Checkers – Facts and History

The game of checkers is older than most people think. Some facts and history about the ancient game of checkers: Scholars believe the modern game evolved from a similar game played as far back as 1400 B.C.E. called Alquerque or Quirkat. It was played in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and India. The game used two […]

Christopher Columbus and the Arawak

It was just after midnight on October 12, 1492 that a 40-ish Christopher Columbus set foot in the America’s on behalf of Ferdinand and Isabella, the king and queen of Spain. On his way to the Indies, Columbus instead ran into the Bahaman island of San Salvador. Still, convinced he had indeed landed in the […]

Why You Should Use Bullets in Your Writing

One of my favourite strategies for dealing with wordy copy is bullets. They are just like real bullets. Okay, maybe not just like them. But they’re fast, and effective. Bullets can break down a long sentence-a fabulous option for the brevity-challenged writer. But there are also benefits to the reader. Bullets help break up the […]

History of the Chinese Hand Held Fan

The first Chinese fans were nothing more than bird feathers or large leaves. Tradition holds that King Wu of the Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century B.C. invented the Chinese hand-held fan, and the oldest known Chinese hand held fan was found in China in 1982 and is approximately 2,300 years old. The earliest half-moon […]

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