying on the victim when they are sleeping, although there have […]

Jeremy Bentham, Winston Churchill, and Utilitarianism

Jeremy Bentham has been cited as the founder of Utilitarianism, the concept in which the value of an action is the result of its consequences. In essence, individuals make decisions regarding their actions based upon the perceived consequences of the action; namely which action would result in the happiness and satisfaction of the largest number […]

Why Men Give Women Chocolate?

For generations men have been giving women chocolate to show their affection for them. Chocolate makers love to see Birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day come around. They know that it’s money in their pockets. It’s as common a gift as flowers and diamonds when a man wants to apologize or make up for something. But […]

Seven Ways Reading Affects Writing

1. Readers understand words Readers understand words because they have read how sentences and words fit together, the order of a sentence and the placement of words. They understand the sentences because they have seen these words and similar sentences before. They can then use them in writing or compose similar ones. 2. Readers understand […]

Academic Writing Versus Popular Writing

Casual writing in the popular mainstream style is usually very different from the type required in academic settings. One is largely loose and informal, while the other is more conventional and strict. Whenever you write in either style, being mindful of these differences is necessary to keep the material consistent throughout its course. Contractions. In […]

Haunted Places in Indiana: Culbertson Mansion

As a writer, I often tap into my local historical sites and since I’m all about the dark and creepy, I never pass up a good ghost story. One of my favorite places is the Culbertson Mansion of New Albany. The home was built in 1867 for William Culbertson, who was once the richest man […]

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