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LIZ PURCELL - freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Francisco State University

How to Build a Writer’s Marketing Platform

As a writer, are you interested in building a marketing platform? There are some important things you should know in order to do this successfully. No matter what type of writer you are, the difference between being unknown and well known lies in your ability to create influence.

You need to have a platform that communicates your integrity, credibility and expertise in your particular field. The Internet makes it easier than ever to achieve this goal but you have to know how to do so effectively.

A strong writer’s platform might include your web presence, media contacts you have, articles you’ve published, books or ebooks you’ve written, public services you offer, public speaking opportunities, classes you teach and more. These are all ways you make a name for yourself and make your works known to the public and your readership.

You can build your writer’s marketing platform by recognizing the ways that you can get noticed and create a presence for yourself and then taking the proper steps needed to achieve this. You might build a website, edit an existing site, volunteer for opportunities, using article marketing to advertise and participate in social media sites.

Find the methods that work for you and then make the investment to have them work for you. The benefits abound and may include more sales, increased media exposure, blog buzz, invitations to speak or participate in interviews, book deals, increased book sales and much more.

Once you have established your platform, you just need to allow it to work for you. It will work 24/7, even while you are sleeping to advertise the good word of what you can do.

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Source by Lisa A Mason

100-Year Old Copywriting Secret Lets You Sell Without Selling

There’s no doubt about it that we are being bombarded with more advertising and marketing — especially online — than ever before.

And if you want your ads to cut through the noise and clutter of an overcrowded market place, one of the best things you can do is not try to make the sale at all.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Almost 100 years ago the legendary copywriter Maxwell Sackheim wrote an ad with a headline (that is now ingrained in direct response copywriting mythology) that said, “Do You Make These Mistakes In English?”

And even though the ad is considered to have some of the best “sales copy” of all time, nothing in the ad was being “sold.”

Instead, the entire ad was designed to get people to send for a free book.

You see, before selling anything, the ad first got anyone interested in developing better English skills to raise their hands. Then they sent them a sales letter selling an actual product. Which, from what I hear, sold a TON of courses.

And this concept is even more important today.

Whether you’re writing online or offline, doesn’t matter. If you find your ads and sales letters just aren’t pulling because you are in an overcrowded market, try to write an ad that sells people on something free first.

From there, when they’ve gotten to know you and the valuable information you possess, then go for the sale. Then sell a straight pitch on something that costs money.

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Source by Michael Senoff

Grants For Writers – There Are Free Government Grants to Help You Start Your Own Writing Business

Just as a grant can get a person financial aid for buying a house or getting out of debt, the government also has grants for writers. You may think that to be strange, but there are a lot of people who make a living as writers.

It doesn’t matter if you are already a published author, unpublished author or just someone who aspires to be a writer, all can apply and receive grants.

This type of grant is one of those that many people just don’t know about. Of course you have the grants that are very familiar such as low income grants, grants for minorities, grants for first time home buyers and others, but grants for writers are just as good as the above. After all, any kind of free money that can help you achieve your goals is good!

These grants come in a wide variety of dollar values, but the good news is that they are all usually over a few thousand dollars. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that just because you get one grant doesn’t mean that you can’t apply and receive another.

On the other hand, just because you apply for a grant for writers, it doesn’t mean you are going to get it. This is why it is important to apply for as many different grants as you can. If you get accepted for more than one, than it’s a bonus.

The best part is that since it’s a grant, you don’t ever have to pay it back. You get to keep the money and use it to further yourself or your career.

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Source by James McKeever

Things You Didn’t Know About Log Cabin Maintenance

Log home manufacturers often anticipate settling and shrinking of the homes after a period of usage. As such, they use measures such as scribing drywall around the logs to help further increase the life of such structures. Once you buy the log house, the responsibility of maintenance comes your way and unfortunately, there is not enough information on how to go about it. More often than not, the info proffered is not the right route to follow if you wish to maintain a log house for decades on end. Let’s uncover some ways you can use to manage your home.

What you need to know

Wood treatment

You may think that the initial wood treatment applied to your house is adequate to protect it from weather elements. However, this is not true. Most treatment films used on the wood are hard such that when a log moves, the film cracks, thus exposing the wood to weather elements such as rain. Over time, fungus and mildew incubate in these spaces, leading to wood rot that could cost you a home. The sound thing to do is to get rid of the film as opposed to waiting for it to wear off.

