Hiring an Ebook Ghostwriter to Promote Business

Why Hire an eBook Ghostwriter? eBooks are the way to promote your business while bringing information to your end users. eBooks are also a great marketing tool to help bring traffic to your site. It also offers an incentive for leads to submit their information to receive your eBook (usually free in exchange for an […]

The Essence of Technical Writing

The Gist of Technical Writing Technical writing, though may seem to be complex outwardly, is not that much complicated when approached in a pragmatic and systematic way. To make it simple, technical writing is just the process of peeling the outer chunky cover of the complexity of the entailed subject and showing the common reader […]

Gonzo Journalists

Perhaps the most famous Gonzo journalist of all time is the late Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson is often credited as being the inventor of Gonzo journalism. So what is Gonzo journalism and what does a Gonzo journalist do? Side note: In reference to the late Hunter S. Thompson, all journalists in this article will be […]

Writing the Psychopath

If you want to create a story that chills and thrills, there is no better way than having a psychopath as a character. Unpredictable, impulsive, self-serving and vicious, using the psychopath in fiction will engage your readers and leave them with a memorable impression of your work. Many of the plot kernels in this story […]

How Do Ghostwriters Earn Money?

A writer who is paid to write articles, books, reports,stories,website material or other content which is officially credited to another person is called a ghostwriter. Political leaders, celebrities, website owners, and executives often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit their written material. In music, ghostwriters are used in classical music, film score composition, and popular […]

Cyber Journalism – A Reality Check

Introduction  Will you be online today? I will be there. Tell me your mail id……… will update you whenever you are on the way about the latest sensex, and Obama government’s ministerial berth. Nowadays I seldom get chance to read a newspaper….. Really I am indebted to internet vis-à-vis cyber media for getting information.  This […]

8 Top Project Design Skills For Nonprofits and Grant Writers

Successful and sustainable programs and projects begin with a solid design up front and include such design tools as logic models, SMART objectives and environmental scanning. This article will focus on the 8 top “project design and development” skills that non-profit personnel and grant writers should have. Project design and development is one of 6 […]

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