Free Book Publishing

For authors who cannot afford the cost of self-publishing, there are some publishing companies that offer free publishing. These companies offer print on demand services (POD), where the only cost that the author will pay is the printing of the first copy of the book. Under this set-up, the author retains all rights to the book or material, and the company earns only a small commission for each book that will be sold.

POD and cost

Print on demand means that the publishing company will print a book or material only when there is someone who will purchase the book. The publishing company keeps a digital version of the book and stores it until they need to print a copy.

In availing yourself of POD services from these publishing companies, you will only need to shell out a small amount of money at the onset. There are no set-up fees and no minimum orders. You will be able to publish your book free of charge as well as market it. The company also handles the transaction and will pay you the royalties for every purchase.

Retail Services

These publishing companies also have retail partners that can sell your book. However, you will have to pay a retail distribution fee for this service. You may also choose to do all the marketing yourself. You just need to ask the publishing company to print copies of your book, depending on the demand that you have generated.

With free publishing services, new authors are given the chance to get their work out there without having to pay for the cost of self-publishing. Publishing companies only print on demand and make money only if the author is able to sell his book. Given the wealth of opportunities this kind of service offers to new authors, it can be expected that the demand for such will increase in the future.

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Source by Jason Gluckman

Recognizing Emotional Manipulation In Essays

Many different kinds of essays appeal to readers’ emotions. Tobais Wolff’s remembered event essay may be terrifying to some readers, David Nooman’s profile of brain surgery may be shocking, Donell Meadows’s position paper may anger fans of talk show host Rush Limbaugh whom she cartelizes as “funny and pompous and a scape-goater and hatemonger.”

The Writer often tries to arouse emotions in readers, to excite their interest, make them care, move them to take action. There’s nothing wrong with appealing to readers’ emotions. What’s wrong is manipulating readers with false or exaggerated appeals. As a critical reader, you should be suspicious of writing that is overly or falsely sentimental, that cites alarming statistics and tries to enrage readers with frightening anecdotes, that demonizes others and identifies itself with revered authorities, that uses symbols (flag waving) or emotionally loaded words (like racist).

King for example uses the emotionally loaded word paternalistically to refer to the white moderate’s belief that he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom.” In the same paragraph, King uses symbolism to get an emotional reaction from readers when he compares the white moderate to the “Ku Klux Klanner.” To get the reader to accept his ideas, he also relies on authorities whose names evoke the greatest respect, such as Jesus and Lincoln. You might consider the discussion of black extremists in paragraph 7 of the king except to be a veiled threat designed to frighten readers into agreement. Or you might object that comparing king’s crusade to that of Jesus and other so-called leaders of religion and political group is pretentious and manipulative.

Following are some fallacies that may occur when the emotional appeal is misused:

· Loaded or slanted language, when the writer uses language that is calculated to get a particular reaction from readers.

· Bandwagon effect, when it is suggested that great numbers of people agree with the writer and if you continued to disagree, you would be alone.

· False flattery, when readers are praised in order to get them to accept the writer’s point of view.

· Veiled threat, when the writer tries to alarm readers or frighten them into accepting the claim.

Testing for knowledge:

Writers often try to persuade readers to respect and believe them. Because readers may not know them personally tor even by the reputation, writers must present an image of themselves in their writing that will gain their readers’ confidence. This image cannot be made directly but must be made indirectly through the arguments, language, and the system of values and beliefs implied through the arguments, language, and the system of values and beliefs implied in the writing. Writers establish credibility in their writing in three different ways:

· By showing their knowledge of the subject

· By building common ground with readers

· By responding fairly to objections and opposing arguments

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Source by Mukesh Pandey

Life Settlements Are Safer Than Ever

Life Settlements have just gotten safer than ever. New legislation governing and regulating the industry is constantly being enacted and the changes are always to the client or prospects benefit. Life Settlements are a valuable financial tool and now they are safer than ever!