Quality matters

Always investigate the manufacturer from whom you source your log homes. Some people like taking shortcuts so that they can maximize their returns and they conduct construction with dead standing trees. Once a tree dies, internal rot begins, and over time, it starts to show, long after you bought the house. To make the situation worse, some of these manufacturers will finish the log home in a film treatment, thus locking in the rot and accelerating the breakdown process. You can save yourself a lot of difficulties by getting a high-quality log home from a trusted manufacturer from the beginning.

The takeaway

Trees have enemies which they can fend off when they are alive. However, once a tree gets cut down, it is up to humankind to protect it from weather elements to ensure that it can offer service for a long time. Look for a manufacturer who uses borates in their treatments as well as any other non-toxic substances without color or smells. CCA also comes in handy in wood preservation.

Let’s get down to the maintenance now that you know what to avoid when getting a log house.

Maintenance practices


If you regularly maintain your home, you will protect it from getting damaged by weather elements and pests. You should carry out maintenance practices on your home at least twice a year, preferably during fall and spring. Springtime is best for checking for any damage to the house accruing from freezing water, and it also gives you adequate time to prepare for the hot months ahead.

Fall time enables you to check for damage resulting from heat such as fading and any pest infestations as you prepare for the cold months. It is imperative that you conduct maintenance during these seasons. Over time, you will realize that a fixed schedule is more effective and costs less as compared to irregular maintenance practices. It also takes up less time.

Inspect the home

Before embarking on maintenance, inspect your home to figure out what needs fixing. Start at one point of your house and move around in the interior before examining the outside. You should look for things such as damaged pipes, cracks, mold and other damages that can affect your house. Be sure to inspect the roof for leaky gutters, cracks on the chimney and any other factors that are deleterious to the stability of your home.

Cleaning up

When cleaning your cabin, you will notice a lot more than you did during the inspection. Not only is it an excellent means to be thorough in your check but it also gives you a chance to get rid of dirt such as animal feces, dust, spider webs and other such deposits in your house. A soft bristle brush, warm water, and a mild detergent are enough to clean the cabin without interfering with the aesthetics. Start by wetting surfaces before using soap on them in circular motion such that the logs do not get streaks. Hose down the cabin and let it dry for about three to four days before moving on to other steps.


Your cabin may or may not require staining, and this will be up to you once you inspect the results of your cleaning. Staining once every three years is enough if you use a high-quality stain. However, this will vary based on a cabin’s exposure to sunlight. The side which receives the most sunlight will often require a new coat before the three years are up. You know it’s time to get staining if your cabin has a dull appearance.

Sealant application

Chinking seals the joints between logs and thus protects your home from weather elements. If done right, chinking should serve you for two decades. However, this will depend on the kinds of temperatures to which your log cabin has exposure. Luckily, there is elastomeric on the market which works far better than the previously used cement-based chinking. Elastomeric requires less maintenance and thus brings the maintenance costs down.

Pest control

Do this annually for the best results. Timber cannot defend itself from infestations by insects, and if such pests go unchecked, you will incur a lot of costs in maintaining your cabin. As such, make it a habit to clean, dust and fumigate your cabin as often as possible to make infestation difficult for pests.

Annual maintenance

It is essential that you often clean your gutters and control water run-off because back splash affects the appearance of your home. Effects include darkening of some parts of the cabin and encouraging decay and infestation. These problems are costly in the long run.

If you have not maintained your cabin in a long time, it is best to start with the restoration process. It involves preparation of the surface, preservation techniques, staining, and sealing. However, it is always best to protect yourself from having to incur costs for restoration by adequately maintaining your house on an annual basis.

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Source by Goda Mackeviciute

How Digital Media Has Changed the Way We Receive Our News

The news media has changed massively over the last quarter century. Newspapers are still being printed, but increasingly, people are turning to the internet for the latest news.

Online news sites have a huge advantage over the printed news media. They can post articles and coverage of breaking news within minutes of it happening. With the advents of Twitter, Instagram and other leading social media platforms, news providers are able to be in the centre of the action, as it happens, reporting events live.

