Richard Lanham’s Official Style of Writing

Richard Lanham, a well-known scholar and teacher of writing, gave a name to the writing style found on many formal documents, such as those used in the fields of government, military, legal, finance and other similar sectors. He calls it “The Official Style,” a way of writing based on “the dominance of nouns and the […]

Ghost Writer in the Sky (The Xanth Novels)

Jetzt kaufen Two Ordinary People from Mundania travel to Xanth to defeat a rogue Night Colt in the latest in a beloved series from bestselling author Piers Anthony. The Night Colt has one ambition: to deliver dreams to the deserving. Unfortunately, only Night Mares can take on this task, and the Colt has no hope […]

Graphic Design (The Communication Story)

Graphic design is the visual communication through a combination of images, symbols, and signs. Graphic design represents both the processes (designing methods) and the designs (products). Early Graphic design The art of communication started when the very early humans drew pictures on the walls of the caves, the combination of pictures colors and composition gave […]

Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

Everybody’s got a little writing skill. But if you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to get published – an article or a book, perhaps – the question is, is your skill level enough? It’s one thing to compose an email to your sister. It’s a different matter entirely when it comes to sitting […]


Jetzt kaufen Vinyl LP pressing. The small towns of California’s northern Central Valley have an eerie loneliness to them. Cinematically, take Two-Lane Blacktop and fuse it with Neil Young’s Human Highway. Fix that into music and you’d get something like Ghostwriter. Odd rock ‘n’ roll from Orland, California, the home of the dearly departed Nothing […]

Alternative Jobs For Journalists

Since the arrival of the internet, the UK’s media landscape has entered a period of unprecedented change which is forecast to continue for many years to come. The abundance of news material online has meant printed news as we know is under serious threat of extinction; in America the number of people who read news […]

The Ghost Writer: A Novel

Jetzt kaufen Don’t miss the major motion picture staring Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. An eerily timely thriller of power, politics, corruption, and murder from bestselling author Robert Harris.“The moment I heard how McAra died, I should have walked away. I can see that now. . . .” The role of a ghostwriter is to […]

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