Last month, one of the newest in a progression of extremely important legislation was passed in New York concerning the activities of the industry’s Brokers. The act was made up of proscriptions that concern the privacy and protection of applicant’s medical and financial information. These new Regulations will ensure that any information give to a Broker or a Funder by prospective customers, will be completely confidential, private, and protected under these new legislative measures.

There have been other Insurance laws enacted in the past that have tried to address the issue of making this immensely profitable enterprise safer and more protective toward possible applicants. The beginning of the industry dealt mainly with Viatical Settlements, which focused on client’s with life threatening illness or terminal conditions. Since then however, Life Settlements have grown to benefit who may no longer need, want, or are able to afford current insurance policies, and instead of letting them lapse or taking a cash out amount, they may now receive a sizable lump sum amount for their policy. This allows insurance policies, which previously had little to no value for clients during their life, to be converted into liquid cash and can become a very valuable asset.

More legislation is coming to increase the possible benefit of a settlement for savvy senior investors, clients, and prospects. Many of the new laws will completely remove the threat of STOLI, or stranger originated life insurance, that can be used to take advantage of ill-prepared seniors. More information and disclosures will be mandatory, and these much safer regulations will make sure that each applicant will have the most profitable, speedy, and secure the transaction. To find out more of these new rules for your benefit, and to use Life Settlements Calculators to see your own situation, please see the contact information below.

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Source by Grant Shellhammer

The 5Ps and 5Ws of Blogging

Those of you who are in the marketing field will be very familiar with the 7Ps. For those who have no idea what I’m babbling about, the 7Ps are the marketing mix, kind of like a roadmap marketers adhere to or code of conduct which they sworn by.

The 7 Ps – price, product, place, promotion, physical presence, provision of service, and processes comprise the modern marketing mix that is particularly relevant in service industry, but is also relevant to any form of business where meeting the needs of customers is given priority.

Going through the principles of 7Ps made me think of how I can modify and apply its good values to blogging. I began combining different management techniques and business theories and came up with the 5Ps and 5Ws of blogging.


As with all things we do, planning is a critical phase to ensure our task gets off to a right start, accomplished what it sets out to achieve, and reach its end goals within the set time frame. Blogging is no different, and there are only too many examples of failed blogs that started out without proper planning, eventually fizzling out when the novelty dies down.

In the planning phase, you got to ask yourself some hard questions and prepare to give brutal honest answers. That’s where the 5Ws come into the picture, I’ll come to the 5Ws later.

2. Point

Does your blog have a specific point to make? A message you want to get across to your audience? If it doesn’t, then what’s the point of blogging? Got my point?

3. Passion

I’m sure you would agree with me that blogging is much like journalism, except in a less controlled environment. Journalists are passionate writers, writing is after all, their livelihood. In order to write quality content on your blog, you need passion in writing too. If you don’t have the passion for writing, why should anyone bother to read your posts? Your passion, or the lack thereof, will eventually shine through in your writings.

4. Perseverance

To set the record straight, blogging is hard work. It gets particularly difficult if you have to hold down a full-time job and has a family to take care of at the same time. I am speaking from real-life experience. Blogging is not only about writing, it is more dynamic than that. Unless your blog has a team of writers, you are basically the writer, the designer, the marketer and the PR manager of your blog. All these roles take time, passion and most of all, perseverance to execute, and we are not only talking about the first three months. Are you prepared to get your hands dirty for the long haul?

5. Preparations

Once you have established your 5Ws, the real work just got started. There are thousands and one things to prepare before you launch your blog. From naming your blog, registering the domain name, to the technicalities of web hosting sorted out, to the design of the blog, there are many critical factors to consider and important decisions need to be made. Once these tasks are taken care of, you can then focus your attention in researching and writing your content.

Earlier on, I touched on the 5Ws, questions you need honest answers before you even think of starting your blog. Here are the 5Ws:

1. Who?

Who will write the blog? Will you be the solo author or will there be a team of contributors? Who is your target audience? Determining your target audience will drive the content of your posts and the way you write them.

2. What?

What is your blog about? Is it going to be a personal blog, a niche blog about parenting, technologies or sports etc.? You have to focus on your topic in order to target the right audience.