This has significantly changed the type of news we regularly read, and it has changed how and when we read it. While many of us will still enjoy a leisurely morning read of the newspaper, these luxuries tend to be consigned to the realms of lazy Sunday mornings. They are no longer something we all do on a daily basis. We are much more likely to scroll through the news feed on our favourite news provider’s website. While we are on the train, during a quick coffee at work, waiting for the kettle to boil, or whenever we want to, we can use our mobile devices, laptops and pc’s to access the latest news.

Statistics indicate that increasingly, whenever people have a few minutes, they are likely to tap in to their favourite news source to get the latest updates on any given subject.

The 21st Century newsroom has had to change and adapt too, as a result of this massive shift in how we access and read our news. Traditionally, as news items were picked up, they would go through a number of journalistic stages, following the editorial chain of command. A new news item would be approved, then, a journalist would work on it, pass it to the sub-editor, who would then work on it before passing it to the editor for the final editsprior to inclusion, just before going to press.

Today, the system is very similar. The difference is that this entire process often needs to take seconds, or minutes, not hours or days! The public are demanding their news as soon as it happens, and the news makers have to respond, almost instantly.

Today, speed is the foundation of quality journalism. Competing news providers are trying to better each other by being the first with breaking news, whatever the subject. And technology plays a huge part in making and disseminating news extremely quickly.

One huge growth area where technology has enabled amazing coverage of breaking American news is the ability to provide live coverage. A journalist can send updates, articles and live video footage, straight from their mobile device. It has the potential for making anyone a news reporter. Increasingly today, we see reports using video footage, tweets and photos taken by members of the public on who were one the scene, and witnessed the ‘news’ as it happened.

We have more choice and control over our news than ever before. We are fully in control of what we read and when we read it. Most people choose a news provider they like, setting up preferences so they immediately see updates on the news that interests them. Then, they log in whenever it suits them during the day.

News may have changed, and how we access it is changing all the time, but there is no doubt, the news is still very much in demand, and that is something that won’t change.

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Source by Sean Chard

Copywriting for Your Business: Brochures, White Papers, and Case Studies – Which Should You Choose?

Are you looking to boost sales and your brand recognition? Perhaps you are looking to become a thought leader within your market? If you answered yes then it is time to begin working with a copywriter. Copywriters help create marketing material by writing the material for you, but which material should you choose? Learn the difference between brochures, white papers, and case studies and how they will help you achieve your specific goals.

It doesn’t matter if you offer a service, product, or both – sales are important for your business. One of the most affordable ways to boost your sales is through copywriting material. Of course, you’re probably not in the business of writing sales material. You are in the business of selling your products and services, which is why outsourcing your sales material might be your best option. But, what type of material should you choose?

There are a variety of sales materials to choose from, however, many businesses are confused on which type will best serve their needs. This is especially true when trying to understand the difference between brochures, white papers, and case studies. Fortunately, each of these have their own advantages to achieve specific goals.


– A great option for B2C sales, but can also be used in B2B

– Provides a clear and concise description of your product and service

– A good starting point for new businesses

White Papers:

– Best used for B2B sales or B2C sales if your product or service is costly and complex

– This form of sales material can include as many as 10 or more pages, providing detailed information on a specific issue and the best available solutions

– Because of its lengthy and detailed content, this is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader within your business sector

Case Studies:

– Works great for both B2B and B2C

– Provides prospective clients with detailed testimonials from past clients

– Allows you to showcase your real-life success stories

These are just a few of the available forms of marketing materials to choose from. So, if you’re still unsure which one would work best for you, a good copywriter can help guide you in the right direction. A copywriter will work with you to understand your goals and explain which option will achieve those goals at the most affordable price. Remember, these are only 3 examples of marketing materials for small businesses, so contact a copywriter today!

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Source by Shammra McBride

Developing an Individual Writing Process

Developing an individual writing process is key to your success as a writer. Studies of struggling writers show that one of the reasons they struggle is that they focus on only one aspect of writing.

So what is the writing process? First it is important to note that there is no such thing as “the writing process”. Yes, there is a writing process that embraces the notion that there are certain essential steps that successful writers employ when writing but that process varies greatly depending on the writer and then individual writers also vary their process according to the writing task at hand. That means that there is no such as “the writing process” but that a personal, individual writing process which you adjust to the varying circumstances of your writing can be tremendously helpful.

