Mastering the Art of Polarity

We all know that we live in a world of duality, whether we are all aware or conscious of that, however, is another story. Knowing and being aware are two different states of consciousness. Did you know that the Law of Polarity is one of seven of the most important Hermetic Cosmic and Universal Laws?This […]

Viking Mystery in Michigan – White Indians

Rune Mysteries – Michigan White Indians Michigan is full of Viking Artifacts dating back to 1000 AD. In 1876, Johan Bauer from the village of Wallsange, Sweden went in search of the “Rings and Runes of Kolberg.” He found them and started his life long quest for rune mysteries. In 1891, he emigrated with his […]

Writer’s Digest

Jetzt kaufen WRITER’S DIGEST is the #1 magazine for writers looking to improve their skills and get published. Our features and columns offer specific advice on writing and selling fiction and nonfiction books, stories, plays, magazine and newspaper articles, scripts and more. We provide information that helps writers succeed as they pursue their passion, through […]

The Basic Theories of Internet Marketing

Life is been governed by laws, principles, or theories. It follows that every business you do in life must be done in accordance with such relevant, established, and natural laws if you sincerely want to succeed. In internet marketing, just like any other business, theories abound. The first theory in this context is called the […]

Author! Author!

Jetzt kaufen Life is getting complicated for Broadway playwright Ivan Travalian (Pacino). His flaky wife Gloria (Weld) is moving in with her lover, his director hates his new play and his leading lady (Cannon) is a terrified movie star who’s never been on the stage. With five children to look after (most of them Gloria’s), […]

If I Am Missing Or Dead By Janine Latus

Arrow Books, 2007, $19.95 pb., pp. 401, ISBN: 24681097531 If I am missing or dead is a gut wrenching, eye-opening book; and a page turner! It is not fiction, however; it is an account of an all-too-real scenario of how women, even loved, intelligent and successful women can fall prey to men who do them […]

The Copywriter’s Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Advertising Copy

Jetzt kaufen Written from a real-world perspective by an award-winning copywriter/producer/director, this comprehensive guide is what every writer needs to create powerful, strategic ad copy. Focusing on strategy, technique, and the skills needed to write for different media, The Copywriter’s Toolkit book will sharpen your copywriting skills whatever your level. Introduces essential conceptual strategies and […]

Objectivity in Technical Writing – Why It’s Important

What is objectivity? How to keep technical writing objective? How to maintain the objectivity? These are some of the questions, we will find answers to. Objectivity in writing means that the author or writer explains or discusses on a topic without subjectivity. It is an unbiased mental attitude. Subjectivity in writing refers to the text […]

The Grantwriter’s Internet Companion: A Resource for Educators and Others Seeking Grants and Funding

Jetzt kaufen This one-stop resource is a time-saving guide for busy instructors to use in finding grants for special classroom projects and schoolwide programs. A user-friendly format for the noviceStrategies for finding funding sourcesA comprehensive list of URLs geared to educatorsKey data about grantwriting, mailing lists, discussion groups, and using e-mailSave time and money by […]

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