3. When?

Blogging experts generally recommends a minimum of 2 – 3 times posting frequency per week. Depending on your level of commitment, decide on your posting frequency and fix it. It could be one post per day or posting once per week. Establishing a routine early on not only help you with better time management in researching your topics, but also create stickiness for your readers know when to expect new post will be published.

4. Where?

Where do you intend your blog to go? In other words, what is the goal of your blog? Set goals for your blog and plan how to get there. If your blog have no “there” to get to, it will likely go nowhere!

5. Why?

Why do you want to blog? If you cannot answer this question satisfactorily and convince yourself, you probably shouldn’t even get started.

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Source by Chee Wee Ng

Business Owners Need a Planned Exit Strategy

It may sound easy, a planned exit strategy for the business owner. Your first day in business should be your first day to begin setting up an exit strategy. Yes, I know that seems premature but think about it anyway.

Too many business owners have NO clue, even after 20 years, 40 years as a business owner how to exit their business. Obviously, if you have ONE truck with your name on the side after 40 years, it’s not going to take much time when you’re ready to “throw in the towel” or simply quit.

However, we’re talking about building a big business with employees, land, buildings, a fleet of trucks, landscape equipment, tools, etc.

Maybe you have family members working in your business and they’re already stockholders or you plan to “will” them the business when the time comes for you to retire in the future.

Not long ago, one of our church friends worked past 90 years old which was awesome. Another friend is 86 years young today, was in the hospital last week, still running his business everyday. Not a problem, UNLESS… Is there a problem with this picture? ONLY if there’s NO PLAN in place to pass on the ownership and exit the business.

Sometimes, business owners believe they’re invincible, going to live forever and their Preacher says so every Sunday. However, the business owner is sleeping through the sermon because he/she is NOT going to live HERE forever.

Same goes for about 70% of the population who either refuse or never get around to having a WILL drawn up on plans for their STUFF (money, houses, cars, piano, boats, land, stock, etc). NOT a smart idea if you have anything of value to leave behind.

[Sidebar:] Everyone HAS a WILL either prepared by your own legal counsel or some write out their own (UN-smart!) or by the STATE, your choice!

Recently, the owner of an NFL team apparently has in his WILL that his TEAM is to be sold 2 years after his death. WHY? If you’re filthy rich or dirt poor, there’s NO reason to dictate what happens to “anything” you leave behind for your heirs, survivors. (let them decide!)


Think about YOUR age, we’ll assume, 30 to 50 years old, and your parents have decided to leave their Mountain House to YOUR children rather than to YOU. How does that make you feel? Valued? Loved? Can’t imagine!

Leave a legacy NOT a trail of trouble for someone else to straighten out when you are gone. Actually, you may NOT be gone anywhere but have lost your health, your smarts, to run your business.

Business owners “leave” their business for a variety of reasons. It can turn into a financial disaster, business has died, no customers, sickness, death, etc. Be aware there are options to consider with your insurance adviser that may provide protection for your loved ones for business interruption.

As often said,”look beyond the end of your nose”, put your “things” in order so you don’t leave someone else with a burden beyond their reach. It’s worth the time invested for your own peace of mind and that of your family.

One of the very best options or decisions for a business owner is to SELL the firm when times are right, market conditions are good, values are high. Don’t miss the opportunity to “cash-out” if possible. (my experience!)

Every situation is different. We understand there are 100’s of business owner challenges. Partners, spouses, adult children, etc.

Maybe your adult children are involved in your business and they want to one day take over your assets. Expert legal counsel is needed to handle this issue correctly from your vantage point and for all the family members.

You may have children outside the business with NO interest in being involved in it’s operation or future success except for financial benefits.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest family challenges and often disasters seem to evolve from the distribution of assets left behind by a family member. Usually, greed raises it’s ugly head, disputes about values are raised, etc.

Our reason for bringing this to your attention is simply to avoid all the things mentioned above that can turn your loving family into distant relatives later.

