Where Did Queen Nefertiti Come From?

Queen Nefertiti is one of two most famous queens of ancient Egypt, the other being Cleopatra. Her beauty, revealed in her famous limestone portrait busts – the loveliest masterpieces of Egyptian sculpture – has made her widely known around the world. Yet, in spite of her fame, historians are not unanimous about her origins. There […]

Checkers – Facts and History

The game of checkers is older than most people think. Some facts and history about the ancient game of checkers: Scholars believe the modern game evolved from a similar game played as far back as 1400 B.C.E. called Alquerque or Quirkat. It was played in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and India. The game used two […]

Article Writing 101: The Perfect Author Resource Box

If you want to really make your article “SELL” then you’ve got to craft the perfect RESOURCE BOX. This is the “author bio” that is below your article body and it’s also known as your “SIG” (short for SIGnature). Here are the essential items that should be in your RESOURCE BOX: Your Name: You’d be […]

Insight, Oversight, Foresight, and Hindsight for Writers

Looking for a different angle on your fiction or nonfiction? Consider the concepts of insight, oversight, foresight and hindsight for your fiction character’s point of view or as the angle for your nonfiction topic. They may prove to be the unique twist you’ve been looking for.   Insight Insight is defined as the power to […]

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