Basic Elements of Technical Writing

Technical writing is a specialised form of writing. Its goal is to help readers use a technology or to understand a process, product or concept. Often these processes, products or concepts are complex, but need to be expressed in a much simpler, reader-friendly form. So within the technical writing genre, you will find: technical reports, […]

Interdependence – How the Systems of the Human Body Perfectly Exemplify It

Interdependence means being dependent on each other. In effect, the human body consists of a number of interacting ‘systems’ which are the skeleton and the muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Within these systems one also finds organs which work in unison. Skeleton The body depends on the skeleton’s […]

How to Summarize and Paraphrase For Academic Writing

Do you know how to summarize your writing and paraphrase your content? In academic writing, summarizing and paraphrasing are very essential skills. With majority of college writing essays geared towards providing a point, you will very likely need to depend on a lot of source material to effectively argument your case. First, a bit of […]

Writing Tip – Verbs of Utterance

Josie shook her head, “It will never work.” “I can’t believe that actually worked,” Ben chuckled. Miss Gilmore woke them with a shout, “It’s time to get up!” “What the heck is a verb of utterance?” Maria asked. In the sentences above, the phrase “Maria asked” would often be referred to as a tag. The […]

Communication Skills – 2 – Clarifying

What we HEAR is not always what’s being said. What we SAY is not always what we mean. No wonder misunderstandings occur in our communication with people! Quite often when we ‘hear’ what other people are saying we do so through our own insecurity, experiences, values, etc. This distorts what we’re hearing. When we communicate […]

B2B 2015: The Future Role of Telcos in ICT Markets

ICT industry has been observing new trends on a continuous basis which are primarily an outcome of fusion of IT and telecoms. All this has been influencing the B2B operations. Telecos are required to deeply analyze the market and the ongoing trends to aptly utilize their growth and revenue potential. Businesses to business communications are […]

Interesting Facts About Europe’s Sports

Did you know… Stella Walsh -Olympic champion- was not a sportswoman. Five decades later, an autopsy confirmed that Stella was a hermaphrodite. Under the flag of Poland, Stella (or Stanislawa Walasiewicz) won a gold medal in the women’s 100m at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles (USA). In the 1920s and 1930s, she lived […]

Letter Writing: Confrontational Letter Writing – 12 Tips

A confrontational letter is a letter that confronts a situation, a problem or dispute. It seeks a specific objective from the recipient that will not usually be granted without resistance. The writer wants a certain objective and the recipient of the letter will not grant that objective unless convincingly persuaded that he should. Here are […]

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