The Ghostwriter Secret (Brixton Brothers)

Jetzt kaufen The adventures of Steve Brixton, America’s next great kid detective, continue. When MacArthur Bart, a.k.a. Steve’s hero, vanishes, Steve and his reluctant chum Dana must rescue the man from the clutches of a villainous crime syndicate. This thrilling mystery is packed with nail-biting suspense, pulse-pounding action, and ankle-twisting humiliation, with twists that will […]

The Marketing Environment

No business exists and operates in a vacuum, but as a part and parcel of the environment in which it finds itself. Efficient and effective marketing strategy is a function of the marketing manager’s ability to understand the environment in which the business operates. The marketing environment consists of a set of factors or forces […]

Killer Twist: A Ghostwriter Mystery (Volume 1)

Jetzt kaufen No one bats an eyelid when a bag lady washes up on the shores of Sydney, minus five fingers and decked out in designer couture; nor is anyone too perturbed when socialite Beatrice Musgrave plunges to her death soon after. No one, that is, except ghostwriter and Merlot-lover Roxy Parker. She’s been writing […]

Grant Writing Jobs – A High Demand Writing Career

If you love to write, are highly organized, and enjoy working for a good cause, grant writing may be the perfect career for you. With more than 1.5 million nonprofits and thousands more organizations depending on grants in the United States alone, grant writers are in high demand. What Do Grant Writers Do? Grant writers […]

How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the best things about being a writer is the fact that you can hold a permanent job and still write on the side. That is the good thing in having a creative profession. You can do sidelines and freelancing jobs while still being salaried regularly. In fact, many writers in magazines and newspapers […]

How to Be True to Yourself As a Writer

Writers tend to simply write without much conscious forethought. Many of us are not even conscious why we write what we write or why we focus on what we focus on in our writing career. Somehow writers just haphazardly decide what to write about and then they start writing. But as we go along, we […]

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