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Source by Don Monteith

Earn Money Through Online Writing

When you want to earn money online, a good place to start would be article writing. One need not be a graduate of a course from a prestigious university to be a good writer. Passion for writing, gaining skills along the way and creativity to captivate your readers are the “tricks of the trade” that will propel your writing career.

In fact, you do not need any wide experience on this craft, just keep on writing and writing until you develop your skills. if you are good at writing, you will enjoy it, ideas would flow and soon you will find out that writing is the right job for you.

In online article writing, one must first know what article theme and topics that generates interests and sales. You don’t just go ahead and write about anything. You must have a goal in mind. Are you writing for free and for the sake of it or are you on it to earn? At first you will find difficulty in developing your topics but writing continuously and consistently, you will improve in time.

Build your paragraphs through the topic sentence. You might want to apply inductive and deductive styles. Avoid deadwoods. Make sure that every sentence contributes to the total content of the article.

Unlike writing in print publication, online writing may require you to have knowledge on selecting keywords. You should be able to run a quick online research using Google AdWords, and find out what keyword runs high in search and online usage. A quality article may end up in waste if keyword application is crappy.

Also, if you want many people to notice your article, you need to submit it to article directories. These are sites that accept authorship accounts, host and publish your articles. EzineArticles, HubPages, and Sooper Articles are just some of the many article directory sites where you can upload and publish your writings.

To build up your writing portfolio you must be able to create your own blog. There are many sites that allow you to design your blog for free. WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, and Blogspot are some of these free blogging websites.

You also need to learn and apply search engine optimization techniques. Optimizing your article and your blog site through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and many more; or forwarding your article URL through emails will increase readership or viewership of your online articles. Appropriate use of keywords and application of optimization methods will cause more visitors to your articles and blog.

These internet marketing skills are a must if you want to make money for writing articles. Quality in terms of content organization and excellent level of grammar is a very important element in establishing your reputation as a good writer. Certainly, this will not happen overnight but you can achieve a successful career to earn money online through writing through dedication and sharpening your writing skills day by day.

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Source by Jonan Castillon

A Lesson on How to Write a Proposal: Getting a Handle on Fear and Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. Nowhere is procrastination so evident as in the inability to start a job or task. Here are some thoughts on the fear and intimidation (leading to procrastination) some face in getting to work on an urgent business proposal, or sales letter.

I suspect we’ve all done this – sat with pen in hand or at the keyboard, staring at a blank page or screen, either totally intimated, or waiting for that magical first though to emerge. And nothing happens.

Here’s a way to start. Forget the computer. Instead, use pen and paper and play around with the topic. You can doodle it if you want, but you must get into action. I use a variant of mind mapping. I stick the topic in the middle of the page and attach speech bubbles with my ideas or thoughts. That’s it. It could be random, it could be organized. However, I’m not writing yet, I’m simply preparing. This removes the pressure of having to do it perfectly.

That’s one of the fears that stops us – we have to do it perfectly, first time. One, there isn’t such a thing as perfection. Two, the client may not care. What is important is the communication. Can you effectively communicate what you want to say? We don’t care if it’s a split infinitive, or a dangling participle, or whether the sentence begins with “and”. This is about communication. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stick to rudiments of grammar and be accurate in your spelling and punctuation, but these conventions don’t always help. For example, Star Trek’s Captain James Kirk would have been penalized in English 101 for splitting the infinitive with to boldly go where no man has gone before. But does “to go boldly” have the same power? When you wonder if you’re saying it perfectly, paralysis sets in and you get nowhere.

That doodling or rather rough mind mapping that I do, helps give me content. You could simply write down a list of things on a sheet of paper, whatever you prefer. (There’s something about the physical act of writing down that makes a difference here. To me, thoughts become concrete actions. Psychologists probably have a better answer.) On the other hand, you could just random write. This is known as freewriting, where you don’t worry about how you say something. Just get down those key points. If you want to write in short spurts, do that, as long as you can see progress. Wherever possible I prefer to write conversationally, just as if I’m speaking to you. For me, it gets a point across more effectively. However, writing in the second and third person are more appropriate or required for sales letters and more formal RFPs.