However, before you can begin to individualize your writing process and then adjust it to different tasks, you must learn more about the theory behind the writing process.

The theory of writing process begins with prewriting or invention stage. This is when you may need to do brainstorming, research, and planning to get started with your writing project. This is the stage that struggling writers spend the least time on and experienced writers spend much more time as they know that more attention and thought at this stage can save time and effort later. This stage may have a lot to show for it in terms of prewriting and research or it might take place primarily inside the writer’s brain. This depends on the individual writer, the complexity of the task, and the familiarity of the writer with the task.

Only after spending time at the prewriting stage do writers move on to drafting. This is where the actual writing takes place but encompasses more than one draft and several sessions of writing spread over time. Drafting focuses on simply getting words on paper and emptying the brain of ideas for this project.

Writers move on to revision after those early drafts have filled out and developed some substance. It is during the multiple drafts of the revision stage that the writing project shapes into something resembling the intended final project. The paper is not yet done but it looks and feels like the intended genre, the ideas are fully developed and the organization is functional.

Then writers move on the editing stage where they attend to correctness issues including cleaning up spelling, grammar, word choice, and polishing the writing. This is the correct time to deal with these issues as concentrating on them earlier in the writing process will slow down the development of ideas.

After editing, writers should seek out feedback for the final stage of the writing process to determine what further revision or editing might be necessary to complete the writing project. Feedback should be sought from skilled readers familiar with either the subject matter or the type of writing project so they can offer more informed review.

While each individual writing process will include some general variation of these elements it is important for writers to recognize that an effective writing process reflects their own individual strengths, weaknesses, and work habits. The writing process should also vary according to the project as well. Obviously a new, complex project will demand much more during prewriting and invention than a familiar topic and comfortable project genre.

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Source by Deanna Mascle

How to Attract Venture Capital With Copywriting

Venture capital is the fuel, and often the igniting spark, of many young ventures. Unfortunately, new entrepreneurs find it difficult to connect to venture capital firms and many firms never see bright opportunities that flame out before attracting funding. Effective copywriting can be the key to solving these missed opportunities.

Target Venture Capital

Finely written Web copy and experienced keyword research famously attracts search engines, motivates customers, and compels action. If you are an entrepreneur with a hot idea, but not quite enough capital to take it to its full potential angels and venture capitalist should be part of your target market in your marketing plan.

Keyword Research

Start with good keyword research and analysis an zero in on what venture capitalist are looking for–markets, benefits, ideas, and trends. Then create an SEO plan to bring vector in interest to your project or company.

Highlight Synergies

No one will know companies and technologies that are natural components of your value chain. These become powerful synergies when two or more of these opportunities are in one investor’s portfolio. Make sure your Web copy and marketing materials clearly demonstrate these connections and potentials.

Focus on Benefits

Like customers they are looking for benefits and need to be emotionally inspired to action. A professional copywriter can help you achieve this result on your website, in your emails, on your business card, and even in your pitch.

Get Emotional

Remember what drives venture capitalist to action: large markets, smart teams, and a passionate inferno. These are all qualities that a good copywriter can bring to vivid life your marketing.

Target Bright Entrepreneurs

This difficulty in connecting is not limited to entrepreneurs trying to raise capital. In fact, the problem of investors trying to locate the right ideas, quality teams, and attractive deals to meet their goals may be more acute.

Venture capital websites typically highlight past successes, current portfolios, and partner profiles, yet do little to attract targeted new opportunity.

A top copywriter can design a search engine strategy and experience that will efficiently attract, segment, and engage the types of entrepreneurs and ideas you want to fund.

Write for the Sale

Like any marketing or copywriting project, don’t forget to write for the sale. Hope and opportunity will still pass in the wind if you don’t ask for a conversation.

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Source by Bill Rice

Have the Three Wise Men Met Jesus in Bethlehem?

Some people believe that the three wise men from the east have met up the newborn Jesus in Bethlehem of Judea. However, does this account match what the Bible actually says? Surely the messiah was born there, in the days of Herod the king, since this is what the prophet wrote (Mic 5:2). But what do we really know about the visit of the wise men? In order to fully understand the story, it’s necessary to read the Gospels with attention.

