10 Reasons to Hire a Ghost Writer for Your Writing Project

Ghostwriter’s are paid to write articles, website content, full length fiction and nonfiction books, ebooks, sales copy, press releases and pretty much everything else that can earn you money.

After the job is complete the copyright then passes to the ghostwriter’s client. From that moment on, as far as the world is concerned, the client is the original author of the copy.

10 Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

#1 Street Cred

You’ve launched your new website. Now you need to let people know who you are. Hiring a ghostwriter to write informative, intelligent articles under your name will boost your credibility as a business. Suddenly, everyone will want to know who you are, and how they can buy your products/services because you are clearly an authority in your niche market.

#2 I Wish I Had the Time

You have a business to run and honestly, you don’t have time to mess about with words all day long. But you need them, and you need them quick. Whether you’re finishing a book, launching a website or a range of blogs –soon the content will overwhelm you and your business will suffer.

Hire a ghostwriter, and you’ll get high quality copy by your set deadline. This leaves you free to bask in the glow of your success.

#3 Writers Block

Being a professional writer can be difficult, especially when the well of words runs dry. Hand over the novel, ebook or non fiction book that you’ve been sitting on for months to a ghostwriter. They will finish it in the allocated time that you give them, and provide you with insight on what you’ve already done.

Finally, you’ll have your completed book, ready to be sent off to your agent or publisher.

#4 Tone Deaf

Ghostwriters are a versatile bunch. They can be conversational, journalistic, informational and salesy – but most of all they are relevant and sensitive to your unique target market. This means more sales, visits and clicks in the long run.

#5 Wardens of Language

There’s no excuse for poor spelling, grammatical errors and sentences that look like a three year old arranged them with fridge magnets. Bad language skills could tarnish your image forever, and quite frankly your general readership will notice. Ghostwriters are language gymnasts.

The really great ghostwriters will hand you copy that has little or no errors in it at all. That’s what you want for your business.

#6 Published and Aware

The best ghostwriters have been published all over the place, in magazines, as secret book authors and all over the internet. They know things about the publishing industry that you don’t.

They will deliver your book, ebook or article in the right format, error free and ready to publish. You get the benefit of their knowledge on the publishing world, and all the glory. Sounds like a good deal to me.

#7 Money, Honey

A ghostwriter never sees the money behind the money. You get to keep all the wonderful royalties and copyright so that the money keeps flowing into your bank account, years after the work is published.

#8 Down with the Competition

Ghostwriters are naturally competitive, and want their projects to do well long after their client has left with the work. This means that your project will be extra competitive in a highly competitive field.

Take an extra spicy sales letter for example. It will sell thousands of products, because the writer behind the writer found a way to make it unique and appealing.

#9 Research is the Answer

Great ghostwriters are exceptional at gathering resources for your copy. The key to great online and print content is to find unique things to say about your topic, by researching the hell out of it. Ghostwriters always check their facts and are always aware of copyright infringement.

#10 Editors and Proofreaders

A ghostwriter is great with language and as a result they can also use their abilities to refine your existing content – making it more readable, entertaining and informative. Just one ghostwriter can change the way you do business by providing you with world class copy that adds real value to everything that you do.

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