What about the format, you may ask? I don’t know the format. Is there a format? Sure there is. You can go to Google, type in “proposal format” or “sales letter format” and you’ll get lots of answers. There’s no excuse there.

Getting into action is what works. I got great advice from a coach several years ago. She told me to buy one of those small digital timers. To get started on that business proposal, set the timer, turn it away from you so you can’t see it, and then focus on that mind mapping or list making until the timer goes off. I find it very effective to avoid procrastinating.

To briefly sum up, for those who are fearful or intimidated about getting started on that business proposal or sales letter, you must get into action. Try mind mapping or simply writing a list by hand. You are not aiming at perfection and therefore no longer at the mercy of your Grade 9 teacher. If you wrote a PhD thesis, forget it. The business client isn’t interested in wading through academic language. (Different story if you’re writing up an academic grant proposal.) Get yourself a digital timer and get moving. Or, as that well-known Nike ad goes, Just Do It! Procrastination is the thief of time.

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Source by Neil Sawers

Linux Hosting – Benefits That You Can Reap From It

There many operating systems to choose from when it comes to web hosting. Here you will find some companies offering affordable packages whereas some charge a lot higher. It is crucial for you to bear in mind that different hosting packages will equip your site with different types of resources.

Magic Host is one of the reasonable services that you can get in the market. You can choose shared hosting plan because of its affordability. You don’t have to invest a lot of money with Magic Host and you will be very satisfied with your investment if you opt for their service.

Linux will be the best operating system to choose because it is reliable and reasonable. Unlike other systems, Linux will not require monthly or yearly and setup charges. Therefore when you use Linux operating system, you would not have any frustrations or complaints that you did not get the services that you paid for.

Magic Host provides various types of Linux hosting plans that you can choose from. Basically you have to make your choice based on the bandwidth and web space size that your website requires. These packages also come with free setup and some even offer free domain setup.

This company also offers buy out advantage. Lets say you are subscribed to another company’s hosting service and want to buy out from you current provider, Magic Host gives you a cheap way to do so. Even if you are already using the service, you can buy out from your hosting plan. The starting price is from $4.50 and you can have a well equipped business website. Magic Host provides you with all the benefit you can ask for and whats left for you to do is to choose.

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Source by Kalen Albert

Old Movies Are Better!

Old movies are better. I’m not sure why. They usually are in black and white. The actors tend to be over dramatic. The special effects are not up to current “snuff.” But still, old movies are best. Well, not all old movies. Some are junk.

The Actors:

Woody Allan, June Allison, Fred Astaire, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Wallace Barry, Humphrey Bogart, Charles Boyer, James Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper, Montgomery Cliff, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Henry Fonda, Glen Ford, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Charles Laughton, Katharine Hepburn, Buster Keaton, Ray Malland, Fredrick March, Shirley McClain, Marilyn Monroe, Merle Oberon, Martha Ray, Red Skelton, Barbara Stanwyck, Jimmy Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple, Rudolph Valentino, Robert Wagner, John Wayne, Jane Wyman, . Some of these are still amongst the living.

One nice thing is that Ted Turner preserved many old movies and we can watch these actors uninterrupted by commercials on television.

Thank you, Ted!

What a great contribution to the people of the world that like old movies. Instead of rotting away in cans in some warehouse, they are preserved for generations to enjoy. I could just hug Ted Turner and all those who have preserved our movie heritage.

Sadly, some films are lost forever.

I know that you can add lots of names to the above list. Who are your favorite actors of the past?

The Directors

To tell you the truth, I don’t pay much attention to the directors except for Alfred Hitchcock whose name alone will drag me to his movies. Some well-known directors are Woody Allan, Frank Capra, Charlie Chaplin, George Cukor, Victor Fleming, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Michael Powell, Nicholas Ray, Preston Sturges, and Billy Wilder.

Some of these are still at it.

Many actors are also directors. Many actors and directors are also writers. Billy Wilder is a famous writer. I think he directed the very funny Some Like it Hot.