According to the Gospels, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Matthew writes that Herod inquired of the priests and the scribes where the Christ was to be born. Then he sent the wise men to Bethlehem. They departed; but the star, which they had seen in the east for the first time, came again and stood over where the young child was (Matt 2:9). So, Matthew does not say that they met up the baby in Bethlehem. In other words, the wise men followed the star, not Herod’s instructions. On the other hand, according to Luke, Joseph went into Judea, to the city of David, or Bethlehem, to be registered with Mary, who was with a child. The baby was born there in the manger (Lk 2:16). Luke explains that the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus had commanded a census, and all the world should be registered. Joseph was of the house and lineage of David.

In reality, the holy authors portray two visits that took place in two different times and places. First, Luke (2:16) writes that the shepherds found Mary and Joseph with the baby lying in the manger. Second, Matthew (2:11) writes that, when the wise men had come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother. Note that in Bethlehem there was no room for Joseph and Mary in the inn. They had a house only in their town, Nazareth in Galilee.

Now, let’s summarize the events. Pay attention to the words in bold. The quotations are from the New King James Version of the Bible.

1. Matthew’s narrative: The wise men got into the house. Then, they saw the young child with Mary.

2. Luke’s narrative: The shepherds found Mary and Joseph with the baby, lying in the manger.

It is important to read these verses in the original Greek. The New Testament Greek uses two words for child. For a newborn, the word used is “bréfos”, while for a young child, the word is “paidós” (Nestle-Aland). In Latin the Vulgate also makes the same distinction when it uses the words “infante” and “puer”, respectively.

After forty days from his birth, Jesus and his mother were purified. Following the Law of Moses, Jesus was presented in the Temple. Then, the family left Jerusalem and returned with the baby to their home at Nazareth. As the Gospel writer Luke says, it was only after the visit of the three wise men that the parents with the young child had left to Egypt. Could the family escape to Egypt before the ceremony in Jerusalem? No.

Then, an attentive reading reveals the three wise men from the east have never been in Bethlehem of Judea. They followed the star and found the young child in his house in Nazareth. These wise men, or kings, represent the kings of all nations that would fell down and worship King Jesus.

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Source by Marco A. Bomfoco

How Content Writing Is Different From Literary Writing?

Content Writing is Different from Literary Writing

Do you think that content writing has close resemblance to literary writing? It is not the case, and both belong to different sets of groups. The former one has specific SEO purposes and is often referred as the form of optimized content building. Whether it is article writing or keyword rich, the purpose of content included in it is to serve SEO purpose; and for which purpose creative sensibilities and theatrical devices are not put into practice.

Content writing is done in simple style and moreover it doesn’t takes into practice the crude literary devices such as Litotes, Puns, innuendoes, etc. What a content writer or the blog writer is best at is Internet researching and rewriting the things in a different way. Most of SEO writing is not original, and most of literary genre is the part of unique and sensible literature.

Most of the content written pieces have over redundancy of ideas and repetition, whereas you’d hardly find such a thing happening in a work of creative art. A literary genre writer can easily become a content writer, but converse is not always true!

A literary genre writer has the intellect working on the higher levels as he observes the nature and the life around him. He translates what he observes, and what he translates distills from his extreme intellect.

In today’s world, every kind of content building and style has its own relevance. What seems good at one place, doesn’t actually work at the other and vice versa. There is no good or bad content.

If content makes sense, it is good; and if it doesn’t, it is bad! In addition, not every writer is adept in handling all content building styles. You can be good at one, and really bad at the other.

What Comes Under The Purview Of Content building?

Press releases/ Announcements



News Letter

Website content



What Comes Under The Purview Of Literary Genre/Creative Writing?

Short story






Playwriting/Dramatic writing


Creative non-fiction (Personal & Journalistic Essays)

Flash fiction

Collaborative writing

A content writer, who actually is expert in building content, is a writer in general sense. On the other hand,an author is a person who has plenty of means and intellect to write in a strict creative sense.

A content writer plays a virtual role, whereas author plays role of reality writer. However, in recent times many of the authors have also actively started indulging themselves in the content creating activity, as it gives them good profits over the long run.

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Source by Megha Batra

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