That is about all I know about the writers except they were targeted as “communist” by a dangerous United States Senator who destroyed many careers by “black listing.” I won’t give him the honor of mentioning his name.

The Dialog :

The writers are key to a good movie and although I have mostly ignored them so far, here is some of their dialog courtesy of []

Casa Blanca : (1942)

Renault: What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?

Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.

Renault: The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.

Rick: I was misinformed.

Ferrari: We might as well be frank, monsieur. It would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have outlawed miracles.

Ilsa: Play it (again), Sam. Play “As Time Goes By.”

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

Montag: Well, it’s a job like any other. Good work with lots of variety. Monday, we burn Miller. Tuesday, Tolstoy. Wednesday, Walt Whitman. Friday, Faulkner. And Saturday and Sunday, Schopenhauer and Sartre.

No Country for Old Men (1007):

Moss: If I don’t come back, tell mother I love her.

Carla Jean: Your mother’s dead, Llewelyn.

Moss: Well, then I’ll tell her myself.

Good dialog is still around but you might find it sparse in this day and age. The writers create good dialog but destroy it with filthy words. We all know that some people have foul mouths but we don’t need to hear it and neither do our kids. The movies makers want to make things as realistic as possible. I say, make it unrealistic but still enjoyable.

Is it true the old movies are better?

I don’t think so. Private Ryan is a fairly new movie but from my point of view as a former combat infantryman, it will become a classic just as did All Quiet on the Western Front. Great acting by Tom Hanks and great directing by Steven Spielberg made it so.

There are many old movies that have been remade such as Mutiny on the Bounty and Titanic. I like the remakes of the first but not so much, the second. The special effects in the latest version of Titanic was what it was all about, but I like the more convincing earlier versions. (Yes, I like the last version too.)

So, what do you think? Do you think that old movies are better?

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Source by John T Jones, Ph.D.

Writing A Treatment For a Reality Show

Writing a treatment for a reality show is very different from composing one for other genres of TV shows. The word, ‘Reality’ is a misnomer. A reality show is a purely make-believe gaming or competitive show where the competitors are generally common folks and not established actors. The contest culminates in awarding of a prize and the viewers enjoy watching the participants vying with one another.

A premeditated script cannot be written for a reality show since it is difficult to predict how the participants will react or how the show will run. While writing a treatment for a reality show the writer has to make allowances for the unpredictable element of the program. The treatment is used to persuade the studio or a producer to invest money in the planned TV reality program. Through the treatment the writer has to prove to the producers that your idea is viable and the program will assuredly be entertaining.

– Before writing a treatment for a reality show, create a logline or the premise of the intended show. Use compelling words so that the readers’ curiosity to know more is aroused.

– Give a brief description of who the participants will be; to which strata of society they will be drawn from – housewives, children, students etc. If a host is needed to control the episode, suggest the type of person who might fit that position.

– Lay out your plan for the entire episode in a few paragraphs. Do not leave out any important detail such as the surprise element, a twist in the flow or the climax. Before winding up writing a treatment for a reality show propose how the next episode is expected to run. In fact, if you list the beginning, middle and end of the next few episodes, it will re-assure the financiers that your show is brilliant enough to sustain itself and will not fizzle out.

– Give your contact details on every page of the treatment.

– Register your idea with WGA before handing out the treatment you have written.

– Use Courier 12 point for typing and avoid any typographical or grammatical errors.

– Writing a treatment for a reality show is fun to write for authors who love creativity and can quickly alter the literary composition to seem natural as the show begins to be aired. You have to be a great visionary to do that.

– Keep to writing your story and do not attempt to give direction for the camera, costumes etc. All you can safely do is to suggest the location, the set, the number of episodes, and how you want the show to wrap up.

The way to create the situation required by your show should be mentioned in the treatment. This will give greater clarity to your idea for a successful reality show.

Reality shows are relatively unscripted programs and every change is made in the editing room. You can only use pointers to make the show more thrilling for the players, viewers, making it hard for them to miss even a single episode. Treatment writers for hire can help turn an idea into a completed treatment and, ultimately, a screenplay.

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Source by John Halas

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